Don't buy from!

The week before last I started the process of purchasing a new computer for the new MetaBrainz office, so I ordered a motherboard combo, memory and a case from For the first 24 hours nothing happened and then they called me to upsell me better memory. Wherever Joe and David came from, I can tell you that those were not their original names — I couldn’t understand a word of the upsell, so I asked them to send me a link to the site that described the memory they were upselling.

6 hours later I got mail describing the memory, but no link to their site. They whole thing started to sound fishy, so I declined. Then they said they’d give me the better memory for free — as long as I gave them a good review. Foolishly I went for that, just to be done with it — I figured that I wouldn’t be getting any better RAM, since I couldn’t identify either the RAM I ordered nor the better RAM.

Then 3 days passed and the parts still had not shipped. I called up and asked what was up — they said the order was shipping that day. The next morning I still didn’t have a tracking number, so I decided that I was fed up and cancelled the order. I told them to cancel the order and that I’d stay on the line while they credited my PayPal debit card. They proceeded to cancel the order and then hang up on me. I called back, once again demanding to have my card credited right then, and they told me it would take 24 – 48 hours to credit the card and then they hung up on me AGAIN.

So I waited 48 hours and no credit showed. No phones were being answered — all I got were full voicemail boxes. I told myself to wait until monday (today) before dealing with this again, and this morning the credit showed up. Finally. I guess I got lucky this time…

So, the moral of the story is: DON’T BUY FROM COMPU-TERRA.COM!

Mailing List Summary: 2005-05-21

Summary of Recent Mailing List Discussions, compiled by Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) and Alex Dupuy

“Your weekly guide to the discussions on the MusicBrainz mailing lists.”

  • AR: Covers and Composers
  • AR: Vocal styles
  • SURGE submissions ‘bot
  • Testing of new server release
  • Style Council founded
  • Sortname style
  • Style Council organization

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Questions about the MetaBrainz launch

Matthew Exon asked a few great questions about the MetaBrainz Foundation launch, and I wanted to share my answers with everyone here on this blog:

On Apr 19, 2005, at 3:58 AM, Matthew Exon wrote:

> Congratulations! This is certainly a big step for MusicBrainz, and I’m

> sure it gives all of us a greater feeling of confidence and

> responsibility about the whole project.

Thanks — I’m glad to hear that. I’m trying to project that on a much larger scale. To the point where corporations get that sense too.

> The teasers on the test MetaBrainz page over the last couple of weeks

> have raised some questions for me, so this is my chance to ask if you

> could clarify some of them for me. I don’t expect full dissertations

> to

> turn up on the MetaBrainz site overnight, and I guess it would be

> prudent for you not to respond to some things here, but you might be

> interested to know what questions occur to this punter in the street.

Do you mind if I post this response to the MB blog? Your questions a excellent and until I can have a fully articulated position on the licenses, I’d like to have something to refer to.

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Mailing List Summary: 2005-05-13

Summary of Recent Mailing List Discussions, compiled by Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) and Stefan Kestenholz (g0llum)

Too busy to keep up with the mailing lists? Try this summary! If people like these, they may become a regular feature (and probably get their own Blog category)

  • Errors during FreeDB import
  • AR instrument dropdown list improvements
  • New release type request – ‘Demo’
  • Album Languages and Scripts discussion
  • AR Documentation
  • Artists with ARs
  • FreeDB interface
  • Special countries for release dates
  • EAN/UPC codes
  • Miscellaneous

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MusicBrainz Meeting: London, May 7th

The next MusicBrainz meeting will be in London, this saturday evening:

  • Where: Old Thameside Inn (map)
  • When: Saturday May 7th, 6pm
  • Who: You!
  • Why: It is fun meeting other brainerz

I will probably show up at 5pm, if not earlier, to try and set aside some space for us. Anyone who wants to come a bit early and help me set aside space would be welcome! If you’re interesting in making it and would like to get my mobile #, please drop me a line and I’ll mail it to you.

See you there!

Virtuosa/FunVibes sponsors MusicBrainz

I’m pleased to announce that FunVibes, the makers of the Virtuosa all-in-one jukebox program have sponsored the MusicBrainz project. FunVibes made a $1500 sponsorship contribution to the MetaBrainz Foundation during our first fundraiser. In exchange for this sponsorship, we’re going to have a Virtuosa jukebox button on the MusicBrainz website for six months. MusicBrainz will also now receive affiliate fees for sales of the Virtuosa jukebox generated through the MusicBrainz web site.

Giacomo Bondi Morra, the CEO of FunVibes will also join the MetaBrainz Foundations advisory board, which will be formally created later this year. Finally, FunVibes has issued a press release announcing the sponsorship of MusicBrainz. This extra press will help MusicBrainz gain more exposure for its ongoing fundraiser. (I’ll post a link to the release once I get one)

We hope to bring on more sponsors like FunVibes in order to get the non-profit bootstrapped and on solid financial footing.