The EchoNest releases Echoprints: The open source fingerprint era has begun

Amplifind, the company that operates the MusicDNS/PUID service, recently sold its intellectual property and the PUID service will be going away eventually. It is exactly this reason why we’ve been uncomfortable relying on closed source fingerprinting software to make MusicBrainz tick.

Fortunately, I’m pleased to announce that the open source fingerprint era has begun!

Lukáš Lalinský has been working on acoustid for months now and today the EchoNest, in conjunction with 7Digital and MusicBrainz, has issued a press release that announces Echoprint, their fully open source fingerprinting solution.

The source code has already been released on github: echoprint-server and echoprint-codegen.

We’re pleased to announce preliminary support for Echoprint in MusicBrainz on our echoprint test server. The Echoprint system works similarly to how PUIDs work in MusicBrainz right now. You can use echoprints anywhere you can use PUIDs on the Echoprint test server. The version 2 of our XML web service (on the echoprint test server) now supports submitting and fetching Echoprints. To submit an Echoprint, refer to our web service documentation and example page and use echoprint wherever you’d use puid. For instance, to submit an Echoprint to the test server, POST an XML document like the one below to the /ws/2/recording resource:

<metadata xmlns="">
        <recording id="e97f805a-ab48-4c52-855e-07049142113d">
                 <echoprint id="TRN5NGX1187AB4F786"/>

Although it remains to be seen when the Echoprint system will be mature enough for inclusion on the live MusicBrainz servers, going forward MusicBrainz will only support fully open source fingerprint solutions, starting with Echoprint and acoustid. We are saying no to more closed source solutions, which have never worked out well for us. MusicDNS/PUID is now officially end of life and should not be used anymore in new development.

We look forward to working with the EchoNest closely to finish up the development of the Echoprint system and to fully integrate it into MusicBrainz when it matures.

NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-20

We ended up delaying this release by a day to make sure we could cram lots of work in before Oliver goes on holiday, so we’ve got quite a lot of things fixed last week!


  • [MBS-1463] – Show artist(s) on doing recording-recording edits
  • [MBS-1507] – Search redirects to entity on partial matches
  • [MBS-1637] – When looking up existing tracklist, use current release name/artist
  • [MBS-2009] – Ticking the Vote box of the first edit causes "Vote on all edits" to match
  • [MBS-2010] – Release editor: Add existing tracklist to release search shows duplicates
  • [MBS-2028] – Entities highlighted with no open edits
  • [MBS-2041] – Change track artists still not working as expected
  • [MBS-2111] – Recording not found in add release "Recordings" phase
  • [MBS-2143] – Adding disc by searching for existing tracklist fails to find some tracklists
  • [MBS-2168] – Summary: (no changelog) when adding Catalog #
  • [MBS-2265] – In VA releases, once the auto-track duration is triggered, unchecking ‘detect track durations’ doesn’t work.
  • [MBS-2313] – Unnecessary edit annotation edit in the release editor
  • [MBS-2360] – Release editor: found recordings list doesn’t close
  • [MBS-2424] – Dropdown Box not updating Artist Name & Depressing Enter submits request
  • [MBS-2511] – Release edit interprets numbers in track titles as times
  • [MBS-2515] – Web service doesn’t return track artist credits in release query
  • [MBS-2574] – No radio buttons for attaching CD TOC
  • [MBS-2575] – Basic editor requires a space after track numbers
  • [MBS-2576] – Some edits have links on Deleted Artist
  • [MBS-2579] – Web service doesn’t return track lengths
  • [MBS-2580] – Web service returns <length/> for recordings with no duration
  • [MBS-2628] – "guess case" works incorrectly with work titles
  • [MBS-2630] – XML web service v1 reports duplicate ISRC and PUID
  • [MBS-2649] – Not receiving subscriptions emails
  • [MBS-2728] – CDlookup proposes and allows you to attach a DiscID to a Vinyl
  • [MBS-2738] – Internal Server Error trying to view release group editing history
  • [MBS-2753] – Annotation causing an internal server error in the search results
  • [MBS-2761] – Inline search always return artist results whatever type you chose
  • [MBS-2763] – Cannot accept edit relationship edits if an end point no longer exists
  • [MBS-2771] – Crash when relating recordings where relationships already exist
  • [MBS-2784] – Fuzzy CD lookup doesn’t work
  • [MBS-2804] – "Add release label" edit not showing again
  • [MBS-2818] – No tracklist editor textbox displayed on


