MusicBrainz Server update, 2020-03-31

This time we have a couple bugfixes, a couple of small improvements, and continued changes to simplify the React table code.

Thanks to chaban, kellnerd, Kid Devine, and all others who submitted patches, reported issues, tested beta version, or contributed to translations!

The git tag is v-2020-03-31.


  • [MBS-10704] – Relationships header shown for works with no rels to be displayed
  • [MBS-10707] – Open Add DiscID edit already adds discID, cancelling does not remove it
  • [MBS-10712] – ISE when trying to load “merge release” edit


  • [MBS-10669] – Restrict “Metal Archives” album links to release
  • [MBS-10699] – Remove “medley” from Guess Case when at the end of a title


  • [MBS-10365] – Refactor display of entity list/table
  • [MBS-0401] – Replace handshaking protocol with bit mask

MusicBrainz Server update, 2020-03-16

Mostly bugfixes today, along with a new data report, plus usual small improvements, React conversion and refactoring. We also blocked ratings for unverified users, since a specific artist was getting hundreds of ratings by people creating many accounts per person just for that (people, please be nice!).

Thanks to andrybo6, chaban, cyna, dimpole, dseomn, gioele, hibiscuskazeneko, jesus2099, kellnerd, mfmeulenbelt, nikki, outsidecontext, panos, sophist, sothotalker, yindesu, and all others who submitted patches, reported issues, tested beta version, or contributed to translations!

The git tag is v-2020-03-16.


  • [MBS-7835] – [No lyrics] works showing up as “No linguistic content” in old edit summaries
  • [MBS-9359] – Web service shows “mul” languages, but all single languages are duplicates
  • [MBS-9651] – Top voters overall includes more edits than editor profile’s yes+no+approve
  • [MBS-10628] – [no label] should not be editable
  • [MBS-10633] – Can’t change capitalization on username
  • [MBS-10661] – Recording-work rel not showing pending edits on release page
  • [MBS-10683] – Map doesn’t focus on new marker when creating a new Place
  • [MBS-10684] – Message over Place’s map is misleading
  • [MBS-10685] – Place maps: Zooming by clicking doesn’t follow the cursor
  • [MBS-10693] – Artist merge submission page doesn’t show any error message if you attempt to merge a special purpose artist


  • [MBS-4090] – Report for recordings with a single track but with different spellings
  • [MBS-10607] – Give context to translations of “unknown” / “(unknown)”
  • [MBS-10676] – Add MD5/SHA256 checksum files for JSON data dumps
  • [MBS-10695] – Show full language names on work lists

React Conversion Task

  • [MBS-10618] – Convert Edit work edit to React

Other Task

  • [MBS-10671] – Block ratings for unverified users
  • [MBS-10689] – Update MapBox API calls
  • [MBS-10692] – Change React imports to “import * as React”

MusicBrainz Server update, 2020-03-02

It’s now possible to find genres through the web service with a new /ws/2/genre lookup endpoint. Additionally, this update fixes some bugs and refactors a lot of stuff behind the curtains, including the continued conversion to React of edit display pages.

Thanks to chaban, cyna, jesus2099, kellnerd, and speardog who contributed through issue reporting, code changes, translation updates, and beta testing.

The git tag is v-2020-03-02.


  • [MBS-10515] – Weird display of recording info on release merge pages
  • [MBS-10593] – “Edit release label” edit fails to load if country name is undef
  • [MBS-10594] – “Add annotation” edits are stuck
  • [MBS-10649] – Release label edit shows [removed] if label is deselected
  • [MBS-10659] – “Edit relationship” edit not showing credits if they don’t change

New Feature

  • [MBS-10166] – Add genre lookup to the web service


  • [MBS-9654] – Show expanded artist credits in “Merge recordings” edits
  • [MBS-10643] – Autoselect relationship type for CPDL artist URLs

React Conversion Task

  • [MBS-10058] – Convert entity merge edits to React
  • [MBS-10617] – Convert “Add work” edit to React

Picard 2.3.1 released

Picard 2.3.1 has been released and is available for download. This is mainly a bugfix release, but also some smaller improvements and features made it into this version. Notable changes are the addition of the $sortmulti and $reversemulti scripting functions, overall better handling of releases with multiple release countries and some fixes for the AcoustID fingerprinting. See below for a full list of changes.

