Server update, 2014-01-20

Hello again! This week’s release comes to you thanks to reosarevok, ocharles, chirlu, JesseW, and a few patches from the MetaBrainz team (though they’re mostly working on larger projects at present!).

As far as changes, we have a variety of fixes/improvements to URL cleanups, and a few fixes for the statistics pages and the new image viewer. Upon entering edits, the header will now provide a link to the edit (or an edit search, for several). And, of course, some assorted bugfixes.

Since it just happened earlier today, though it’s not technically part of the release, note that there’s also a few more packaging types and cover art types that have just been added.

Full list of fixes follows, as always. The tag for this week’s release is v-2014-01-20


  • [MBS-6265] – Sorting language statistics by the total amount the first time does not change anything except for the arrow
  • [MBS-6266] – The scripts table on languages/scripts statistics is missing sorting indicators
  • [MBS-6747] – Indexed search returns Release Labels out of order / strangely sorted
  • [MBS-6804] – URL cleanup doesn’t catch/clean iTunes URLs containing $
  • [MBS-6937] – URI relationship for VGMdb should accept .com TLD
  • [MBS-6959] – The entry for Serbia and Montenegro in the countries stats repeats the disambiguation comment in the artists column
  • [MBS-7129] – Regression: direct database search for areas doesn’t show area codes
  • [MBS-7139] – Regression: Sorting is gone from statistics tables
  • [MBS-7148] – shouldn’t include (trailing) join phrase
  • [MBS-7151] – The “previous” button in the image viewer doesn’t work
  • [MBS-7155] – Edit medium edits don’t indicate release artist
  • [MBS-7157] – Cover art preview popup stretches the image
  • [MBS-7158] – Clicking outside the artwork popup should close it
  • [MBS-7182] – Beta: ISE while showing an edit history


  • [MBS-3346] – Display edit number (preferrably as link) directly after edit
  • [MBS-6597] – Better cleaning for Soundtrack Collector URLs
  • [MBS-6652] – More Twitter URL clean up for mobile URLs, @username and trailing slashes
  • [MBS-6653] – Remove trailing slashes from Facebook URLs
  • [MBS-6678] – Clean up wikipedia links without any language code in them
  • [MBS-7152] – Show average rating in the /ratings page of entities
  • [MBS-7156] – Remove need to redirect in link to CoC on account/register


  • [MBS-7127] – Show containing areas in area search results (direct search)

Server update, 2014-01-06

Another two weeks and it’s time for the first release of the new year, a bit late in the day (it’s still the right day, at least in my time zone!) due to some database server issues we were having.

Most of this release is bug fixes, but there’s a new viewer for images, replacing thickbox which is very old and unmaintained, and edits now include color coding based on whether they are additions, removals, merges, etc. Thanks to nikki for the userscript the edit coloring is based on, and thanks to nikki, intgr, chirlu, reosarevok, and mineo for a variety of fixes supplementing the work of the MetaBrainz team this release.

The git tag for this release is v-2014-01-06.


  • [MBS-6177] – FreeDB import does not find album if trackcount is given
  • [MBS-6915] – Uploading multiple images in IE10 does not work as expected
  • [MBS-6968] – Some unused URLs (linked to areas and places) are not being deleted, as well as some links.
  • [MBS-7044] – Place aliases aren’t sorted by date
  • [MBS-7046] – Artist overview pages for artists with only VA release groups lists both VA release groups AND standalone recordings
  • [MBS-7061] – The tracklistings are gone in the release view.
  • [MBS-7072] – regression: Alphabetical sort is now case-sensitive
  • [MBS-7073] – Standalone recordings in overview feature lacks video column
  • [MBS-7084] – beta: work merge fails to load work info
  • [MBS-7085] – “Couldn’t determine primary code for area $mbid. Perhaps codes aren’t loaded?” warning triggered several times a second
  • [MBS-7086] – JSON webservice does not include video attribute for release’s recordings
  • [MBS-7088] – Empty track times don’t show correctly in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-7092] – Some entries are missing in reports of subscribed entities
  • [MBS-7102] – There are superfluous characters in root/artist/
  • [MBS-7106] – Beta: CAA upload bar no longer getting filled
  • [MBS-7109] – Recording merge not loading info
  • [MBS-7117] – Place and area prefixes missing from annotation short links


  • [MBS-1989] – Make identifying add/remove/edit/merge edits easier
  • [MBS-4495] – Thickbox ignores native key modifiers for image links
  • [MBS-5905] – Allow middle-click of cover art to open in a new tab (as browser standard) instead of lightbox
  • [MBS-5973] – Add release group cover art statistics
  • [MBS-6057] – Links in the cover art lightbox are not easily discoverable
  • [MBS-7081] – Beta: disambiguation comments on inline search are barely readable
  • [MBS-7089] – Update Discogs URL cleanup
  • [MBS-7098] – Disallow Discogs image URLs as image/logo relationships
  • [MBS-7114] – Add a JavaScript string interpolator based on the perl one


  • [MBS-7103] – Update jQuery UI to 1.10.3; include Sortable component