  • [MBS-390] – Edit search is incomplete
  • [MBS-777] – Make cancelling take effect sooner
  • [MBS-1717] – Allow selecting the release group of a release in the release editor
  • [MBS-2137] – Make subscriptions emails ignore your own edits
  • [MBS-2293] – Edit display improvement: Display ISRCs and lengths on recordings merge edits
  • [MBS-2378] – Changing artists in the release editor (release and track) doesn’t _appear_ to do what users expect
  • [MBS-2460] – Timeline graph should include MusicBrainz events
  • [MBS-2621] – Guess case editor doesn’t remember options
  • [MBS-2625] – Display "Artist in MusicBrainz" as well as the artist credit in edits
  • [MBS-2643] – Merge legend and checkbox-selector in timeline graph
  • [MBS-2752] – Copyable URLs for timeline graph need to account for geometry (i.e. zoom)
  • [MBS-2757] – Fix Artist gender statistics
  • [MBS-2769] – Release Country Statistics
  • [MBS-2822] – ‘Add disc ID’ doesn’t link to CDTOC


  • [MBS-951] – MusicBrainz::Server::Data::Search::external_search is taking $c. It shouldn’t.
  • [MBS-2762] – Clear artist credits from memcached


  • [MBS-2451] – Display artist in release group search
  • [MBS-2665] – Edits with at least one No vote
  • [MBS-2671] – Filter by edit ID / time range
  • [MBS-2675] – Filter by label

This version has a new parameter in DBDefs, so you will need to make sure your lib/ has all the options in lib/ There are also 2 more dependencies – DateTime::Format::Natural and Data::Dumper::Concise. The tag for this release is currently v-2011-06-20-ngs-bug-fixes

NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-14

Another week, another set of bug fixes! Here’s what we’ve addressed since the last release:


  • [MBS-1231] – Age information for a person looks weird
  • [MBS-1924] – Allowed merge direction for "Merge mediums and recordings" strategy seems non-intuitive
  • [MBS-1995] – Time from TOC is calculated incorrectly
  • [MBS-2000] – CC URL relationship does not allow selection of license
  • [MBS-2049] – Docs not in the transclusion table seem to be perma-cached
  • [MBS-2062] – Menu link ‘About->Auto-editor elections’ is invalid.
  • [MBS-2169] – Label entered regardless of clearing text
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2347] – Seed particular release after clicking on the recording tabs it comes back with Frequent 502 Bad Gateway
  • [MBS-2376] – Inline search results disappear when clicking on the little arrows two times
  • [MBS-2391] – You should not be able to add the same CDTOC multiple times on the same medium
  • [MBS-2399] – Problems with mediums having duplicate CD TOCs
  • [MBS-2408] – Guess Case deletes volume and part numbers
  • [MBS-2447] – "Charter Member" thing no longer shown
  • [MBS-2483] – Edit URL edit for a removed URL displays wrong
  • [MBS-2485] – no way to merge a various artist clone into the default "Various Artists" artist
  • [MBS-2529] – Orphaned release group and recordings after rejecting or cancelling a release/medium
  • [MBS-2550] – Re-add the "Subscribe to artists I add" option
  • [MBS-2552] – Allow removing a RG that has relationships
  • [MBS-2560] – Internal Server Error when removing medium from a release
  • [MBS-2644] – Internal server error while trying to add a disc ID
  • [MBS-2645] – Error in the message when trying to relate works to recordings
  • [MBS-2651] – Edit shows up in unrelated artists’ edit history
  • [MBS-2658] – Edit URL edits cannot close if the URL being edited has since been merged
  • [MBS-2659] – Edit relationship fails if the relationship has since been edited into the same relationship
  • [MBS-2705] – Adding a note to an edit which has an existing note w/o timestamp gets presented out of order
  • [MBS-2724] – IPIs don’t appear when added in Add artist edits
  • [MBS-2744] – Track removals not shown in tracklist diff


  • [MBS-1395] – Put relationship attributes descriptions inside of an HTML "label" tag
  • [MBS-1449] – Inline Search: relate to recordings and/or works on releases
  • [MBS-1982] – Add twitter link to home page
  • [MBS-2007] – Lack of spacing between the top nav search and the dropdown to accompany it
  • [MBS-2269] – Release editor > When new disc is added, check if the last disc is empty and replace it
  • [MBS-2299] – Display one-line TOC on discId page
  • [MBS-2430] – Tagger button for standalone recordings
  • [MBS-2459] – Timeline graph needs copyable URLs
  • [MBS-2697] – Could use a link to add a VA release group
  • [MBS-2721] – Sort recordings by comment

New Feature

  • [MBS-2567] – Statistics about artist countries


  • [MBS-1916] – Edit release label edit doesn’t display properly

Accepted Summer of Code projects

First, many apologies to our Google Summer of Code students for not posting about which projects we had accepted for this summer. The NGS release took an amazing amount of time and I’m finally getting on top of the backlog of things to catch up on.

