MusicBrainz Read Only Between 2PM – 3PM UTC

We need to do essential maintainance on the main MusicBrainz database server today (specifically upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). We’re aiming to get this work completed within an hour, and will require MusicBrainz to be in read-only mode for the duration of the upgrade. We’re going to go read-only from 2PM UTC (6AM PST, 9AM EST, 3PM CEST) to begin this work.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Important Update on Replication

We’ve been informed that some people have noticed their MusicBrainz slave servers have stopped applying replication packets. We’ve tracked the problem down and now have a fix for this problem.

How Do I Tell If I’m Affected?

To determine if you are affected, connect to the MusicBrainz PostgreSQL database (we recommend using ./admin/psql from your musicbrainz-server checkout) and run the following:

SELECT now() - last_replication_date FROM replication_control;

If you see a date that is larger than a few days, there’s a good chance you are affected by this bug and should upgrade.

How Do I Fix This?

Fixing this is easy, you simply need to update your Git checkout. We suggest the following:

cd musicbrainz-server
git fetch --tags origin
git checkout v-2013-10-14-replication-fix-2

EDIT: formerly used a different (broken) tag and recommended a different method of fetching tags.

When replication next runs, the data that cannot be applied will be rewritten and replication will continue as normal.

Server update 2013-10-28

With the schema change well past us, we’re finally back into normal development mode. This release contains more bug fixes to new features from the schema change, as well as an assortment of improvements and general bug fixes to the rest of the site. Many thanks to Nicolás Tamargo and the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-5439] – ISE: Adding a release with a track of 0 length
  • [MBS-5658] – Various Artists used for track artists when adding release via disc ID lookup
  • [MBS-5926] – Collection names are shown for subscribed private collections
  • [MBS-6810] – add work alias (not ended) error
  • [MBS-6813] – can’t see these recordings edit history (Internal Server Error)
  • [MBS-6816] – Place type stats display is broken
  • [MBS-6818] – Cannot cancel edit (Internal Server Error)
  • [MBS-6821] – ISE when searching video:true
  • [MBS-6823] – Report title for SingleMediumReleasesWithMediumTitles is wrong
  • [MBS-6826] – Deprecated status is not shown in the relationship documentation
  • [MBS-6836] – Area disambiguation comments don’t show up in the inline direct search
  • [MBS-6847] – Internal server error when adding search hint for places
  • [MBS-6850] – Internal server error adding a second place alias as primary
  • [MBS-6853] – Add a new place : missing AREA link after inline search lookup
  • [MBS-6857] – Guess Case doesn’t seem to work on places


  • [MBS-2664] – Filter by editor flags (bot, limited user, AE, etc)
  • [MBS-3661] – Indexes score out of 100, direct search scores out of 10
  • [MBS-3880] – Display the last date/time a replicated server was updated
  • [MBS-4250] – Edit search : « ID is between X and Y » = « ID is between Y and X »
  • [MBS-6746] – Only ask for confirmation to leave the relationship editor if any change has been made
  • [MBS-6848] – Add URL matching for places for Discogs and IMDb
  • [MBS-6849] – Auto-select image/logo types for Commons URLs
  • [MBS-6861] – Show relationship type ID to relationship editors

New Feature

  • [MBS-2352] – Add a report highlighting artist credits with the same artist appearing multiple times
  • [MBS-3418] – Report: single medium releases with medium titles
  • [MBS-6730] – Autoselect social network for VK


  • [MBS-6805] – Change Twitter autoselect to social network
  • [MBS-6809] – Add autoselect for place rels

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-10-28.

October 14 schema change complete

We’ve just finished rolling out the fall schema change release. Apart from the /place/create endpoint failing, the site is back up in full read-write mode now.

Read on for the changes in this release — our next blog post will give instructions on how to upgrade your instances of MusicBrainz.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this release!


