New Database Server

On Saturday, 29th March 2003 the new database server (hostname ‘bender’)
was put into production. This server was purchased with your donations
– thanks! It’s great. We’re very happy about this 🙂

At about 1155hrs UTC, the system was put into “read-only” mode (which
means that logins were disabled, and logged-in users were logged out).
Then the database was exported to text files, transferred to bender,
then imported into a fresh database. At about 1220hrs UTC, the web
server was configured to start using the newly-created database, and
the old database was shut down.

We’ve tried to make sure that no data could have been written to the
system during the upgrade process – such data would be lost when the
final switchover occurred. Please let us know if you think we missed

Once again, thanks for your donations, which made this possible! We hope
to be able to bring you a faster, more reliable, easier-to-use service
as a result.

Server Updates

Login names and passwords are case-sensitive. The #musicbrainz IRC channel is logged and archived. HTML and CSS improvements.

Changes since the last release (10 Feb 2003):


  • a lot of people were experiencing problems uploading anything more
    than a small amount of TRM data at a time, using the Tagger. This was
    due to some server code which was too slow, the client was “timing out” waiting for it. The offending code has now been sped up a lot, so you shouldn’t see that error any more.
  • when showing TRM collisions in the tagger, sort the albums by artist and show the artist name
  • when showing found albums/tracks in the tagger, show the album
    attributes (e.g. “Official Album”, “Official Various Artists
    Compilation”). Also show the track length.
  • when a discid has just been added (via the tagger), show the album
    you’ve just added the discid to.
  • fixed a bug whereby sometimes “various artists” albums were not
    returned to the tagger


  • login names, as well as passwords, are now case-sensitive
  • ensured that the “related artist” data is maintained for artist
    removals and artist merges
  • when merging artists or moving an album, the “source” artist is never shown as a possible match. Also a full search is done for artists (e.g. if you enter “Bach”, you’ll get every artist matching “Bach”, not just J.S.Bach)

Other web updates

  • the MusicBrainz IRC channel is now logged and archived! You can see the archives here: . There’s a link to that page on the “contact us” page.
  • fixed a bug whereby sometimes an album’s displayed discid/TRM/track counts were incorrect
  • various textual pages updated, especially the front page, the Finances page, and the download page
  • My and Rob’s TODO lists are now much more up-to-date (and are much
    more likely to be /kept/ up-to-date, since it’s now easier for us to do). However, these pages aren’t really there on the staging server, but trust me, they’ll be there when it goes live.
  • general re-working of some HTML to be more “modern”, making more use of CSS

Other (non-web) server updates

  • various fixes and improvements relating to importing and exporting data.

Dave Evans