User agent based throttling is now live

Yesterday we talked about rolling out our throttling based on User-Agent strings. A few minutes ago we pushed this feature live on our servers so now the updated rules are in effect. python-musicbrainz/0.7.3 users are now allowed 500 requests every 10 seconds and every single one of these requests is constantly being used. No surprise here. 🙂

For the exact details on what is throttled and how to get around your application being throttled, see our rate limiting documentation.

2 thoughts on “User agent based throttling is now live”

  1. What about python-musicbrainz2 0.7.4? It does not set a useragent by default, so it still sends “python-musicbrainz2 0.7.4”. Is this affected by some throttling rule or can I do whatever I want with it?

  2. ruaok said “It’s not being throttled but you should set a proper UA string in any case.”

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