MetaBrainz hires Kuno Woudt (warp) as a full time developer!

I’m pleased to announce that the MetaBrainz Foundation has hired its first full time developer! On Februrary 1, 2010, Kuno Woudt will join Oliver Charles on the MusicBrainz development team and both of them will focus to finish NGS as soon as possible. With Kuno we are effectively tripling the engineering capacity we have dedicated to writing code for NGS. This will free me up to focus more on managing the development process as well as focusing on more business development issues. An increased focus on business should allow me to find the extra income to pay Kuno and to keep us in the black!

I’m excited by this development — having dedicated developers working on finishing NGS is what has been needed for several years now. I’m very much looking forward to releasing NGS and then having a number of smaller releases in 2010!

Privacy policy page re-written for clarity, policy remains unchanged

Navap undertook a re-write of our privacy policy page to make the page more consistent and better organized. However, the actual policy did not change — just the wording/formatting of the page has changed.

Please take a look at the diff of the changes and the new page.

(This post is mostly only for full disclosure — seeing Facebook being shredded for its new policy is making me overly cautious right now.)

MusicBrainz Summit 10 Wrapup

We’ve just finished our 10th MusicBrainz Summit, this time held in Nürnberg, Germany. It was a great success, with a number of participants and a lot of discussion! This time, we’ve managed to note all the discussions. So, if you missed the summit and want to catch up on what we talked about, head over to our wiki page with the summit notes, which contains a summary of just about everything we mentioned.

Thanks to everyone who came, and bring on the next summit!