Server update, 2014-06-23

It’s that exciting time again: another release of bug fixes and improvements. User-visible changes include a menu showing recently-used entities in autocomplete lookups (previously only available in the relationship editor), plus the display of other identities/legal names on artist pages. Thanks go to the MetaBrainz team and chirlu and nikki for their hard work on this release!

The git tag is v-2014-06-23.

Here’s the complete changelog:


  • [MBS-3537] – Add a unique constraint on medium (release, position)
  • [MBS-7149] – Relationship editor AR popup: only previously used *artists* are remembered
  • [MBS-7303] – Missing recordings in release (after updating the release)
  • [MBS-7405] – Inline search claims there are no results when the search returns an error
  • [MBS-7578] – Regression: Work types list is no longer sorted alphabetically
  • [MBS-7605] – Release editor allows invalid characters to sneak into the database
  • [MBS-7649] – Edit alias edits don’t display properly if the alias has since been removed
  • [MBS-7651] – Alias edits show no value for various fields
  • [MBS-7652] – edit_series_fk_edit and edit_series_fk_series are missing
  • [MBS-7653] – MB.utility.joinList should use the same logic/strings as the comma_list MACRO
  • [MBS-7665] – annotation edit changelog shows object reference ARRAY(0xa190008) instead of actual input text
  • [MBS-7666] – is still at schema version 19
  • [MBS-7667] – GenerateSQLScripts doesn’t check for the existence of CreateTables.sql
  • [MBS-7669] – Whitespace not trimmed for series number in the relationship editor


  • [MBS-1943] – Reorganize the sidebar to show the most important information first
  • [MBS-2474] – Display artist legal/performance name more prominently
  • [MBS-2602] – Show recent labels/artists in lookup popups
  • [MBS-6277] – Move release group relationships section for releases to the overview tab
  • [MBS-6731] – Add link to doc/Release/Format from Tracklist tab
  • [MBS-7668] – Add a stat for number of MBIDs known.

Server update, 2014-06-09

A day late in actually releasing it, but we have a new server release! Assorted bug fixes, improvements, and refactoring make up this release. Thanks to the MetaBrainz team and supplementary work from chirlu, reosarevok, and nikki. The git tag for this release is v-2014-06-09. The full list of fixed tickets:


  • [MBS-4669] – Webservice returns an ASIN that was added in a voted down edit
  • [MBS-5526] – Diff highlighting messes up descriptions in edit relationship type edits
  • [MBS-7455] – ISE for /ws/js/edit/preview: Error: Could not create MusicBrainz::Server::Edit::Release::DeleteReleaseLabel edit
  • [MBS-7552] – Entering a Series that requires disambig. changes the part of-numbering
  • [MBS-7574] – Regression. Can’t fill release group field by pasting URL
  • [MBS-7583] – Nonfunctional relationship page for instruments
  • [MBS-7584] – Double “Relationships” heading on label relationships page
  • [MBS-7585] – Missing series in subscriptions page
  • [MBS-7588] – ARRAY(0x1987d1c8) shown on add work edit
  • [MBS-7589] – Edit types in edit search are sorted in ASCII order
  • [MBS-7590] – Search results for instruments should strip markup from the description
  • [MBS-7604] – Whitespace+invalid character at the end of a string causes an ISE
  • [MBS-7608] – Internal server error looking up CD TOC with too large offsets
  • [MBS-7609] – “Refine this search” links breaks for entities with no entity filter in the edit search
  • [MBS-7611] – Internal server error loading annotation revision
  • [MBS-7614] – Relationship attributes are validated against the old link type
  • [MBS-7615] – Changes to URLs only are treated as no change
  • [MBS-7624] – Possible to create edits which add two unknown country release events
  • [MBS-7633] – l(‘Series’) is ambiguous
  • [MBS-7636] – Regression + data corruption: edit page swaps the direction of relationships


  • [MBS-1377] – Turn relationships with multiple instrument/vocal attributes into multiple relationships
  • [MBS-7541] – Add Series to the statistics
  • [MBS-7542] – Add instruments to statistics
  • [MBS-7595] – Discid edits should show release artist
  • [MBS-7618] – fullexport generation must complete before replication packets are copied, resulting in temporary but several-hour gaps in the available replication packets
  • [MBS-7621] – Treat non-free-text work attribute types with no options as grouping types
  • [MBS-7631] – Make instrument relationships link back to the instrument entity pages

New Feature

  • [MBS-4825] – Normalize blogspot URLs


  • [MBS-7499] – Add to the otherdbs whitelist
  • [MBS-7571] – Factor out lists of entities in the code

May 2014 virtual machines released

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just released the May 2014 Virtual Machine images of the MusicBrainz server!

If you’d like to direct download or BitTorrent download these images, head on over to our Server Setup page.

There have been no real changes to the setup of the VM images — we still publish a VirtualBox and a VMWare image. The instructions for using the VMs haven’t changed; the latest data and the May 26th version of the software are loaded on these images.

Have fun!