Server update, 2013-11-25

Hello again! We’ve got another freshly-pressed release of musicbrainz-server, just sent out to our agents in the field. Thanks to JesseW, Freso, and nikki for supplementing my and ollie’s work this round.

Some things you might be excited about this release:

  • For artists with only standalone recordings, they’ll now be shown on the overview tab, similar to artists with only VA releases (thanks JesseW!)
  • The newly-added Bandcamp relationship for artists and labels should now clean up and autoselect the type (thanks Freso)
  • Images in Wikimedia Commons will now appear on artist and place pages (thanks nikki!)
  • Place coordinates now support a few more formats, to support comma as a decimal separator and to support the format used on the Japanese Wikipedia.
  • You can now provide a list of statistics to the timeline graph by separating the raw statistic names with ‘+’. For example, showing the pace of addition of geonames URLs to areas:

Otherwise, a variety of bug fixes and small improvements. We hope you like it! The tag for this release is v-2013-11-25, which this week I’ve remembered to push to both github and bitbucket.


  • [MBS-6529] – “An error occured while loading this edit” for an old edit
  • [MBS-6888] – XML Web Service omits ASINs in output for Releases which have ASINs assigned
  • [MBS-6902] – ISE: Caught exception in MusicBrainz::Server::Controller::Artist->edits “Can’t call method “id” on an undefined value at lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Data/ line 410, line 3.”
  • [MBS-6924] – Merging places does not copy the address to the target
  • [MBS-6925] – IMDb artist autoselect shouldn’t block company
  • [MBS-6935] – Cover art uploader incorrectly falls back to old uploader in Safari
  • [MBS-6947] – Release inline credits broken for recording-recording relationships when both recordings are in the release
  • [MBS-6951] – tracks with recording pending edits are not marked as edit pending any more in release pages
  • [MBS-6956] – Medium title(s) not shown on release pages
  • [MBS-6960] – AC bubble not linking to the artists
  • [MBS-6961] – AC not shown on tracks even though it differs from release AC
  • [MBS-6963] – Release editor incorrectly claims Various Artists has been used for tracks
  • [MBS-6966] – Edit/remove relationship links shown on release page when not logged in
  • [MBS-6980] – inline search : oversized width outside of screen
  • [MBS-6986] – Match recordings by MBID not working any more


  • [MBS-1754] – Display standalone recordings on overview if artist has no release groups
  • [MBS-6400] – Display on release merge edit the same info displayed on merge preview page (release events/labels/catalog numbers etc)
  • [MBS-6755] – Create whitelist and display images in the sidebar
  • [MBS-6891] – “Add Label”/”Add Event” links/buttons need cursor:pointer
  • [MBS-6899] – Accept coordinates using a comma as a decimal point
  • [MBS-6929] – Support coordinates from the Japanese Wikipedia
  • [MBS-7011] – Allow specifying a list of arbitrary lines to graph in the timeline graph.

New Feature

  • [MBS-6998] – Add autoselect for Bandcamp URLs for Labels and Artists


  • [MBS-6920] – Add to the lyrics whitelist

Update: an earlier version of this post failed to include MBS-6755

Venue and Studio Support: Introducing Places

MusicBrainz now supports venues and studios via our new “place” entity!

This was one of our Google Summer of Code projects for this year and many thanks to Nicolás Tamargo for his work on it. We released his work a few weeks ago and after a few initial hiccups, it’s looking good and we want to let you all know about it. 🙂

So what can we do with places?

The most obvious thing we can do now is store information about recording, mixing and mastering locations.

For example, the studios listed in the credits for Universe by Kyoko Fukada:


and the venue for the recordings on Live in Cartoon Motion by Mika:


We can of course link the place to a variety of external sites, as can be seen in the list of URLs for Wembley Arena:


Some places are made up of several parts. In those cases, we can link one place as being part of another. For example the various studios at Abbey Road Studios:


or the hall and theatre of the Barbican Centre:


We were already able to add engineers to the database as artists, now we can also say which studio they work at, as seen here for the studio Railroad Tracks:


Many orchestras and sometimes other artists have a home venue where they perform on a regular basis. These can now be linked, like in you can see for the Barbican Centre: Barbican Hall:


A premiere is sometimes held for a work and now we can link those works to where the premiere was held, e.g. the following works which were premiered at Carnegie Hall:


The place can also have coordinates, which make it possible to pinpoint the location on a map. The MusicBrainz website doesn’t show any maps at present, but here’s a map of all places with coordinates by Mineo:



No, we do not yet support events.

Thanks to nikki for writing this post.

Annual report for 2012 finally posted

I finally completed the 2012 annual report! This year has been busy, so I apologize for finishing it this late.

Our cost per 1M web hits dropped significantly, we finished our first year in the red and we created 1/4 of all of our edits to date in 2012! Go read the report to find out who was the top editor, the top voter and other interesting tidbits about MusicBrainz in 2012.

Thanks to Navap, Nikki and Reosarevok for helping in putting this report together!

Server update, 2013-11-11

Another fortnight, another release; thanks to Freso, warp, bitmap, reosarevok, and the MusicBrainz team for their work!

The tag for this release is v-2013-11-11. We had some small problems during release; sorry to anyone who ran into an error during the short period before we reverted things to get our server configurations in order!


