Server update, 2018-04-23

After two months of rewriting parts of the website renderer to React/JSX, it was about time for an intermediate release. We tried hard to make as little changes to the rendered web pages as possible. Thanks to spellew for rewriting the ISRC and “not found” pages. MusicBrainz finally gets rid of Google Analytics, thanks to chirlu’s early contribution. Besides, this release contains a few small user interface improvements and bugfixes, as well as usual additions to the lyrics whitelist. The git tag is v-2018-04-23.


  • [MBS-9606] – Rewrite ISRC index page to React/JSX
  • [MBS-9607] – Rewrite “not found” pages to React/JSX
  • [MBS-9626] – Rewrite entity headers to React/JSX
  • [MBS-9635] – Rewrite Wikipedia extract to React/JSX
  • [MBS-9689] – Rewrite the election pages to React/JSX
  • [MBS-9690] – Rewrite the aliases pages to React/JSX


  • [MBS-9374] – Langcode not displayed when searching works
  • [MBS-9548] – Same link showing twice on the sidebar
  • [MBS-9628] – Items from main menu do not expand down in IE11 on MusicBrainz
  • [MBS-9636] – Edit annotation tab in Work uses the wrong sub header even if work type is available
  • [MBS-9668] – Non-English breaks the instrument list


  • [MBS-3643] – Add Musixmatch to the lyrics whitelist
  • [MBS-6530] – Remove Google Analytics
  • [MBS-9645] – Extend Geonames autoselect to places
  • [MBS-9648] – Add a bunch of lyrics sites to the whitelist


  • [MBS-8417] – Wikipedia extract language fallback should be smarter
  • [MBS-9681] – Group core entity types in search options

Picard 2.0 beta3 announcement

Hello people,

Thank you so much for reporting bugs in our Picard 2.0.0beta2 release. We fixed most of the critical bugs that you guys and gals reported. You can find the beta3 release with the fixes here – Picard 2.0.0.beta3

If you have been following our Picard related blogs, you will know that we decided to release a new stable version of Picard before the beginning of the summer.

To help us, advanced users, translators and developers are encouraged to:

Note – If any of you are seasoned Windows/macOS devs and have experience with PyInstaller, we need some help with PICARD-1216 and PICARD-1217. We also need some help with code signing Picard for OSX. Hit us up on #metabrainz on freenode for more information. We will be very grateful for any help that you may offer!

A simplified list of changes made since 1.4 can be read here.

Be aware that downgrading from 2.0 to 1.4 may lead to configuration compatibility issues – ensure that you have saved your Picard configuration before using 2.0 if you intend to go back to 1.4.