Looking for a contract programmer for C++/Python work

UPDATE: This position has been filled.

A soon-to-be partner of MusicBrainz is looking for an engineer for contract work. This company is looking for a person who has the following skills:

  1. Strong Python and C++ skills with experience in building applications on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  2. Open source programming experience
  3. Server programming skills a plus
  4. Solr and audio programming experience a plus
  5. Ability to be a self starter, handle task coordination via Skype and IRC.

The work would involve working with MusicBrainz and the partner company. This contract would be full time for 2-5 months, depending on the workload which isn’t very clear yet. After that the contract would taper off to 10-20 hours per week on an ongoing basis. Depending on how main portion of the contract goes, the company may decide to give more hours to the contractor on new projects. The pay for this position is still being determined, but its safe to assume that it would be a fair rate for an engineer based in the US. This engineer can be located anywhere, but the pay is likely to be appropriate for US rates. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to helpwanted at musicbrainz dot org.

Looking for a new maintainer for pymb2 and libdiscid

Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) finds himself with little spare time on his hands these days and has asked me to find a new maintainer for the Python MusicBrainz library (pymusicbrainz2) and for the C based libdiscid library. While libdiscid doesn’t require immediate work, the pymb2 library needs to have support for Release Groups (from the 2009-05-24 server update) added in.

Matthias suggested that anyone interested in becoming the maintainer should write a patch to add the needed release groups support. I think this is a good idea — anyone interested?

If so, please post a comment!

And thanks for your hard work on these projects Matthias!

UPDATE: Our Help Wanted page has been updated to reflect our current needs.

python-musicbrainz2-0.4.0 released

The official python bindings for MusicBrainz, python-musicbrainz2 have been released. Starting with this version, the API is stable and the package is considered ready for general use.


* Download page
* API documentation

Thanks go to everyone who participated in the development, most notably Lukáš Lalinský who ported picard-0.7 to python-musicbrainz2, created binary packages and has contributed bug reports and patches.

Matthias Friedrich