The FreeDB gateway has been updated to NGS!

I’m pleased to announce that the FreeDB gateway, which lets you fetch MusicBrainz data via FreeDB enabled applications, has been updated to use the NGS database. As of now, its updating with new data from the main MusicBrainz server and you should be able to look up new CDs.

To use the FreeDB gateway, set the FreeDB server in your application to on port 80. For more information, please take a look at our wiki page for the gateway.

Thanks to Lukas for porting this code to NGS!

NGS Bug fixes 2011-09-21 and the New "Split Artist" Feature

Apologies for being a few days late here, but we’ve just finished updating the servers with the latest set of bug fixes and new features. This release brings a new feature that people have been asking for since NGS – the ability to “split” an artist into artist credits.

Split Artist

With NGS, we had the ability to link multiple artists to recordings/releases/etc. While our migration script handled most cases, there are some cases when it was unclear how to automatically split artists, and we opted to leave that artist unchanged. While it was possible to manually edit references to this artist, it was painful. We now have a convenient way to make this process easier. In the sidebar of artists there is now a “split into separate artists” link:

The new "split into separate artists" feature
The new "split into separate artists" feature

Clicking this link will present you with a form where you can choose the new set of artists. For example, here’s me splitting the single “Alix Perez & SpetraSoul” artist into the correct separate artists:

The "split artists" form
The "split artists" form

As with the other types of editing in MusicBrainz, this edit has to be voted on by other editors before it is applied.

The split artists edit type can only be used on artists that have no relationships, other than “collaboration” relationships. If the artist does have collaboration relationships, edits to remove all collaboration relationships will be entered at the same time. Note also that this will not remove the now empty artist entirely – that will happen when ModBot does its daily cleanup.


We’ve continued working through the bugs as well, and here are the tickets that have been closed in this release.

  • [MBS-1133] – Don’t try to delete relationship types that are still in use
  • [MBS-1343] – Add AR instrument search function has problems with accented letters
  • [MBS-1380] – An URL ending in closing parenthesis gets broken when listed in edit notes
  • [MBS-1396] – Allow for URLs longer than 255 chars
  • [MBS-1411] – Don’t lowercase relationship attributes
  • [MBS-1520] – Tag lookup page has odd search results
  • [MBS-1879] – Remove the non-functional /search/plugins page
  • [MBS-1934] – Inconsistency: “see other versions of this release” vs. “see release group”
  • [MBS-1936] – Historic MusicBrainz::Server::Edit::Historic::EditArtist incorrect: doesn’t include artist names, always use “[removed]”
  • [MBS-1950] – Artist Sortname is shown instead of Artist Name in historic edits
  • [MBS-2047] – Email sender addresses have regressed
  • [MBS-2195] – Don’t allow submitting relationships where the relationship type has no description
  • [MBS-2335] – Other Lookup ISWC search should strip spaces
  • [MBS-2495] – Auto-edit status in edit documentation is misleading
  • [MBS-2529] – Orphaned release group and recordings after rejecting or cancelling a release/medium
  • [MBS-2911] – URL decoding should not decode non-utf-8 strings
  • [MBS-2934] – “Change release group” edit doesn’t appear in artist’s edits
  • [MBS-2944] – Vote on all edits control should only be shown to auto-editors
  • [MBS-3226] – Multi-artist credits with no artist selected produce very confusing behavior
  • [MBS-3227] – Lookup TOC page incomplete for logged out users.
  • [MBS-3269] – Track #s get automatically added to track titles every time the tracklist tab is opened
  • [MBS-3274] – Editing track names using with the basic editor removes track artists and disassociates recordings
  • [MBS-3278] – Warning about using various artists as track artist flashes on screen
  • [MBS-3347] – When trying to add cover art from disallowed sites, no error is shown
  • [MBS-3351] – ws/2 stacktrace browsing release by label
  • [MBS-3358] – “Open Edits” and “All Edits” tabs not marked as open
  • [MBS-3373] – URL cleanup stuff doesn’t always run in time
  • [MBS-3381] – Orphaned release groups/recordings created by release editor should be automatically removed
  • [MBS-3391] – Don’t allow to enter “performs instrument” without instrument
  • [MBS-3399] – No edit links for relationships in the appearances section on the artist relationships tab
  • [MBS-3402] – Do not allow subscriptions to “Various Artists” or “Deleted Artist”
  • [MBS-3403] – “Change release group” edit doesn’t show up in edit history / open edits of target release group
  • [MBS-3405] – Remove leading / trailing / double spaces in titles
  • [MBS-3434] – High DQ Release allows Auto-edits + incorrect edit conditions for merge
  • [MBS-3436] – “Wiki Version” column on transclusion page shows ERROR
  • [MBS-3443] – Inconsistency in sorting of “Edits by subscribed editors” ≠ “Edits for subscribed entities”
  • [MBS-3445] – Cannot search edits by editor name
  • [MBS-3453] – “Related works” on recordings page shows same work and AR set twice if there are two work<->recording ARs for the same work/recording pair
  • [MBS-3464] – Do not redirect to for /ws requests


