Beta testing delayed

When our first beta testing date rolled around we were not quite ready for testing and had hoped that in two weeks we could catch up and be ready. Sadly, that was not the case. We’ve made some changes in our team and are redoubling our efforts to get a working release editor finished as soon as possible.

Since we’ve made some changes our pace going forward is not clear yet, which makes setting a new schedule very hard. We’re now ready to start using our bug tracker to keep track of remaining tasks and bugs as they appear. To see how we are progressing on finishing NGS, take a look at the MusicBrainz NGS (Beta 1) milestone.

I hope to have a more firm schedule soon. Stay tuned.

Network changes coming on Sunday Sept 13

We’re going to be changing how the traffic routes through our servers on Sunday September 13th near mid-day PDT, late evening UK time. In theory you should not notice any traffic interruptions, but theory doesn’t always match up with practice.

Before we start the maintenance, we’re going to announce the switch over to the new route in our IRC channel #musicbrainz on .

With a little luck no one will notice our tinkering.

Update by djce: The change is now complete and seems to be working just fine.  Thank you for your patience.