Server update, 2018-01-24

This small server release brings a new report for recordings, updates URL cleanup, and provides enhancement for guessing letters’ case in French titles. It also features preliminary changes for further switch to live search, still available for test. The git tag is v-2018-01-24. Thanks again to naiveaiguy and haruute for their contributions!

New Feature

  • [MBS-9425] – New Report: “Recordings with same name by different artists with same name”


  • [MBS-9582] – Add UtaTen to the lyrics whitelist
  • [MBS-9608] – Update Bandsintown URL cleanup to reflect new URL format


  • [MBS-5345] – Guess Case > French mode > Le, La, Les, L’ or L’ followed by only one word. That word should be capitalized

Inviting testers for MusicBrainz live search

Hello everyone!

So as you might know, I recently joined the MetaBrainz team and my first project was the completion of our long-standing Solr search project to provide live search indexing for the MusicBrainz database.

I am happy to announce that we are finally rolling out an alpha release for you to test out. You can try it at or use the webservice end-point at

What this means –

  1. You can now instantly search for entities that have been updated. There should be a maximum 15 second delay between the database update and the entity changes being reflected on the search.
  2. This implies that once we have ironed out the Solr search we can finally retire the direct database search on the main site and use Solr with its advanced search syntax. For details on the new syntax features you can refer to the Lucene query parser documentation. For details on field types you can refer to our Search Syntax guide.
  3. As I said, the Solr search is still in its alpha stage, thus it can be unstable and have bugs. As such do not depend on it for your critical applications.
  4. Speaking of bugs, here’s where we need your help the most! We want testers to use Solr as extensively as possible and file any bugs you encounter at our Solr Issue tracker. You may encounter bugs like –
    • Missing fields in the API output for the webservice.
    • Certain types of queries not working in Solr search that happen to work on the main website.
    • Missing data/edits/updates not being indexed.
  5. Since we haven’t ported our search analyzers in their entirety, Solr might have worse search results than our main search.

I would like to re-iterate – Solr is still in alpha and not everything is perfect. We need your help to make it so.


Server update, 2018-01-10

Here’s the first release of 2018! Its main changes are listed below. It also brings a few additional small bug fixes and code refactoring, such as changing the sidebar rating and tag UI components to use React. The git tag is v-2018-01-10. Thanks to naiveaiguy and haruute for their contributions!


  • [MBS-9370] – Tests race condition triggers error “Couldn’t connect to the renderer”
  • [MBS-9578] – Editor private subscriptions/tags/ratings pages should not be linked to

New Feature

  • [MBS-8206] – New Report: Official/Promotional Releases supporting Disc IDs that don’t have an attached Disc ID


  • [MBS-9561] – Add Anison Generation to the otherDBs whitelist
  • [MBS-9566] – Add Brahms IRCAM to the otherDBs whitelist
  • [MBS-9574] – Add patronage auto-select/cleanup for Drip URLs


  • [MBS-8576] – Show work type description in work editing form