  • [MBS-1914] – Run script to remove “later/earlier release of” ARs


  • [MBS-2669] – Filter edits by language
  • [MBS-2670] – Filter edits by artist country

The Git tag for this release is v-2011-09-21-ngs-bug-fixes. Happy editing!

NGS Bug fixes, 2011-09-12

Things in MusicBrainz land are finally starting to return to normal, with a succession of holidays all final over and everyone getting back to work. We sadly missed the last release of August entirely, but have combined it with the latest release, which was deployed onto servers yesterday. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-987] – Database import doesn’t work without editor data
  • [MBS-1543] – Add credits to the images in the release editor
  • [MBS-1670] – UX, Can’t add new artist if an artist is already selected in artist credit
  • [MBS-1977] – ModBot is unable to close some edits
  • [MBS-2030] – Historic "Add release" edits: artist displayed as "[removed]"
  • [MBS-2184] – Indexed inline search find no recording for 夜曲 but there are several
  • [MBS-2498] – Description for failed vote is inaccurate.
  • [MBS-2641] – Release editor doesn’t handle copied artist credits very well
  • [MBS-2710] – merging recordings shouldn’t kill release edits
  • [MBS-2817] – Add Missing Entities not displaying correct search results for many artists
  • [MBS-2823] – Edit closed as failed but was actually accepted
  • [MBS-2829] – Fuzzy CD lookup doesn’t work if you don’t exclude CDStubs
  • [MBS-2902] – When editing release, ".[number]" at end of artist name is parsed as track time.
  • [MBS-2945] – Musicbrainz should report a sensible error when add release fails because of invalid data rather than just ‘Internal Error’
  • [MBS-3066] – Splitting to multiple artists using Credits fields only recognises first artist
  • [MBS-3095] – should redirect to
  • [MBS-3113] – Invalid URLs shouldn’t be accepted
  • [MBS-3147] – Cover art script not working properly
  • [MBS-3209] – Recordings need an equivalent to the tracklist’s ‘add missing entities’
  • [MBS-3224] – Internal Server Error in the release editor after going back in the browser
  • [MBS-3243] – Unable to have a track named "0" in the track list
  • [MBS-3258] – column width in opera too small
  • [MBS-3272] – InitDB can fail if the locale of the machine isn’t set correctly
  • [MBS-3275] – Internal server error when adding a new release
  • [MBS-3280] – ISE on tracklist tab of release editor (?)
  • [MBS-3287] – Looking up an existing release group when adding a release should disable the type field
  • [MBS-3289] – On the Release Information -> Tracklist and Release Information pages the Join phrase is not shown in the Preview
  • [MBS-3297] – A space in track# field in advanced tracklist causes ISE
  • [MBS-3298] – Rendering the timeline eats all my CPU and takes forever
  • [MBS-3301] – Adding tracks to a release fails with "This edit changes recording IDs, but some of the recordings no longer exist."
  • [MBS-3303] – Columns are the wrong width
  • [MBS-3306] – Adjust flags and delete tabs are shown, but don’t work
  • [MBS-3312] – Edits fail because recordings do supposedly not exist anymore but in fact still exist
  • [MBS-3344] – Stop closing edits as "Error"
  • [MBS-3355] – When match track with unknown duration to an existing recoridng it doesnt set the tracktime
  • [MBS-3365] – Entries listed twice on artists work pages
  • [MBS-3366] – "There are not currently any relationship types available between works and recordings." error when trying to link recordings to works
  • [MBS-3369] – Internal Server error on Edit Types documentation
  • [MBS-3378] – Edit label not showing any information
  • [MBS-3380] – Attempt to add duplicate artist via Release Editor causes Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-3400] – Expired merge releases edit not being applied.
  • [MBS-3404] – Move disc ID edit type: incorrect source release


