Donation history

I was curious how our PayPal donations stacked up over time, so I downloaded our history and stuffed it into Excel and had it draw a pretty graph:


Please note that this does not include donations received outside of PayPal (most notably $1200 from Paul Sharpe). Also, the December 2004 figures only include donations received before December 19, when we switched over to accepting donations via the new MetaBrainz PayPal account.

TRM Database Pruned

The TRM database has been pruned again, making the system much faster and more reliable again.

At about 2200hrs UTC on December 22nd the TRM database
was “pruned” again.
As we did last time, we removed all TRMs apart from the ones attached to
MusicBrainz tracks, where the TRM had been looked up at least once. 

Just before the prune we had about 3632598 TRMs; after the prune we had about 1989632. 
For pretty pictures illustrating this, check out our
MRTG pages.

See also Prune 1 and
Prune 2.

BBC Thinking Lunch presentation

Kim Plowright from the BBC was kind enough to invite me to speak to the BBC about online communities and MusicBrainz. The presentation went well and the question and answer session allowed us (Dave Evans, RJ@AudioScrobbler, Russ@AudioScrobbler and myself were in attendance) meet some of the BBC folks. Dan Hill from the BBC even asked me how the Advance Relationship work was going — I was expecting all kinds of questions, but I was surprised by that one.

Here are the presentation slides I used.

Comment spam, take II

I know, I know, I know. Captchas discriminate against vision impaired people.

Regardless, I have installed comment captchas (little images that contain a number you need to type in) as a comment spam blocking solution. Its worked well on my other blog, and I hope it will work well here. I’ve not gone back to all the entries to make sure that all comments are turned on, but they should be for all new posts.

Let’s hope this works.