Now on to introduce the projects for this year:

Eliza Gebow (Batsy) has been accepted to hack on Embeddable Widgets that will allow anyone to embed a MusicBrainz widget into their site/blog/whatever that will dynamically display MusicBrainz information about artists, releases, recordings and possible works if there is enough time. You can follow Eliza’s progress on her blog.

Ian McEwen (ianmcorvidae) has already been madly hacking on improving our timeline and statistics pages. The goal of the project is to provide MusicBrainz users with a comprehensive tool for examining the growth of the MusicBrainz data and to understand how changes in MusicBrainz features and policy affect our database. Follow
Ian’s progress on his blog

Last, but not least, Michael Wiencek (bitmap) is spending his time this summer hacking on Picard. First Micheal is focusing to make Picard ready for the NGS site — as we were developing NGS we didn’t have the resources to make Picard ready for NGS. Michael is fixing this and adding some new features to Picard as well. Michael has overcome his dislike for blog and you can follow his progress on his blog.

Most amazingly, both Ian and Michael have already shipped working code as part of their GSoC work. Ian’s bare bones timeline is now live on the NGS site and Michael has already released a new beta version of Picard. Amazing stuff — please keep up the good work!

NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-08

We’ve just updated the servers with the latest round of bug fixes. After two years of no updates, its feels good to get them so often, doesn’t it? The next release is scheduled for June 13th. The bugs fixed in this release:


  • [MBS-1851] – Can’t view "Edit artist" or "Edit label" edits: "An error occured while loading this edit"
  • [MBS-1908] – Releases not being sorted by name
  • [MBS-1919] – Guess case is missing for release titles.
  • [MBS-1937] – Subscriptions email is not sorted
  • [MBS-1994] – All tracks of candidate mediums are displayed twice while attaching a CDTOC
  • [MBS-2055] – Add release/add disc: cannot add tracks or edit track lengths; leaving the tracklist tab loses tracklists; other problems
  • [MBS-2067] – CDStub not displayed in the "Matching CDs" section on CDTOC lookup page
  • [MBS-2114] – Recording appears twice in Recordings list
  • [MBS-2122] – In artist credits "dialog" in advanced tracklist editor, the link beside "Preview" to artists is often incorrect
  • [MBS-2123] – In "artist credits" dialog, if you manually click the magnifying glass for the search, impossible to close search dialog
  • [MBS-2181] – Internal Server Error when submitting edit to remove and add disc
  • [MBS-2205] – "Keep me logged in" does not keep me logged in
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2356] – &quot; code in tracklists
  • [MBS-2384] – Please restore migration scripts in admin/sql/updates
  • [MBS-2398] – Internal server error when trying to load the editing history of a release group
  • [MBS-2400] – ModBot deletes newly created artists that should appear in new artist credits once pending edits are applied
  • [MBS-2402] – Fix FTP link in INSTALL
  • [MBS-2470] – Can’t search for annotations with Unicode symbols in
  • [MBS-2482] – External links and last updated overlap
  • [MBS-2488] – Double escaping of & (&amp;) in tracklist
  • [MBS-2490] – Internal server error when trying to change recordings on multiple discs
  • [MBS-2516] – Changing existing IPI code/gender/country shouldn’t be an autoedit
  • [MBS-2526] – Edit Label: Changing an IPI code is an autoedit and the code is not shown in the edit history
  • [MBS-2563] – Internal Server Error on "relate to recordings" if you don’t select any recordings
  • [MBS-2566] – Relating artist to recordings leads to an internal server error
  • [MBS-2581] – "Rename artist credits" does not appear to be working when merging artists
  • [MBS-2613] – Can’t edit (random "Internal Server Error")
  • [MBS-2616] – Move disc ID edits fail if the target medium no longer exists
  • [MBS-2619] – Change release group edits fail if the target release group no longer exists
  • [MBS-2622] – Modbot doesn’t remove (all?) orphaned artists
  • [MBS-2627] – Subscription mail hasn’t been sent for two days in a row