  • [MBS-2188] – "Comment" is confusing people
  • [MBS-2256] – UX, the current artist credit interface does not discourage changing the credit for various artists
  • [MBS-2839] – Artist work list > Better design: don’t split by "categories" (composer, lyricist, …) and indicates artist role for each artist related to work
  • [MBS-2899] – Release editor’s "Release Duplicates" tab does not suggest any releases if the release title has been translated away from the actual title
  • [MBS-3211] – allmusic and secondhandsongs not auto-detected

New Feature

  • [MBS-3261] – Add support for "deleting" user accounts

The tag for this version is v-2011-09-12-ngs-bug-fixes.

NGS Bug fixes, 2011-08-22

Here’s what we got fixed in the last week!


  • [MBS-1928] – Missing artist roles in works page
  • [MBS-2035] – Cancelling/rejecting a medium will leave release in an unkown state
  • [MBS-2600] – Spurious "artist credit field is required" errors with recording edits
  • [MBS-2756] – ‘Guess Case’ too aggressive on word ‘Trance’
  • [MBS-2881] – Editing CD Baby URLs behaves weirdly
  • [MBS-2973] – Edit Medium can re-associate recordings behind your back
  • [MBS-2976] – Edit tracklist edit doesn’t link to new recordings
  • [MBS-3002] – Edit search crashes if any arguments are removed
  • [MBS-3009] – View transclusion edit history link is broken
  • [MBS-3012] – Exception trying to submit a decimal rating
  • [MBS-3017] – Edit failed dependency by MotBot for no obvious reason
  • [MBS-3071] – Edit search crashes with no search conditions
  • [MBS-3141] – Can’t select criterias in edit search
  • [MBS-3199] – Changing an artist on a tracklist to an artist with the same (credited) name is an auto-edit
  • [MBS-3213] – When removing tracks from a release, artist credits are erroneously listed as part of the edit
  • [MBS-3214] – ModBot failed dependency because of a non-existing artist but the artist was not edited
  • [MBS-3231] – When entering a CD stub there are no checks for field length
  • [MBS-3244] – Errors submitting data via the web service to
  • [MBS-3245] – 500 Internal Server Error when submitting release ratings via the web service
  • [MBS-3247] – Show recording artist in Remove ISRC edits
  • [MBS-3252] – Internal Server Error in edit search (Artist is in my subscriptions / Status Open)
  • [MBS-3253] – Edit search displays the same edit multiple times
  • [MBS-3254] – Internal Server Error in edit search when "My vote" is unselected
  • [MBS-3256] – Unable to move a disc id between CDs in the same release
  • [MBS-3257] – Searching by TOC fails for mediums which have no format
  • [MBS-3258] – column width in opera too small
  • [MBS-3262] – ws/2 returning invalid xml
  • [MBS-3265] – Webservice not escaping "<<" properly


  • [MBS-2232] – Auto-approve Add Medium and Add Release Label edits for new releases
  • [MBS-2839] – Artist work list > Better design: don’t split by "categories" (composer, lyricist, …) and indicates artist role for each artist related to work

NGS bug fixes, 2011-08-15

Mostly another week of bug fixes, with a few improvements. Currently the timeline is experiencing some known problems, we hope to have this fixed by tomorrow, but we didn’t want to hold up this release.


