libtunepimp releases

Lukas just released two new bug fix versions of the tunepimp library. The following changes were made:

libtunepimp 0.5.1:

  • Fixed broken symlink problem in plugins/tta/
  • Don’t write files/directories with leading dots. (#1427)
  • Added SetNotifyCallback to the Python bindings.

libtunepimp 0.4.3:

  • Fixed check for TagLib 1.4 in + few other build system fixes.
  • Fixed buffer overflow in lookuptools.cpp (patch by urs_fleisch at yahoo dot de).
  • Fixed memleaks in the WMA plugin.

Download either of these releases from the libtunepimp download page. Thanks Lukas!

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libtunepimp 0.5.0 released

libtunepimp 0.5.0 was just released — the changes for this version are:

  • Versioned header files. tunepimp/tunepimp.h -> tunepimp-0.5/tunepimp.h
  • Removed track lookup parts of libtunepimp
  • WavPack, Speex and The True Audio metadata plugins
  • Correct handling of UNC paths on Windows
  • Fixed non-album tracks renaming/moving (#1408)
  • Trivial change to id3tag to read tags empty ID3 frames (#1568)

IMPORTANT: Please note that libtunepimp 0.5.0 is incompatible with previous versions of libtunepimp. We’re in the process of re-architecting libtunepimp and we’ve started removing the features that do file lookups, since Picard now does lookups with python-musicbrainz2. If you wish to use lookup features with libtunepimp, you will either need to use python-musicbrainz2 or call the XML Web service directly.

You can also view the complete diff of this change. You can download the new release in the usual place. Big thanks to Lukas for working on this release!

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Releases: Picard and libtunepimp

We released the 0.6.0 version of Picard today — this release fixes many bugs and adds the much anticipated mp4, mpc and wma plugins! Also included in this release are support for generating cuesheets, M3U, PLS and XSPF playlists.

The downloads links are:

To make all the changes happen inside of Picard, we also needed to release a new version of libtunepimp:

Thanks again to Lukáš Lalinský for brining you this release!

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Releases: Picard and libtunepimp

To go along with the recently updated server, we released version 0.5.1 of Picard today. The downloads links are:

To make all the changes happen inside of Picard, we also needed to release a new version of libtunepimp:

Important note for Picard users: Picard 0.5.1 introduces a new naming variable %albumartist (and %albumartistsortname) to support the new features on the server. Individual tracks on single artist albums may now be attributed to different artists which will cause these tracks to be saved in different locations on your hard drive if you use %artist in your naming string right now. You should replace all instances of %artist and %sortname with %albumartist and %albumartistsortname, respectively, if you want to keep organizing your files in the same manner as you did prior to the 0.5.1 release.

Thanks very much to Lukáš Lalinský, for taking on this release singlehandedly!

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libtunepimp 0.4.0 released

libtunepimp 0.4.0 has also been released! Long overdue since there hasn’t been a libtunepimp release in over a year. This version of libtunepimp supports a complete plug in architecture for different media formats, is fully UTF-8 compliant, supports ID3v2.3 & ID3v2.4 tags and fixes a number of old bugs. Version 0.4.0 is not compatible with libtunepimp 0.3.0 — so, if you have an application that uses libtunepimp 0.3.0 you may want to wait to install the 0.4.0 version. This release contains the following files:

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libmusicbrainz and libtunepimp test releases

On the excessively long road to the next stable Picard release I need to do a stable release of libmusicbrainz and libtunepimp. Both of those are now complete with all the bug fixes that I want to get into these before the next release. If you run Linux or Mac OS X, please take a moment to download, compile, test and install these two tarballs:

  1. libmusicbrainz-2.1.2-pre1.tar.gz (Changelog)
  2. libtunepimp-0.4.0-pre6.tar.gz (Changelog)

Please note that the independent python bindings for libmusicbrainz have been wrapped back into libmusicbrainz itself and can be found in the python directory of the tarball. libmusicbrainz has a new example program called getrels that shows how to retrieve AR links via the web service. libtunepimp has undergone major changes and now sports a plug in system that will make it easier to add more formats.

Unless these tarballs have major issues, I plan to update the version numbers to 2.1.2 and 0.4.0, respectively, and release them in the coming days. Then I’ll focus on getting stable release of Picard out the door.

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Picard update

I know that a lot of people have been waiting for the next release of Picard. Fortunately, I’ve been working on it — unfortunately its taking me a bit of time to get to the next release. In order to get end-to-end UNICODE support in Picard, a number of serious changes were required to the underlying libtunepimp library.

The good news is that these massive changes are nearly done. The bad news is that the application will probably no longer run on Win 9x and Me — the UNICODE support in those two OSes is too weak. And the one thing I want to get right with this release is the UNICODE support. It is exciting to see Picard writing Cyrillic filenames — that’s for sure.

I’m trying to finish up the app in the next few days — stay tuned.