  • [MBS-1767] – "Edit medium" edit type doesn’t highlight what has changed between old and new values
  • [MBS-1944] – URL page should display relationships
  • [MBS-1970] – Set medium titles when merging releases
  • [MBS-2117] – "Relate to…" should end up back at the original entity, not at the entity related to
  • [MBS-2287] – Relationships type editing URLs should use GID rather than internal id, and GID should be displayed on AR tree
  • [MBS-2443] – Timeline graph should show exact values on hover.
  • [MBS-2444] – Data::Statistics needs a mapping of names (as in database) to labels to use for the timeline graph
  • [MBS-2445] – Timeline graph needs better tick placement so data can be skimmed more effectively
  • [MBS-2446] – Timeline graph needs better controls
  • [MBS-2448] – Timeline graph should allow adding/removing lines
  • [MBS-2472] – Fix display for two labels, one cat#
  • [MBS-2508] – Add CD-R to the formats list
  • [MBS-2512] – Add ISWCs to the basic metadata statistics
  • [MBS-2554] – Remove the quotes around work / recording names
  • [MBS-2568] – Statistics for artist type
  • [MBS-2569] – Statistics for artist gender
  • [MBS-2635] – Edit medium should show differences highlighted

Addressing user interface issues in NGS

Now that we’re slowly emerging from the critical bug fix phase in NGS, its time to make a plan of attack for how to address the most pressing issues that we need to clean up. The NGS user interface clearly requires a lot of work still; no one will argue that. The user interface was the hardest part about NGS — when we first started we had no idea how to make these things work. But, we got them to work and the team deserves a round of applause for that!

Now it time to get organized for future releases and we could use a bit of your help here. We’ve been doing daily hot fix releases and are now doing weekly releases. Once we’re done fixing critical issues we’re going to slow the schedule down to roughly monthly releases. In the future our releases will be a mix of bug fixes, UI improvements and new features. Nothing in NGS is in a state where “we have to live with it for a long time”.

If you don’t like some aspects of the NGS user interface, please head over to this UI ticket report in our bug tracker and see if we’ve already have a ticket for your pet issue. If we do have a ticket for your favorite issue, please vote on it to express your interest in having this ticket fixed.

We’re going to start working on the tickets that receive the most number of votes and work our way down. We’re going to engage our UX designer for more help to clean up the NGS user interface and to address all of these pesky problems that are plaguing our users.

But, please cut our developers some slack. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, vote on the tickets and sit tight. We know there are lots of issues and we’ve already fixed a pile of them, but we’re not going to forget about the other issues. Just please give us constructive feedback and some time.


NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-01

We’ve now slowed down a bit from the hot fixes and are starting to roll out weekly releases. To kick things off, here’s what we’ve just pushed out to the main servers:


  • [MBS-1071] – Relationships with pending edits should be highlighted
  • [MBS-1937] – Subscriptions email is not sorted
  • [MBS-1960] – Historic add release group edits have an invalid data section for artist credits
  • [MBS-2046] – Global ratelimits are not applied
  • [MBS-2055] – Add release/add disc: cannot add tracks or edit track lengths; leaving the tracklist tab loses tracklists; other problems
  • [MBS-2080] – Tracks times not being shown in release editor when DiscID is present
  • [MBS-2187] – IPIs from ASCAP not accepted
  • [MBS-2239] – Newly created work does not appear on the author’s list of works
  • [MBS-2247] – ModBot shouldn’t remove artists which were recently added
  • [MBS-2305] – Release groups shown twice on tag overview page for tag with releases and release groups.
  • [MBS-2316] – Broken link in "edits for your subscription" email
  • [MBS-2339] – Editing tracklist -> error
  • [MBS-2340] – Release tags do not show up in user’s created tags
  • [MBS-2375] – Label codes on label pages don’t have leading zeros anymore
  • [MBS-2380] – file error – work/ not found
  • [MBS-2393] – Error when searching works for certain strings.
  • [MBS-2395] – Use the link type name in /ws/2/ XML
  • [MBS-2397] – can’t watch an artist
  • [MBS-2457] – Multiple Entries of the Same DiscID, not editable
  • [MBS-2464] – "Remove recording" edit is not displaying recording


  • [MBS-1966] – Open edits list now backwards, showing newest edits first
  • [MBS-2074] – Change the label of the button at the bottom of the page from "Vote on All Edits" to "Save Changes"
  • [MBS-2290] – Replace letter x with multiplication sign.
  • [MBS-2379] – Wording in subscriptions email is inaccurate
  • [MBS-2396] – Make it possible to return recording and work level ARs from /ws/2/release


  • [MBS-2063] – Detail ws/2 ISRC submission process

Ian McEwan, one of this years Google Summer of Code students, now has his first bit of work in MusicBrainz as well:

I have created a basic graph with a subset of the core entities and some limited interactivity.

This is essentially a stripped down version of the old MusicBrainz timeline. Lots more interesting features to come with this project, and it’s showing great potential!

The Git tag for this release is v-2011-06-01-ngs-bugfixes.