  • [MBS-1231] – Age information for a person looks weird
  • [MBS-1393] – Artist lookup won’t search for 1 char artist names
  • [MBS-1394] – Enable autocomplete for 1 char when the character is cjk
  • [MBS-1409] – RunReports should apply a time limit to each report
  • [MBS-1414] – Preferences -> Regional Settings -> Date/time format has duplicates and wrong timezone
  • [MBS-1483] – tmp-dir option doesn’t work in
  • [MBS-1645] – HTML of the Create Relationship page
  • [MBS-1830] – Failed or cancelled Add URL relationship: make URL a link
  • [MBS-2076] – Add release UI breaks badly when typing anything in Opera
  • [MBS-2220] – Relate to recordings: default type not empty and link cache not cleared
  • [MBS-2292] – Entity not unselected after "Relate to Recordings"
  • [MBS-2326] – Adding new discs to VA releases credits the created recordings to VA by default
  • [MBS-2481] – Drop-down menus sometimes prematurely collapse when mouse is between items on Firefox 4.01/5
  • [MBS-2748] – taglookup – search terms not displayed after "Found x results for"
  • [MBS-2781] – New behavior of "Move CDToc" edit is confusing
  • [MBS-2810] – Performing a Webservice query on /ws/2/release with inc=tags does not include release tags.
  • [MBS-2825] – edit relationship "create_url" doesn’t ignore leading spaces
  • [MBS-2832] – submission form keeps "additional label" info state in weirdly persistent way
  • [MBS-2892] – "see release group" link broken from within edit form
  • [MBS-2907] – "Relate to…" indexed search doesn’t use aliases
  • [MBS-2909] – Recording comment not shown in release editor after picking suggested recording
  • [MBS-2923] – "Guess Case" incorrectly capitalizes letter after apostrophe
  • [MBS-2984] – Crash when changing conditions in edit search
  • [MBS-2992] – Release editor > Recordings tab > Recording length not displayed
  • [MBS-2994] – Edit search forgets filters
  • [MBS-3008] – Artist release list doesn’t show artist credits
  • [MBS-3032] – Guess Case: don’t turn ‘N in’ into N"
  • [MBS-3049] – Label unclickable in add release pages’ "Edit note" tab
  • [MBS-3086] – Adding release: claims release group is "[removed]" and doesn’t link everything
  • [MBS-3091] – FixTrackLength script shouldn’t run if there are pending edits on the disc ID
  • [MBS-3101] – Internal server error when adding a release
  • [MBS-3121] – Can’t cancel "add label" within a release edit sequence
  • [MBS-3127] – Poor label search results in the release editor
  • [MBS-3128] – Sortnames not shown for labels
  • [MBS-3159] – Label tags missing from attributes on the create relationship page
  • [MBS-3175] – Reordering tracks automatically if one is removed in the release editor
  • [MBS-3183] – ISE due to "invalid barcode" during CD Stub submission
  • [MBS-3201] – Release group display is missing pagination links to view releases after the 50th
  • [MBS-3215] – 404 / dead link for previously merged artist in edit note
  • [MBS-3217] – Internal Server Error when in edit search "My vote"
  • [MBS-3218] – Internal Server Error when in edit search "Artist/Label is in my subscriptions"
  • [MBS-3221] – Edit search type + "is not" doesn’t work
  • [MBS-3228] – Changing recordings on a medium is an autoedit for non-autoeditors


  • [MBS-2348] – Editing the artist field and not selecting any entity from the dropdown menu should not keep the old artist selected
  • [MBS-2458] – Timeline graph should have a rate-of-change graph
  • [MBS-3157] – Purpose of Various Artists checkbox is unclear.
  • [MBS-3208] – Trim leading/trailing whitespace in release editor prior to Add Missing Entities check


  • [MBS-2667] – Allow changing sort order

NGS bug fixes, 2011-08-08

Apologies for the day late release, but here’s the latest installment of bug fixes and improvements now live on the main website:


  • [MBS-1847] – Work aliases not included in XML
  • [MBS-1849] – Alias locales not included in the XML
  • [MBS-1977] – ModBot is unable to close some edits
  • [MBS-2140] – Recordings automatically changed when editing release with CD+DVD with same track names
  • [MBS-2193] – "Failed" total on a user page includes edits canceled after NGS
  • [MBS-2246] – Cannot use "Change track artists" checkbox to change all track artists to same as release artist
  • [MBS-2306] – ws2 implementation doesn’t return discids with discid queries
  • [MBS-2365] – Adding a release as Various Artist it dosen’t add ask for adding new artists
  • [MBS-2632] – Ratelimit should cover all of /ws
  • [MBS-2819] – Edit URL edits have incorrect links
  • [MBS-2886] – WebService Internal error on inc parameter
  • [MBS-3043] – Release editor allows "null" as recording id in tracklist edits
  • [MBS-3103] – Changing alias locales is an auto-edit for regular editors
  • [MBS-3115] – Server error during submission of CD Stub for which there is already a disc ID
  • [MBS-3129] – Some set track lengths edits have no lengths shown
  • [MBS-3133] – inc=release-groups+type with release lookup throws error
  • [MBS-3137] – Label country not shown on relationships page
  • [MBS-3147] – Cover art script not working properly
  • [MBS-3162] – Direct Search is unable to find artists, even when exactly matched
  • [MBS-3166] – Error messages (from RE in particular) could be more helpful for users and developers
  • [MBS-3172] – POSTs are getting cancelled for taking more than 30 seconds of time
  • [MBS-3190] – "Remove work" edit type doesn’t apply


  • [MBS-3013] – Guess Case should capitalize some words that are usually lowercase if they are followed by punctuation.
  • [MBS-3015] – ModBot’s "Remove Work" edits should be autoedits.

New Feature


  • [MBS-2772] – Filter by vote cast
  • [MBS-3004] – Search for subscribed artists (has been currently dropped)

NGS bug fixes, 2011-08-01

Apologies for being a day later than planned, but here’s what we got fixed in the last release.


  • [MBS-1439] – Browse: sortnames not being used to sort
  • [MBS-1738] – Mismatched table row tags in release group (possibly elsewhere?)
  • [MBS-1832] – Editing a URL doesn’t update cover art
  • [MBS-1998] – Changing track case requires voting since now part of "edit medium"
  • [MBS-1999] – Releases having no label are displayed on collection page with label "[removed]"
  • [MBS-2038] – Dummy checkbox in merge recordings UI
  • [MBS-2040] – Adding track times should be an auto-edit
  • [MBS-2193] – "Failed" total on a user page includes edits canceled after NGS
  • [MBS-2297] – No track times after a Disc ID / TOC release add
  • [MBS-2310] – Cover art should show up immediately
  • [MBS-2327] – Removing relationships doesn’t remove cover art
  • [MBS-2344] – New labels are being created with label codes of zero instead of null in the db
  • [MBS-2438] – AR attributes not properly CamelCases in /ws/1
  • [MBS-2440] – Merge interface can be accessed with no items selected
  • [MBS-2468] – "Edit barcodes" edit accept and display dupes
  • [MBS-2487] – Cancelling an add relationship edit doesn’t update cover art
  • [MBS-2741] – Filling an empty IPI code is not an autoedit
  • [MBS-2759] – "Add selected releases for merging" button redirects to Search when no releases are selected
  • [MBS-2789] – "Send Email" doesn’t honour "Send a copy to my own email address" and instead reveals the sender’s email address
  • [MBS-2798] – Migrated move disc ID edits don’t display properly
  • [MBS-2828] – CD lookup through Web service returns a different response with or without ‘cdstubs=no’ when DiscID not known
  • [MBS-2891] – admin/sql/CreateAll.sql needs reordering
  • [MBS-2927] – Merging releases should merge annotations
  • [MBS-2946] – unable to enter URL that includes "http://&quot;
  • [MBS-2997] – Age information should not be shown when the birth date is in the future
  • [MBS-3025] – Server should prevent people from using attributes that don’t apply
  • [MBS-3066] – Splitting to multiple artists using Credits fields only recognises first artist
  • [MBS-3078] – Remove medium can be autoedited
  • [MBS-3093] – Release edit crash (internal server error) when changing release artist credit
  • [MBS-3104] – ws/1 regression: parameter ‘client’ is now required when submitting isrcs
  • [MBS-3143] – ‘cdstubs’ parameter is now required when doing a ws cd lookup


