Wiki Migration

Today’s the day – our wiki is being migrated to MediaWiki.  The old “moin” wiki is now read-only (and will remain so, at least for a few months), and is available on  The new wiki, once all the data has been migrated across, will be at the usual address.

As soon as the migration is complete, I’ll switch over to point to MediaWiki.

Unfortunately it won’t be possible to also migrate the user accounts from moin to mediawiki, so regrettably this means that once mediawiki us up, you’ll have to re-create your accounts.  Sorry about that.

Update: the switch has been made – if you have any questions to ask or problems to report about this, please see the WikiMigration page.  Thanks!

MusicBrainz Flickr machine tags

Sander van Zoest and Dan Brickley have been prodding me to officially post about Flickr Machine tags — using Flickr machine tags you can now tag your photos on Flickr to refer to specific MusicBrainz entities. This is how to create MusicBrainz machine tags on Flickr:

  • musicbrainz:artist=<MBID>
  • musicbrainz:release=<MBID>
  • musicbrainz:track=<MBID>
  • musicbrainz:label=<MBID>

For more details see the official wiki page: FlickrMachineTag