Looking for a new maintainer for pymb2 and libdiscid

Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) finds himself with little spare time on his hands these days and has asked me to find a new maintainer for the Python MusicBrainz library (pymusicbrainz2) and for the C based libdiscid library. While libdiscid doesn’t require immediate work, the pymb2 library needs to have support for Release Groups (from the 2009-05-24 server update) added in.

Matthias suggested that anyone interested in becoming the maintainer should write a patch to add the needed release groups support. I think this is a good idea — anyone interested?

If so, please post a comment!

And thanks for your hard work on these projects Matthias!

UPDATE: Our Help Wanted page has been updated to reflect our current needs.

3 thoughts on “Looking for a new maintainer for pymb2 and libdiscid”

  1. I needed release group info for the app I’m working on, so I have a local copy of pymb2 with release groups implemented. I’m unsure of how fully/correctly they’re implemented, but they seem to work. I need to look over it and test it a little more (not to mention 3-way merge it into the latest SVN snapshot), but I plan to submit a patch in a bug soon.

    However, as much as I hate to shoot down Matthias’s idea, I don’t have any interest in becoming the maintainer.

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