  • [MBS-3015] – ModBot’s "Remove Work" edits should be autoedits.


  • [MBS-2929] – Create a script to fix "ISRC bulk mistake"


NGS Bug fixes, 2011-07-25

Here’s the last release for July:


  • [MBS-259] – PUIDs being deleted aren’t highlighted as having pending edits
  • [MBS-1142] – Relationship dropdown boxes don’t update docs when scrolled through with arrow keys
  • [MBS-2189] – Editing the locale of an alias doesn’t show the alias
  • [MBS-2537] – Importing CD stub sets the CD stub comment to the release comment
  • [MBS-2545] – Re-add the Cancel button to the contact user form
  • [MBS-2564] – "Add Missing Entities" tab in add release does not search for Artist Aliases when trying to find Artists
  • [MBS-2588] – Edit note text area is too small (one line only)
  • [MBS-2603] – CDStub submission is completely broken since NGS release
  • [MBS-2711] – Merging releases (discs) shouldn’t kill tracklist edits
  • [MBS-2788] – Direct database search does not look for Standalone Recordings until the search indices are updated
  • [MBS-2796] – Create relationship page says edit relationship in the title
  • [MBS-2940] – 500 internal error searching for a discid
  • [MBS-2961] – Internal server error when adding/editing relationship type
  • [MBS-2968] – Can’t change release group for existing release in release editor
  • [MBS-2997] – Age information should not be shown when the birth date is in the future
  • [MBS-2999] – Clicking "Add Disc" on tracklist editor for 4-medium release before loading 4th medium doesn’t work
  • [MBS-3003] – Internal server error when editing a URL
  • [MBS-3023] – Impossible to edit a release that is missing disc 1?
  • [MBS-3039] – Unable to enter URL that misses "http://&quot;
  • [MBS-3047] – Release Editor gives useless error message if you supply an invalid date
  • [MBS-3053] – Internal server error when attempting to approve edit
  • [MBS-3060] – Modbot doesn’t remove empty artist
  • [MBS-3066] – Splitting to multiple artists using Credits fields only recognises first artist
  • [MBS-3085] – Wrong text displayed in the Merge releases dialog
  • [MBS-3089] – Release edit crash (internal server error) when changing release artist credit


  • [MBS-2085] – No way to apply Release artist {credit} changes to tracks
  • [MBS-2548] – Discogs URL validation (artist vs. label vs. release vs. master)


  • [MBS-2747] – Remove orphaned recordings

NGS bug fixes, 2011-07-18

A slow, but steady week at MusicBrainz land – here’s what we got fixed in the last week.


