Yet another fixed VM uploaded

Though the last version of the 2012-10-15 VM fixed the .ovf to remove an accidentally-included extra disk, this time an incorrect version of a different disk was added. This has been corrected and the finished product tested a bit, so hopefully this time we won’t need another followup blog post!

This time it’s MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ova, in the usual places.

Virtual Machine for 2012-10-15 release now available

If you’ve been waiting for the VM for the 2012-10-15 version, your wait is over! I’ve updated the Server Setup page with the links to the latest VM. As usual it contains a replicated database that can easily catch up to the latest data.

Grab yours now and start replicating!

UPDATE: This virtual machine is broken — we’ll work to get a new one up soon.

New NGS Virtual Machine available

The promised Virtual Machine for MusicBrainz Next Generation Schema Release Candidate 1+ is now available for download. This virtual machine is setup as a slave and can pull replication data from the test server by running the admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges from the musicbrainz-server codebase about 10 minutes after every hour.

See our wiki page for details on how to use this VM