  • [MBS-4438] – Release editor: Track durations are not loaded the first time you access the recordings tab
  • [MBS-5592] – Relationship editor permits multiple identical relationships
  • [MBS-6066] – Random internal server errors when searching
  • [MBS-6298] – ‘View all relationships’ links to a tab that’s not in the list of tabs
  • [MBS-6449] – Logic for showing “at least” in the edit search for the number of results is wrong
  • [MBS-6661] – work_attribute check is wrong
  • [MBS-6673] – Cover art uploading not working in IE
  • [MBS-6689] – Pasting an MBID initiates a search
  • [MBS-6769] – Inline search shows sort name even when identical to name
  • [MBS-6785] – Tagger button broken in Opera
  • [MBS-6851] – Can’t relate recordings to places in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-6858] – Relationship type documentation not accessible
  • [MBS-6872] – Tags page does not show places
  • [MBS-6873] – delete_unused_url and delete_orphaned_recordings don’t account for places
  • [MBS-6878] – Inline search check for non-latin characters treats Vietnamese characters as non-latin
  • [MBS-6883] – Relationship editor fails to load existing relationships
  • [MBS-6884] – Guess case treats “studio” in place names as extra title information
  • [MBS-6892] – Relationship editor needs “(more documentation)” link after relationship type description
  • [MBS-6900] – Cannot edit places with empty coordinates
  • [MBS-6901] – Places lat/long parser does not understand »+55° 54′ 14.49″, +8° 31′ 51.64″«
  • [MBS-6905] – beta: Comma shown in coordinates field when editing places with no coordinates
  • [MBS-6907] – beta: Coordinates parsing should not require seconds
  • [MBS-6908] – Internal server error searching for multiple editor flags in the edit search
  • [MBS-6909] – “Editor flag is not” in edit search does not work
  • [MBS-6914] – beta: Clicking result in inline search hides popup instead of selecting result
  • [MBS-6916] – beta: No dropdown in inline search when there are no results
  • [MBS-6921] – Artist Credit join phrase not displayed in tracklist


  • [MBS-1421] – Require an edit note for all destructive edits
  • [MBS-2985] – Report: download relationships in non-digital releases.
  • [MBS-6239] – Use Wikidata URLs to fetch interwiki links
  • [MBS-6353] – Display on release group merge edit the same info displayed on merge preview page (mainly release group types)
  • [MBS-6394] – Automatically cut out hyphens during ISRC addition
  • [MBS-6456] – Show country and subdivision when displaying areas in sidebar and on profile pages
  • [MBS-6554] – Uppercase letters when entering ISRCs instead of rejecting lowercase ones
  • [MBS-6771] – Use localised aliases in the inline search where possible
  • [MBS-6824] – Coordinate fields should understand and convert degree minute second format
  • [MBS-6828] – Coordinates should be editable as one field
  • [MBS-6830] – Coordinate fields should strip degrees signs
  • [MBS-6831] – Coordinate fields should understand directions
  • [MBS-6832] – Coordinates should be presented better
  • [MBS-6838] – Release group dropdown in add release does not contain sufficient info
  • [MBS-6839] – Video attribute should be shown in merge recording edits
  • [MBS-6846] – Strip excessive digits in coordinates
  • [MBS-6859] – Inline search for places should show localised aliases
  • [MBS-6882] – Titles for video pages should say “Video”
  • [MBS-6911] – Make MB.Control.ArtistCredit a view model for knockout, use $.widget for MB.Control.Autocomplete


  • [MBS-6729] – Add whosampled to the Other databases whitelist
  • [MBS-6893] – Add “Rockens Danmarkskort” to “Other databases” whitelist for Places

The BBC unveils a service that tweets to artists when their music is played…

… and it is built using MusicBrainz data! Michael Smethurst, a good friend of MusicBrainz, hacked up this service in the space of 2 days and writes:

The original idea came from a friend whose music occasionally gets played on Radio 1, 1xtra and 6Music. Almost always he missed this and either found out later from a friend or never found out at all. But he does use various bits of social media (including Twitter) to make contact with fans and promote his releases and live appearances.
. . .
To power online music services such as BBC iPlayer Radio, Playlister and /music the BBC uses metadata provided by MusicBrainz, a community maintained music encyclopedia. If you use Twitter and you’re a music artist or an agent or a publicist or similar and would like now playing notifications you need to check that your Twitter account handle is in MusicBrainz.

Thanks for creating such an awesome service, Michael. I know MusicBrainz contributors love how the BBC uses their data — I wish more people made such creative use of our data!

Fire damages the Internet Archive

A fire at the Internet Archive (our friends!) has caused $600,000 in damage. Fortunately no one was harmed and no data was lost:

A fire at the Internet Archive’s San Francisco scanning center has destroyed an estimated $600,000 of digitization and scanning equipment. Fortunately no one was injured in the blaze, but the property damage has ruined “some physical materials” that were yet to be digitized, and restricted the nonprofit organization’s ability to record the history of the web.

MusicBrainz just donated $50 to the Internet Archive and asks you to consider making a donation as well.

VMWare image of 2013-10-14 release available

I’ve released the VMWare version of the 2013-10-14 schema change release:

This VM is 8.7GB large and is built on the latest version of VMWare (Fusion in my case). If you’re using a VMWare product, then use this image.

The documentation for this VM has been updated to reflect the latest changes. Please make sure to read this page while you wait for your download!