  • [MBS-375] – Create redirect web server config files
  • [MBS-1169] – Musicbrainz NGS Server is missing a hell of a lot of HTML sanitization. (HTML/script injections galore…)
  • [MBS-1443] – Make editor search not only look for an exact match
  • [MBS-1973] – "Cancel relate to …" only appears on entity it was started from
  • [MBS-2054] – View of User ‘Accepted’ edits contains All Edits including Auto-edits
  • [MBS-2126] – Release Editor response times are unacceptable
  • [MBS-2132] – Link to "remove release edit-type" is broken
  • [MBS-2321] – Release editor let you enter invalid barcode
  • [MBS-2509] – Clicking the text "Yes/No/Abstain/None" below the first edit on an edit list page changes the votes for all edits on that page.
  • [MBS-2578] – Strange display of combined format when some mediums have no format set
  • [MBS-2596] – Submitting Puids failed with Error 500
  • [MBS-2820] – URLs with pending edits not highlighted
  • [MBS-2827] – /ws/2/collection can’t return more than 25 releases
  • [MBS-2844] – Changing artist Type to Person resets Gender
  • [MBS-2850] – Duplicated ISRC codes displayed on "Merge recordings" edits
  • [MBS-2852] – MusicBrainz events in timeline sometimes appear in the y-axis labels
  • [MBS-2855] – Geometry URLs for timeline graph are somewhat wrong
  • [MBS-2862] – Edit search results are not sorted
  • [MBS-2869] – Subscriptions email doesn’t include anymore your own edits in the "Subscribed editors" section
  • [MBS-2893] – Puid lookup only returning tracklist offset sometimes
  • [MBS-2952] – Add Release edit needs to display release group and artist of release group it’s being added to.
  • [MBS-3000] – Empty <date/> included for releases with no date
  • [MBS-3011] – Editing of Release Event Date labeled as Name
  • [MBS-3029] – Error on test server


  • [MBS-2853] – MusicBrainz event lines should be thicker
  • [MBS-2854] – MusicBrainz events should change pointer on hover
  • [MBS-2856] – Statistics pages are not styled like the rest of the site

Schema change release, 2011-07-11

Today we released our first schema change update since NGS. This change is quite a radical one, as it merges both of our databases (“READWRITE” and “RAWDATA”) into a single database. For most users of the database, this probably won’t affect you, but you’re encouraged to run the upgrade process anyway. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take down the web server running MusicBrainz, if you’re running a web server.
  2. Turn off cron jobs if you are automatically updating the database via cron jobs.
  3. Set DB_SCHEMA_SEQUENCE to 13 in lib/
  4. Make sure your REPLICATION_TYPE setting is RT_SLAVE
  5. Switch to the new code with git fetch origin followed by git checkout v-20110711-schema-change
  6. Run ./ from the top of the source directory.
  7. Install the perl modules Algorithm::Merge and Algorithm::Diff
  8. Turn cron jobs back on, if needed.
  9. Restart the MusicBrainz web server, if needed.

This process may take a while, as it has to dump one database into another, and download a few extra changes to ensure slaves aren’t missing any data. The RAWDATA database should no longer be in use and you should be able to drop it, but waiting to see that everything is working well might be a good idea.

This schema change does not introduce any new data. For everyone else, here’s a list of what got fixed since the last release!


  • [MBS-1977] – ModBot is unable to close some edits
  • [MBS-1979] – Unable to edit a “later translated versions” relationship with change direction
  • [MBS-2026] – Subscribed artists open edits won’t load for editors with large amounts of subscriptions
  • [MBS-2442] – MB postgres unaccent extension overwrites library shipped with postgres-contrib
  • [MBS-2689] – Timeline isn’t working in Opera 10
  • [MBS-2698] – Some tables are not replicated through Live data feed
  • [MBS-2812] – Adding track times has caused a failed dependency for an edit which changed the track titles.
  • [MBS-2826] – Web service returns malformed XML (not escaped properly)
  • [MBS-2831] – “Edit medium” edit display: Artist credits changes are incorrect
  • [MBS-2974] – I don’t receive e-mail when someone votes no to my edit any more
  • [MBS-2981] – Changing the case of recording comments should be auto-edits
  • [MBS-2986] – tracklist_index was not populated during NGS
  • [MBS-2995] – Caught exception in MusicBrainz::Server::Controller::WS::2::ReleaseGroup->release_group_browse “Can’t call method “format”


  • [MBS-1500] – Remove tracklist_index.tracks
  • [MBS-1707] – Advanced tracklist in RE: “Title” to “Disc title”
  • [MBS-2242] – Disable editing of Medium title when there’s only one medium
  • [MBS-2434] – Combine READWRITE and RAWDATA
  • [MBS-2462] – Other edit types that don’t highlight what has changed between old and new values
  • [MBS-2583] – “Edit Medium” should show you which medium is being edited with respect to the overall release
  • [MBS-2767] – Release-group XML result should include first release date