This release contains code changes by zas, rdswift, outsidecontext and new contributor RaysDev, who also is working on some interesting changes for the next release. Thanks a lot again to everybody who contributed to this in release with code, translations, bug reports and general feedback. The Picard 2.3 release already was well received, but it is thanks to you all that we can provide a sizeable list of improvements just 10 days later.


Picard 2.3.1 is available for download from the download page.


Below is a list of all changes since Picard 2.3. If you are upgrading from an older version you might want to read what is new in Picard 2.3.


  • [PICARD-1745] – Packaged libdiscid is not compatible with macOS 10.12
  • [PICARD-1748] – Many release events can cause the versions context menu to overflow
  • [PICARD-1750] – Existing acoustid_fingerprint tags are not considered for AcoustID submission
  • [PICARD-1754] – DEL always removes release or file from main window
  • [PICARD-1756] – Plugin update fails to compare plugin versions with double digit versions
  • [PICARD-1757] – Crash on loading a release if $div(n,0) is used in a script
  • [PICARD-1760] – Prevent duplicates in top tags editor
  • [PICARD-1762] – Dropping a PDF file on cover art image box doesn’t work
  • [PICARD-1765] – Adding uppercase tags to preserved tags list is not handled correctly
  • [PICARD-1772] – Unexpected results with $num function
  • [PICARD-1773] – Untrapped error on $mod with zero input
  • [PICARD-1774] – $lenmulti with missing name returns “1”

New Feature

  • [PICARD-1743] – Add script functions $sortmulti and $reversemulti to sort and reverse multi-value variables
  • [PICARD-1751] – Provide a %_releasecountries% variable


  • [PICARD-1746] – Change Generate AcoustID Fingerprints shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Y / ⌘⇧Y
  • [PICARD-1752] – Use preferred release countries to select a matching release country if there are multiple
  • [PICARD-1755] – “Supported Languages” on Microsoft Store shows only English (United States)
  • [PICARD-1759] – Make editing tags in top tags list more intuitive
  • [PICARD-1771] – Completely ignore release types set to zero in preferred releases


MusicBrainz Server update, 2020-02-18

Today’s release brings a fair amount of small bug fixes and improvements to the website. Notably, it changes the way we display relationships to group ones that are similar (such as different instruments by the same performers) and makes editing history (but not editors and edit notes!) available to visitors without needing to log in.

Thanks to chaban, chirlu, cyberskull, cyna, dimpole, hibiscuskazeneko, jeandeaual, kellnerd, lotheric, mfmeulenbelt, murdos, nikki, rdswift, salorock, supersandro2000, v6lur, and all others who submitted patches, reported issues, tested beta version, or contributed to translations!

The git tag is v-2020-02-18.


  • [MBS-2436] – “Edit medium” edits don’t link to new recordings
  • [MBS-10209] – Error parsing URL when entering Instagram link on artist’s page
  • [MBS-10223] – ArtistRoles lists don’t use relationship credits
  • [MBS-10329] – URL cleanup breaks Amazon Music URLs
  • [MBS-10576] – Medium merge error messages with links are not properly formatted
  • [MBS-10583] – Event dates displayed twice in event lists
  • [MBS-10586] – Release duplicates tab shows [missing media] when medium format is simply unknown
  • [MBS-10587] – Medium counts broken in Release Duplicates list
  • [MBS-10588] – Medium formats untranslated in Release Duplicates list

New Feature

  • [MBS-3873] – New Report: Release groups with name not matching release’s name
  • [MBS-10331] – Add new URL cleanup/autoselect/sidebar for Amazon Music URLs
  • [MBS-10620] – Add the Discography of American Historical Recordings to the otherdbs whitelist


