Blog spam attack

In the last 24 hours this blog has been attacked by nasty porn spammers. I’ve erased dozens of spam comments and trackbacks. 🙂

I’ve turned off trackbacks for now ( 😦 ) and I will add comment captchas later today to try and stop this crap. Anyone have a good suggestion on how to manage trackback ping spam?

Non-profit application filed

At long last, after many hours of work and months of time passing, I’ve FedEx’ed off the 1023 Application to the IRS. The 1023 form is the tax-exempt application to the IRS — once we get an advance ruling on our status (the final ruling will come many months down the road) we’ll be able to conduct business as a real non-profit and start handing out tax-deductible receipts for the donations we receive for MusicBrainz.

I feel confident that we’re well setup — this is mainly due to the excellent guidance I’ve received from Randy Heinig at Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum Perlman & Nagelberg LLP in Chicago. Thank you very much Randy for all your patience, hard work and thorough understanding of what MusicBrainz does!

Hopefully this will also mark the point where I can spend a little less time on the non-profit and start hammering out more code for MusicBrainz — it’s sorely needed. But before I dream of that, we still need to announce this new venture. Stay tuned for more on that!

Editing Guidelines on the Wiki

After moderating my way into the top five moderators / top ten voters, I’ve decided to slow down my moderating, and spend more time trying to provide advice and help for new moderators.

On the Wiki, I’ve been working on a collection of pages that I hope will form the basis for Editing Guidelines that complement the current Style Guide. Where the Style Guide tells you how entries should look when they are done, the Editing Guidelines are intended to tell you the best way to get there.

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Nothing to see here, move along

I haven’t been doing much MusicBrainz stuff the last week besides finally getting my test server up and running .. I’ll explain with two words. Xbox. Halo. ‘Nuff said.

Some media blips I thought others might find interesting:

John Peel, a UK radio DJ luminary who has brought many a budding artist into the limelight through his “Peel Sessions”, has died of a heart attack at age 65. It is a sad day. Details.

Hilary Rosen, the former CEO of the RIAA has, in a Wired article, had some promising words to say about Lawrence Lessig and the Creative Commons license. Details.

That is all.

Duplicate Artist/Album Reports Updated (expect delays)

The raw data feeding into the duplicate artist/album reports has been updated. These are available under Edit The Data/Suggestions as the last two entries: “Albums that might need merging” and
“More possibly duplicate artists”. The last time this report was generated (July) we had 1703 possible album duplicates and 1872 possible artist duplicates. We now have 2714 possible album duplicates and 2424 possible artist duplicates.

Note that there is a delay between when I upload the raw data and it is reflected on the server – I think this was set up to happen once a day, but it may be only once a week.

As always, if anyone is looking at these, and there is a confirmed false positive, let me know and I will (a) make sure it doesn’t show up in the next report, and (b) see if I can improve the overall reporting. So far very few people have submitted false positives.

MusicBrainz Pub Night

I’d like to announce a MusicBrainz Pub Night in London Nov 30th at 6:30pm.

If you’d like to meet Dave Evans and myself in person, chat about MusicBrainz and have a pint, please come join us. Right now I haven’t picked out a pub yet, so if you have a suggestion for a good pub (should be a classic pub, large enough to handle 6 – 10 of us, not too noisy), please leave a comment.

So, who can make it?

Lucene enabled Picard

In the last couple of days I’ve stuffed Lucene into Picard and it has given me some quite amazing results. I’ve opened a collection of untagged files and watched it open the right albums and populate it with tags automatically. Mind you, none of the tags were previously tagged with MB ids. Plain amazing!

I have this hip-hop compilation that my friend put together and its utter crap — duplicates, many files without tags, crappy spelling and mostly from greatest hits albums. Ick. The original tagger identified less than 15% of the tracks. The new tagger identifies 50% – 60% of the tracks — that’s a really good rate for this crappy collection.

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Annotations – please try it out!

The annotations work I’ve been talking about over the last few days is now live on the test server. Please have a play and let me know what you think. Is it too limited? Does the page layout need tweaking? Maybe the way the moderations work isn’t quite right? All feedback gratefully received.

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