New server image for 2009-05-24 release available

The VMWare image has been updated for the 2009-05-24 server release. The previous image was getting old and updating steps have been reported not easy.

The new image has been upgraded to Debian 5.0, includes a more recent Linux kernel and uses PosgreSQL 8.3 (the required version to work on NGS).

To download and play with the new image, read our VirtualMusicBrainzServer wiki page!

cotm – [unknown] .. uh wait, what?

yes you read right, This month’s cleanup is a little different, because it is the SpecialPurposeArtist, [unknown]

[unknown] has a little bit for everyone, and its really rather simple, just randomly pic a release and have at it with google, yahoo, wikipedia, discogs or whathaveyou

fix it up and move on, we will mainly be interested in trying to empty out the [unknown] artist as well as cleaning up any wrongly attributed stuff or dupes related to it

if you know any obscure or somewhat interesting discography sites for several artists bookmarked, here is a chance to add it to [unknown]s sub-page

Good luck and happy editing!

CotM – Phoenix Rises again!

Renamed and Renewed the CotM, now dubbed “Cleanup of the Month”
has been resurrected and given a new header, this time It is Ennio Morricone, everybodies favourite Spaghetti-western composer.

How can I help?

* if you have any Ennio Morricone releases, please add them, and or their TOC to the database, update the label info
* if you got some spare time, lookup some links for us to use and add them to the Ennio Morricone CotM sub-page
* try to get anyone possibly interested in doing some editing in this area to join, we can’t do this community effort without the community!

good luck and happy editing!

Collaboration of the Month: Bob Marley and/or The Wailers

First a little about the history of CotM for those who don’t know what it is:

Some time ago, a bunch of us got together and thought that it would be a good idea to have a “Collaboration of the Month”, a collaborative effort to clean up one (1) artist each month. [mdhowe] was the chef idea champion then and soon both a wikipage and a forum post where created.
The first (and very successfull one at that) CotM was “The Beatles
It got cleaned up real good (should probably have its quality setting set to high, actually..)
Next up was the Dire Straits, got a decent overhaul, but however something went wrong with the election of a new artist for CotM, and DS sorta dragged its ass and ended up staying on the page for over two months.

The Bob Marley Collab (Cleanup?) of the Month

Basically I, (mo) took over as “leader” of this project and as such elected the next big mess, which on the list was Bob Marley and or The Wailers.

A bit late in the month I’m sure, but please head over to The Wailers, Bob Marley and The Wailers and Bob Marley himself and help clean it up. It’ll probably need more time than over this month, but that’s ok too 🙂

Don’t be afraid if you don’t find anything to do, just adding correct ASINs or even just *voting* is help, you can also help by documenting good links for others in the wikipage.
Do you own any Bob Marley etc. releases? please add TOCs and label info 🙂

* Wikipedia pages: [Bob Marley] [Wailers] [discography]
* CotM:BM page with more links.

A little about the name “Collaboration of the Month”

It has also be contested that perhaps Collaboration of the Month is BadTerminology.
Therefor, after that discussion, I set up a votable string for either “keep as is”, “change to ‘Cleanup of the Month'” or “other” on the [main CotM-page]: if you’ve got some time and an opinionated soul, head on over and vote 🙂

In closing:

Thanks for now, and sorry for the delay. I’ll be making these posts regularly whenever we’ve decided the collab(cleanup) has been sufficiently finished and a new one picked (either by consensus of vote, or by me (as we didn’t have enough people for a vote previously)
Finally please add your pet peeve or idea to the list and or vote for what month you’d like ’em in.
Freso already said June would be great for “The Dubliners” and (unless someone can come up with why not) I see no reason not to continue with that after Bob and his cats. Thank you.

~mo 😀

OperaTrackStyle in beta period

Those who participated to it’s elaboration feel OperaTrackStyle is stable. We have now reached the next phase: the users who feel like testing the new StyleGuide are invited to do so. Remember that we are still in beta phase: you shouldn’t do mass edits yet, but rather choose atypical edits which might reveal problems with the new StyleGuide. Links to successful or problematic edits should be posted on this forum thread or in the mb-style mailing list.

Collaboration of the Month: Dire Straits

The current Collaboration of the Month is Dire Straits, please give up some of your MB time to help tidy-up this artist’s discography. A list resources and things that need to be done are at this wiki page and you can discuss specific issues on this forum topic.

We are also trying to come up with a better name for the project, one that won’t cause confusion with other uses of the term “collaboration” in MusicBrainz. If you have any ideas, please voice them here.

Collaboration of the Month

Collaboration of the Month is a month long, group effort at cleaning up a well-known artists MusicBrainz entry. The first subject is The Beatles.

You don’t need to know a lot about the artist to help out, just make sure you do your research and enter edit notes. It’s a great way to learn about more about an artist. Impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of The Beatles Mexican promo singles!

Resources can be listed on the wiki page and problems can be discussed in the forum topic.

python-musicbrainz2-0.4.0 released

The official python bindings for MusicBrainz, python-musicbrainz2 have been released. Starting with this version, the API is stable and the package is considered ready for general use.


* Download page
* API documentation

Thanks go to everyone who participated in the development, most notably Lukáš Lalinský who ported picard-0.7 to python-musicbrainz2, created binary packages and has contributed bug reports and patches.

Matthias Friedrich