Direct bank transfers now possible!

Back in December I posted about donations to MusicBrainz and a number of people requested a way to do direct bank transfers. Unfortunately our bank wasn’t well set up for this purpose and I began seeking a new bank that could help us accept direct bank transfers without having to pay huge amounts of fees. I’m pleased to announce that we are in the process of switching all of our banking over to Washington Mutual (WaMu)! WaMu has very kindly agreed to waive the incoming wire transfer fees (which are normally $10 per transaction) since we are a non-profit. With their support we can now offer direct bank transfers to all of our supporters.

If you’ve been wanting to make a donation to MetaBrainz, but weren’t able to do it previously, please consider sending us a donation now! To get our bank information, please contact us.

Also, I wanted to thank Jessica Rynerson of WaMu for her excellent help getting us set up and arranging for our wire transfer fees to be waived. Thanks very much!

UPDATE: I’ve removed our bank information since people immediately started to pass fake checks trying to rip us off. Fortunately the bank has caught all of these bogus checks!

Hardware wishlist

Our previous hardware wishlist is now fully checked off — thanks to Minor Ventures and Sun Microsystems for making that happen!

But, as we grow we will always need more hardware, so I want to post a new wishlist for 2007. Here are the things that MusicBrainz needs:

If you work for a company (or have a friend who does) that makes switches or hard drives, please consider hitting up the company for a donation to the MetaBrainz Foundation. Equipment donations are tax-deductible and I would be happy to give the donating company a tax-write off receipt!

UPDATE: James points out that Cisco has a program that makes donations to orgs like us. Could I convince anyone to volunteer to contract Cisco and apply for a grant on behalf of MetaBrainz??

Jaikoz MP3 Tag Editor and our new affiliate program

Jaikoz MP3 Tag Editor is the newest member of our tagger affiliate program!

Paul Taylor has recently released a new version of his tagger and has agreed to join our affiliate program. With Jaikoz joining, I’ve laid down the details of the affiliate program so that others can participate in this program. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, please read our Tagger Affiliate Program page.

Welcome aboard Paul!

UPDATE: Paul points out that he has been paying 10% for a couple of years now and that taggers should kick down 10% was his idea in the first place.

MetaBrainz Foundation Annual Report 2006 available now

I’ve just completed the MetaBrainz Foundation Annual Report for 2006!

The report provides a close look at our finances, traffic, community and provides a general review of 2006. Some interesting tidbits from the report:

In 2006, the Foundation spent $10,758.67 on hosting and hardware costs and served out 614 million web hits and 352 million web service hits. Calculating a cost per hit, we find that we spent $17.56 per one million web hits and $30.58 per one million web service hits.

. . .

The balance sheet for 2006 shows that the MetaBrainz Foundation closed out the year with retained earnings of $7,984.50, net income of $6,338.95 and total cash assets of $14,423.45.

. . .

Mudcrow, our top editor and voter (peer reviewer) of 2006 made an astounding 100,998 changes to the database and voted on 38,347 edits from other editors! Thank you for all of your efforts mudcrow!

The report is full of other details about MusicBrainz and MetaBrainz. Go take a look!

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