  • [MBS-2301] – Attach TOC to new release – TOC/DiscId is lost when based on existing release/tracklist
  • [MBS-4453] – Duplicate artist credits
  • [MBS-5624] – Release groups don’t show the yellow removal warning when empty
  • [MBS-5647] – Release header of a different release appears on the release duplicates tab of the release editor
  • [MBS-6067] – Internal server error when using query parameter with a lookup in the webservice
  • [MBS-6211] – Aliases are missing the “ended” flag
  • [MBS-6373] – Area names being incorrectly translated
  • [MBS-6518] – Wikidocs pages keep 404ing
  • [MBS-6703] – Type displays as (none) on remove cover art edits.
  • [MBS-6715] – Internal server error looking up non-existing ISWC
  • [MBS-6717] – Some false reports of possible Artist collaborations
  • [MBS-6736] – ISE when giving a non-integer to entity/mbid/annotation/
  • [MBS-6748] – Internal server error loading some edit relationship edits
  • [MBS-6765] – Documentation search doesn’t work over https in recent Firefox/Chrome
  • [MBS-6782] – Artist overview page still displaying release date that was removed
  • [MBS-6787] – edit search merge works edits : ISWC are duplicated


  • [MBS-631] – Add support for deprecating a relationship
  • [MBS-6068] – Remove the _name tables
  • [MBS-6069] – Track MBID webservice changes
  • [MBS-6182] – Deleted editors should be marked in a real way, not just designated by lack of password/well-known username
  • [MBS-6392] – Display ISNIs with spaces
  • [MBS-6543] – Highlight specified edit note when using edit note fragment in URL
  • [MBS-6564] – Add disambiguation comments to areas
  • [MBS-6706] – Improve the relationship type documentation display
  • [MBS-6713] – Ensure IMDB links are added at the right level
  • [MBS-6767] – Remove the Creative Commons download relationships report
  • [MBS-6779] – doesn’t mention that you need to apt-get install cpanminus before trying to run cpanm.

New Feature

  • [MBS-5701] – Add a way to mark recordings as containing video
  • [MBS-6200] – Add a “place” entity
  • [MBS-6683] – Add autoselect for ReverbNation URLs


  • [MBS-6046] – Remove PUID support
  • [MBS-6669] – Update the Allmusic logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-6732] – Add to score whitelist
  • [MBS-6766] – Delete unused root/release/

You can check out this release with the following tag: v-2013-10-14 .

Server Update 2013-09-30

With the MusicBrainz summit happening just this weekend, and most work continuing on the upcoming schema change release – this server update is a tad on the light side! However, we do at least have something to show. Thanks to nikki for the main change in this release:


  • [MBS-6735] – ProcessReplicationChanges breaks with update packages that cross the limit boundary

New Feature

  • [MBS-5789] – Make links for HTTPS enabled sites use schema independent links

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-09-30.

MusicBrainz Summit #13

Over the weekend, 17 MusicBrainz fanatics got together at WikiMedia’s German headquarters to discuss the immediate future of MusicBrainz. And in short – we had a blast! A tremendous amount of topics were covered, and we feel this was one of the most productive summits we’ve had so far. From genres to acoustic properties, to internationalization, to artist & label artwork, an incredible amount was discussed.

MusicBrainz Summit #13 Atendees
From left to right: ijabz, CatCat, ianmcorvidae, reosarevok, ruaok, navap, santiissopasse, Anders Arpteg (Spotify), LordSputnik, ocharles, warp, fractalizator, Freso, Mineo, kepstin, JonnyJD

A summary of all topics covered and points discussed can be found on the wiki, with thanks to diligent note taking by everyone who attended. As you’ll see, a lot of topics are now actionable, so hopefully work will begin to move forward with these. While it remains unclear what the solution is to some topics, the constructive conversations around them is helping us slowly move forward in the right direction.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a MusicBrainz summit if it was work work work – there was plenty of mayhem and play too! On Saturday we had our summit meal at Max & Moritz – complete with a police escort due to some unfortunately timed protests. A novel twist for a group meal… yet oddly consistent with the fresh and unpredictable nature of MusicBrainz.

ruaok takes a hard earned break... on Freso!
ruaok takes a hard earned break… on Freso!