  • [MBS-4326] – Add “Add discid” edits in release artist(s) editing history
  • [MBS-7678] – Combine display of multiple relationships to the same entity
  • [MBS-9164] – Show edit history (but not edit notes) when not logged in
  • [MBS-10308] – Cleanup maniadb URLs
  • [MBS-10584] – Collapse work artists when there are too many
  • [MBS-10623] – Automatically add US store country-code to iTunes URLs missing it
  • [MBS-10625] – Block even more smart links

React Conversion Task

  • [MBS-9917] – Convert the instrument public pages to React
  • [MBS-10401] – Convert Edit Series edit to React

MusicBrainz Server update, 2020-02-04

This release includes a new feature: if you find a mystery MBID (such as “69755ab1-409e-3ad7-902f-3a839042799c”) and you don’t know what it might be for, you can use to find out without having to specifically select the entity type. Keep in mind some MBIDs for non-entities (such as packaging types) won’t work with this method!

If you’re a user of our JSON web service and use begin or end area information on artists, please be aware of MBS-10072! Starting with this release, we’re resolving a long-standing bug whereby the mentioned properties have been incorrectly outputted as begin_area and end_area, while search requests correctly outputted them as begin-area and end-area (using hyphens in line with the rest of the format). The interim fix released today is to output both sets of properties for at least 6 months, and then remove the underscored variants from the response. Please update any code you have that accesses begin_area or end_area on artists to use begin-area and end-area instead!

Today’s chunk of React conversion has been made by Cyna, so thanks to him for his dedication! Thanks also to SuperSandro2000 for updating our PostgreSQL collate extension with ICU configuration changes. And finally, thanks to chaban, jesus2099, mfmeulenbelt, roboron, and all others who reported issues or tested beta version or translated today’s release!

The git tag is v-2020-02-04.


  • [MBS-10072] – In the JSON WS, artist nodes use begin_area, end_area except search responses which use begin-area, end-area
  • [MBS-10366] – Medium edits removing pregap when disc ID is attached are not rejected
  • [MBS-10579] – Regression: The es-ES and el-GR translations are broken

New Feature

  • [MBS-6539] – Redirect$mbid to the appropriate entity page


  • [MBS-5460] – Add shift-click multi-(de)select to the release editor’s Recordings tab
  • [MBS-5572] – Add shift-click multi-(de)select to the edit artist ACs
  • [MBS-9477] – Disable Discid tab for releases that can’t have a discid
  • [MBS-10568] – Show number of discIDs on discID tab
  • [MBS-10569] – If no mediums on a release can have discIDs, say so on its discID tab

React Conversion Task

  • [MBS-10390] – Convert Add Place edit to React
  • [MBS-10392] – Convert Add Series edit to React
  • [MBS-10398] – Convert Edit Place edit to React

Other Task

  • [MBS-10322] – Convert fabfile (Fabric 1) to shell scripts (Bash 3)

MusicBrainz Server update, 2020-01-20

This release mostly fixes small bugs. Please note that the display code for release lists (for area, artist, collection, instrument, label and series) has been reworked too.

Thanks to chaban for continuously reporting issues, hibiscuskazeneko for paying attention to external links, rotab who fixed a couple of bugs, and all others who reported issues or helped test or translate today’s release!

The git tag is v-2020-01-20.


  • [MBS-10492] – Regression: When minute component starts with 0 (zero) it’s omitted
  • [MBS-10501] – Collaborator avatars missing from collection page
  • [MBS-10522] – Subscribers not transferred after entity merge
  • [MBS-10531] – Invalid requests are sent to maps service when access token is not set
  • [MBS-10536] – Release group link “see all versions of this release” has
  • [MBS-10553] – User report reason is sent to admins translated
  • [MBS-10560] – Regression: release edits display abbreviated rather than full country names in their release events
  • [MBS-10565] – Can’t add a new type for series
  • [MBS-10567] – Only show allowed series entity types when creating series types
  • [MBS-10571] – Localized ModBot notes are not properly formatted when sent via email
  • [MBS-10572] – Pages that display release events trigger an error when a non-English UI language is selected: “Domain `countries` was not found.”


  • [MBS-10552] – Add Deezer links to the sidebar