Server update, 2016-06-20

Our release today contains the usual lot of bug fixes and improvements. Thanks to yvanz, chirlu, and reosarevok for their contributions. The git tag is v-2016-06-20.


  • [MBS-7358] – Edit types not translated on Release editor / edit note tab
  • [MBS-7963] – Release editor doesn’t prevent too long disambiguation comments
  • [MBS-8809] – ASIN cleanup can be defective
  • [MBS-8951] – Recent notes is broken
  • [MBS-8968] – JSON version of artist includes gender-id value, which has no xml equivalent
  • [MBS-8977] – Edit searches with relationship type conditions cause an internal server error
  • [MBS-8983] – « Show only results that are in my subscribed entities. » checkbox broken
  • [MBS-8985] – Fix CPDL URLs matching and clean it up
  • [MBS-9000] – HTML special characters are not escaped on aliases page


  • [MBS-7111] – Improve URL matching for links


  • [MBS-8982] – Stop “fixing” piano with Guess Case

Massive connectivity issues

As you are probably aware, we’ve been having lots of network connectivity issues with all services hosted at Digital West in California (all of our projects, except ListenBrainz and AcousticBrainz).

Today we spent all morning trying to replace what we thought to be a faulty switch. That process didn’t go very well at all – we hit every conceivable issue that we could’ve hit. And a few more.

But, in this process we connected our gateway machines directly to our uplink (not through our switch) and the network issues persisted! After testing this setup with both of our machines, we’ve now conclusively eliminated all of our equipment as the possible source of trouble.

At this point our troubles lie in the hands of Digital West to fix. Thankfully the day staff will return to work in a few hours and hopefully we will make some progress on this issue then.

Sorry for all of this hassle. 😦

Server update, 2016-06-06

This server release contains fixes for bugs introduced in the recent schema change, and some other small improvements listed below. Thanks to reosarevok, chirlu, yvanz, and gcilou for their contributions this time around. The git tag is v-2016-06-06.


  • [MBS-7986] – Misleading error message for event setlists
  • [MBS-8941] – Beta: Last AC in a release sometimes doesn’t change with the rest when changing release artist
  • [MBS-8942] – Beta: cursor moves to the end of AC search field when removing a letter in the middle of the name
  • [MBS-8950] – iTunes favicon is not displayed on the sidebar
  • [MBS-8959] – Can’t add new packaging types – ISE


  • [MBS-8824] – Update the rateyourmusic logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-8925] – Limit BookBrainz relationship to BookBrainz URLs


  • [MBS-8957] – Update SecondHandSongs icon and add BBC logo in the sidebar