MusicBrainz Summit 12: Barcelona Spain, 16-18 November, 2012

We’ve just finalized the dates and location for the 12th MusicBrainz summit. This year we’re going to meet in Barcelona, Spain on the weekend of 16-18 November. Our friends at the Comp Music project at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra will be hosting us during the day and we will likely rent an apartment for most of us to sleep at. It is still a bit early to make travel plans (plane tickets will get cheaper in late september), but in the meantime, please add yourself to our summit page if you’re interested in attending.

UPDATE: The summit is the previous weekend, November 9 to 11.

Server update, 2012-08-20

I’ve just finished pushing an update out to our MusicBrainz servers. Apologies to anyone who was using the site while I was releasing this – we’re moving to some new database technology, and it wasn’t configured to handle quite as much traffic as I expected! However, we’re back to “normal” now, and we’ve got a big release for you!

Many thanks to Ian McEwen, nikki, Pavan Chander and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for their hard work on this release. Here’s what has changed:


  • [MBS-2187] – IPIs from ASCAP not accepted
  • [MBS-2345] – When you seed release editor with tracks it should bypass the Duplicates Page
  • [MBS-3597] – Internal Server Error (deadlock detected)
  • [MBS-4356] – Error message when search results are throttled is very uninformative
  • [MBS-4397] – Recordings tab of release editor is missing labels around checkbox text
  • [MBS-4532] – Use long link phrase on remove relationship page
  • [MBS-4542] – Home page doesn’t pass w3c validation
  • [MBS-4655] – Inconsistent display of types in edits
  • [MBS-4698] – Amazon links get sometimes incorrectly cleaned up by URLCleanup.js
  • [MBS-4768] – Table + schema `cover_art_archive` never created in
  • [MBS-4778] – ISE : Couldn’t render template "file error – iswc/ not found"
  • [MBS-4806] – Amazon URL autocorrect changes valid Amazon artist pages to invalid ones
  • [MBS-4828] – Work language not returned in release ws requests
  • [MBS-4830] – "Add note and votes" button shown for limited users when they can’t vote or comment
  • [MBS-4901] – No collections message for current user is misleading
  • [MBS-4930] – beta.mb: Random internal server error (current transaction is aborted)
  • [MBS-4974] – ModBot opens the same edit once a day
  • [MBS-4975] – Editor dumps include birth dates
  • [MBS-4994] – MB should trim whitespace from catalog numbers
  • [MBS-5037] – "Found at least {n} edits" is shown even when the exact number is known by way of the divisibility of the total number of edits found
  • [MBS-5050] – HTML::FormHandler update broke IPI editing
  • [MBS-5056] – Moving CD TOC says "to of [removed] by" (gibberish and wrong)
  • [MBS-5059] – RGs with secondary type but no primary don’t list secondary type on sidebar
  • [MBS-5071] – Double spaces not being collapsed in work names
  • [MBS-5078] – MB should trim whitespace from most fields
  • [MBS-5079] – Changing work language is an auto-edit for regular editors
  • [MBS-5087] – URL whitelisting code does not work correctly
  • [MBS-5091] – ModBot enters set track lengths edits repeatedly
  • [MBS-5092] – Set track lengths edits don’t appear in the release or artist edit history
  • [MBS-5094] – Template for Move discID type edit has extraneous text
  • [MBS-5097] – "All artwork is provided by the Cover Art Archive" is displayed when the sidebar image comes from amazon
  • [MBS-5100] – Add artist edit shows Ended: No when ended is marked
  • [MBS-5102] – Fix INSTALL.mb PostgreSQL ident instructions to be compatible with PG >= 8.4.
  • [MBS-5104] – Remove release_coverart rows for releases that should no longer have cover art
  • [MBS-5114] – Strange behaviour of add note button for limited users


