MusicBrainz Server update, 2022-09-06

This release mostly consists of small bug fixes and improvements. One bigger bug fix (MBS-12497) involves an issue where it was impossible to apply any edit which would cause an artist credit with any redirects pointing to it to be removed. Sorry about your stuck edits, people! They should now pass.

A new release of MusicBrainz Docker is also available that matches this update of MusicBrainz Server. See the release notes for update instructions.

Thanks to chaban, HibiscusKazeneko, jesus2099, Mineo and sammyrayy for having reported bugs and suggested improvements. Thanks to ikerm2003 and salo.rock for updating the translations. And thanks to all others who tested the beta version!

The git tag is v-2022-09-06.

Fixed Bug

  • [MBS-8876] – The “help us improve it” hint is shown in the language from before the language change
  • [MBS-11758] – Reset language displays mixed languages
  • [MBS-12497] – artist_credit_gid_redirect blocks deleting artist credits
  • [MBS-12556] – Annotation edit without changes not discarded


  • [MBS-12435] – Block smart links:
  • [MBS-12516] – Block smart links:
  • [MBS-12543] – Add a TikTok exception for guess case
  • [MBS-12544] – Support new Egypt and Saudi Arabia Amazon stores for ASIN
  • [MBS-12558] – Block linking to Wikipedia User: pages

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