Cleanup of the Month is Back!

CatCat says:

After a pretty long pause Cleanup of the Month is back in business!

From now and roughly a month onward it is Bruce Springsteen that’s on the menu for fixing, please head on over and see if there is anything you can edit, remember validating and voting on edits is also helping!

Further, collecting information and finding good resources is good too, and you can help by collecting stats or writing a blurb here.

Good Luck Everyone!

Providing search server logs to a researcher

Khadija Elbedweihy, a student/researcher from the University of Sheffield has asked us to provide a months worth of our search server logs for research purposes. Khadija says the following about her research:

What my research is trying to do is finding out what kind of queries issued on linked data, what are their complexities and other statistics as well. This might go into another work which is for evaluating search tools working on linked data. So I’d use my analysis to see how we can best define evaluation queries that are based on real world usage and scenarios.

We have the logs and its easy for us to provide these logs for research purposes — and we like supporting research, especially if we can benefit from it. 🙂

We just need one final OK from our community that we’re not doing something stupid and/or betraying the trust/privacy of our users. I’ve created a tiny except of the two types of logs we propose to send to Khadija. The source IP addresses and any other information have been removed from the data — the only thing that remains are the timestamps when the request occurred and the URL that was requested. And these URLs do not contain any information that could identify our users in any way. That is it — we’d be providing no other information to Khadija.

Please take a look at the excerpt and sanity check us to make sure we’re not pulling an AOL here. 🙂

Short term contract available at the BBC

Nick at the BBC says:

We are looking for a perl contractor to do some work on getting MusicBrainz NGS on to the BBC’s Forge Platform (advised and assisted by me). There is a job description here:

The contract time is 60 working days and I believe that the day rate is around £400. The work is being sub-contracted via Reed Professional Services.

Bonus points if you already know about MusicBrainz and/or OSS software in general.

Fundraiser for NGS Hardware

Rolling out NGS (Next Generation Schema) onto the main servers is going to be hard if we have to do it with our current hardware. If we can raise $15,000 to purchase new servers we will make this process much easier and with much less down time. Also, our current hardware is starting to get old and more failure prone. By purchasing newer hardware we can serve more users using less power, which will make MusicBrainz be responsible for less pollution!

Please make a donation today to help MusicBrainz raise money to cover the costs for a much needed hardware upgrade:

Our Next Generation Schema, improves MusicBrainz on many fronts. Its a complete re-write of our 11 year old codebase using modern tools (Catalyst, Moose, Template Toolkit) and a drastic improvement of our schema. The new schema fixes many of the problems of the old schema and introduces many new concepts that allow us to model music data better.

For instance, instead of having conflated artist names like “Queen & David Bowie” we will now have Artist Credits, which will link to the artists “Queen” and “David Bowie” individually. Releases will now have mediums and tracklists which will allow us to re-use tracklists in different releases, which makes release more accurate and removes duplication from the database. Tracks have been changed to recordings and if the same recording is used in two different releases the same recording (with the same MBID) will be used in both releases. NGS also introduces new concepts like musical Works, that can represent Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as an abstract Work, which then has been recorded into recordings and releases after his death. The goal is to remove artists like Beethoven and Bach from the list of releases and recordings since they never actually recorded anything while they were alive.

The overall goal is to allow MusicBrainz to grow into a complete music encyclopedia, rather than a CD lookup service that it started out as. This new codebase and schema allows us to grow and add many more features that we’ve not been able to add to the old code base. If you’d like a preview, please take a look at our test server.

All donations are tax deductible since MetaBrainz is a 501(c)3 non-profit! Thank you for your support!

Layer42 supports MusicBrainz!

Our old test server, which is being used for some special projects currently, is now generously hosted free of charge by Internet service provider Layer42 in Mountain View.

Layer42 Logo

We really appreciate your support of MusicBrainz! Thanks Michael and Dan at Layer42 for getting us set up so fast. Also, thanks to Cliff Skolnick for hosting this machine in the past. Thanks for your support!