  • [MBS-436] – Text fields are overly narrow on basic edit forms
  • [MBS-2403] – Provide checksums for all mbdump files
  • [MBS-2821] – Historic edit types should be clearly marked
  • [MBS-3216] – Emails need a Message-ID header
  • [MBS-3683] – Invalid barcode prevents me from fixing other attributes of a release
  • [MBS-3957] – When changing a track duration, if difference is > 10 seconds, recording association should be confirmed or changed
  • [MBS-4431] – Clean up shortened ( Amazon URLs
  • [MBS-4956] – Update URL used for donation check
  • [MBS-4958] – Format numbers in the timeline
  • [MBS-5057] – Languages domain should not include languages that we don’t use and never have
  • [MBS-5072] – Increase width of notice/warning banner
  • [MBS-5073] – Preserve spacing below legend for the edit note fieldset
  • [MBS-5074] – Use better styling for lists in forms
  • [MBS-5075] – Update some old doc_links
  • [MBS-5076] – Use consistent alignment for "no cover art" message
  • [MBS-5077] – Fix layout of captcha div
  • [MBS-5082] – Timeout database queries after MAX_REQUEST_TIME
  • [MBS-5103] – Fabric ‘production’ deployment should check for changes in admin/sql/updates and notify the user

New Feature

  • [MBS-2437] – Add "link to entities" syntax for annotation pages


  • [MBS-5052] – Add data removal policy to menu
  • [MBS-5080] – Activate Old English (ang)

The Git commit SHA for this release is aa750b75; Git tag v-2012-08-20.

Reminder: MusicBrainz hack weekend starts this Friday!

I wanted to remind everyone that we’re having our first online MusicBrainz hack weekend starting this Friday. If you’re interested in participating, please be in the #musicbrainz-devel channel on Freenode on Friday, 17 August, 1900 UTC. We’re going to have quick coordination meeting at that time and see who wants to work on what projects. Then we’re going to hack through the weekend and see how much fun stuff we can build for MusicBrainz.

For more information, pleasee see our wiki page and the original blog post.

Replication packet 61163 is large

I’d like to apologize for replication packet 61163 — our release created a very large replication packet (4.9Mb) that is going to take a while for clients to apply. Users using our slave software (musicbrainz-server and mbslave) can expect to see a much longer loading time and much greater use of disk space when this packet is applied.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server update, 2012-08-06

We’ve just finished releasing a small set of bug fixes and improvements to the MusicBrainz website. As I’m sure you all noticed, we had a fairly shaky last couple of weeks, so this release is a bit smaller than planned as we focused on trying to keep things stable.

Thanks to Ian McEwen, Pavan Chander and the MusicBrainz team for their work in this release. Here’s what’s new:


  • [MBS-1333] – URLs in annotations remaining as plain text
  • [MBS-1351] – Ratings not displayed correctly after removing personal rating
  • [MBS-3492] – When search rate limiter is hit, /ws/1 returns 200 with no body
  • [MBS-3590] – Release editor session timeout ISE super-ticket
  • [MBS-4058] – Tags with "/" not loading
  • [MBS-4439] – Search edit with "on date YYYY-MM-DD" doesn’t work as intended
  • [MBS-4713] – "None" radio button is missing on edit pages
  • [MBS-4714] – User pages for users with names containing / are inaccessible.
  • [MBS-4781] – Entering "bogus" birth date (0-1-1) in user profile causes an exception
  • [MBS-4853] – $ENV{LANGUAGE} shouldn’t end up in xml:lang and lang attributes.
  • [MBS-4943] – Type/Extra Types show as being unset in the RE
  • [MBS-5007] – Rating > error 400


  • [MBS-776] – Allow birth dates without a year
  • [MBS-2138] – Point people to the docs when loading /ws/2/ itself
  • [MBS-2199] – Context help for release type when editing release
  • [MBS-3518] – Remove Chrome frame
  • [MBS-4674] – Use 500px cover images
  • [MBS-4843] – Autoeditor-election status names are not translatable
  • [MBS-5002] – Show (bot), (limited user), etc, next to edit notes too
  • [MBS-5021] – Country/Language/Script domains should have iso code in an automatic comment
  • [MBS-5032] – A lot of language statistics that are likely to never get used are being collected
  • [MBS-5038] – favicon.ico includes both the 16×16 NGS image (which we use) and a larger 32×32 image left over from Mason

New Feature

  • [MBS-3188] – Ability to re-request email verification


  • [MBS-5028] – Fill in missing statistics between 2012-07-11 and 2012-07-17
  • [MBS-5045] – Activate Quenya and Sindarin languages (qya, sjn)


The Git commit SHA for this release is 86e645395c8d58381a6 and the git tag is v-2012-08-06.