We also want to thank our sponsors who made the summit possible. Thank you to Spotify and Google’s Open Source Programs Office! Your support paid for some airfares, our lodging, summit meals and a large pile U-Bahn tickets. And of course, a big thanks also goes to Wikimedia Germany and in particular to Lydia Pintscher for baby-sitting us all weekend and also for making awesome introductions to other people to help with specific summit topics.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Until next year!

Server Update 2013-09-16

Hello all. We’ve just pushed out another small little update to MusicBrainz. This release is small while we continue to focus on getting the upcoming schema change ready, so there are a handful of bug fixes and improvements. Thanks to Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen, Michael Wiencek and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-2521] – Setting fields via query parameters blanks all default values (including auto-editor checkbox)
  • [MBS-6163] – Following INSTALL does not result in a runnable server
  • [MBS-6279] – /ws/2/discid/ ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6281] – Logged in users can load /register
  • [MBS-6287] – Adding disc IDs ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6291] – Adding releases to your collection via the webservice ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6607] – Internal server error after logging in from search results page
  • [MBS-6689] – Pasting an MBID initiates a search
  • [MBS-6691] – Inline search for works should include localised name
  • [MBS-6695] – URL cleanup doesn’t catch/clean iTunes URLs containing +
  • [MBS-6700] – Internal server error displaying a relationship
  • [MBS-6707] – Internal server error trying to authenticate via the webservice if password needs resetting
  • [MBS-6716] – Tagger button doesn’t work when using https in some browsers
  • [MBS-6721] – beta: Internal server error in /ws/js/work
  • [MBS-6743] – URL cleanup doesn’t catch/clean iTunes URLs containing *


  • [MBS-6419] – Don’t check any artist credits by default when editing artist names.


  • [MBS-6702] – Add Rockipedia to the Other Databases whitelist
  • [MBS-6708] – Turn ISNI number into link

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-09-16.

Server Update 2013-09-02

We have a tiny release to kick off September, as we’ve been focusing quite heavily on tightening up the reliability and ease-of-maintenance of the servers themselves. However, we still have a few important bug fixes to release. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-4730] – Sort names for artist search hint aliases are displayed, but cannot be edited.
  • [MBS-6218] – When a Person with a gender is merged into a Group, ModBot ISEs.
  • [MBS-6561] – End column empty in search results for ended artists with no end date
  • [MBS-6635] – Several reports not updated since May 15
  • [MBS-6690] – JSON web service ISE with inc=aliases
  • [MBS-6698] – Wiki excerpts truncated by mid-sentence initials (eg, of names) that are mistaken for periods ending a sentence.

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-09-02

Server Update, 2013-08-05

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a a new release of MusicBrainz! This week we’re releasing a new version of the Cover Art Archive uploader, which now lets you upload multiple files at once, and also supports more file formats (including PNG and GIF):

Uploading multiple files to the Cover Art Archive

Along with this, we’ve also solved a good selection of bugs, and have added a few little improvements along the way too. With help from Nicolás Tamargo and the rest of the MusicBrainz team, here’s what we’ve done in the last fortnight:


  • [MBS-4669] – Webservice returns an ASIN that was added in a voted down edit
  • [MBS-4981] – Cover art in sidebar links to CAA /front when no front is available
  • [MBS-5625] – Date display problem in edit listings
  • [MBS-6148] – Adding a disc ID automatically fills in durations without creating an edit
  • [MBS-6262] – Release events section of the release editor is all over the place
  • [MBS-6395] – medium_index not updating on medium inserts
  • [MBS-6442] – robots.txt allows /login
  • [MBS-6446] – Internal server error trying to register the username “0”
  • [MBS-6469] – Selecting an example for a relationship type does not enable the “add example” button
  • [MBS-6490] – 404 error when accessing /browse
  • [MBS-6494] – Adding area of death should mark ended
  • [MBS-6496] – Add release > Release duplicates (1CD) as a starting point > Add medium (CD2) : this CD2 gets CD1 recordings !
  • [MBS-6549] – Release Editor Seeding : = “JP” doesn’t work
  • [MBS-6563] – Text “Cover art from Amazon” not shown under cover art, when other (non‐front) cover art have been uploaded to CAA
  • [MBS-6565] – should redirect to
  • [MBS-6566] – Missing elements in webservice lookup
  • [MBS-6586] – HASH(0xe228218) displaying a move disc ID edit
  • [MBS-6596] – Release country showing as [removed] in edits
  • [MBS-6600] – Internal server error displaying track 404 page
  • [MBS-6604] – Unable to set up ANY recording-to-recording relationship in Relationship Editor
  • [MBS-6605] – HASH(hex_value) is being displayed on the ISRC page instead of ISRC value
  • [MBS-6606] – Edit relationship edits always apply even if the underlying relationship has changed
  • [MBS-6608] – Internal server error viewing split artist page when logged out
  • [MBS-6611] – Cover art uploader shows wrong/confusing filesizes
  • [MBS-6614] – No way to remove unrecognised file in the cover art uploader
  • [MBS-6615] – Cover art uploader allows selecting more images after starting upload
  • [MBS-6616] – Comment field is not hidden while/after uploading an image
  • [MBS-6618] – Cover art uploader ignores auto-edit checkbox
  • [MBS-6619] – Cover art uploader doesn’t seem to handle SlowDown errors
  • [MBS-6620] – Don’t accept unsupported images or files which aren’t images
  • [MBS-6623] – No way to resubmit form when cover art fails to upload
  • [MBS-6627] – Cover art uploader doesn’t correctly upload GIFs/PNGs


  • [MBS-3618] – Force a check when adding a huge number of tracks
  • [MBS-3823] – Track Parser’s “Done” Button should not take any action other than hiding the track parser window
  • [MBS-4375] – Cover art archive: Upload multiple files at a time
  • [MBS-4376] – Image upload should use AJAX instead of an iframe.
  • [MBS-4442] – Be able to adjust position of new image without constantly having to move the mouse
  • [MBS-4645] – Improve error handling when uploads to the IA fail
  • [MBS-5587] – Release-group front cover art support : URL of image source is not
  • [MBS-6256] – “Example relationships” for relationship documentation should use entity autocompletion
  • [MBS-6408] – Add a view for release events
  • [MBS-6612] – Show previews in the cover art uploader
  • [MBS-6613] – Improve display of “cancel” button in the cover art uploader

New Feature

  • [MBS-4849] – Drag & drop based file uploader for album artwork


  • [MBS-6584] – Remove cruft from Controller::$Entity

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-08-05.

Server update, 2013-07-22

We’ve just finished deploying the second update to for July. Continuing the trend, this release is primarily bug fixes with a few new improvements. Notably, people should be happy to hear that the Cover Art Archive now supports PNGs and GIFs, ISRC editing has become easier, and the release and relationship editors should be a little bit more stable. Many thanks to Nicolás Tamargo along with the MusicBrainz team for their continued work on MusicBrainz. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-3132] – Problems with track artist credits when seeding the release editor
  • [MBS-5310] – Artist aliases should not be shown for work relations when doing a release lookup
  • [MBS-5409] – Internal server error when artist begin year is 0
  • [MBS-5637] – Regression: Recording merges can result in duplicate relationships
  • [MBS-6058] – Artist Subscriptions overview page is contradicting itself
  • [MBS-6194] – regression : drums release relationships were invisible as long as there was at least one recording drums relationship
  • [MBS-6235] – Internal server error when using date of birth without century in profile
  • [MBS-6273] – Country names are no longer shown in the sidebar or in edits
  • [MBS-6275] – Diffs no longer work for release dates
  • [MBS-6276] – Release dates are badly aligned in edits
  • [MBS-6280] – Registering an account ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6282] – Uploading cover art ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6283] – Voting on edits ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6284] – Cancelling edits ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6285] – Verifying an email address ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6286] – Editing profile/preferences/password ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6288] – Adding ISRCs ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6289] – Editing CD stubs ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6290] – Removing subscriptions ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6354] – Possible to edit after unsetting email
  • [MBS-6360] – Internal server error when trying to authenticate via digest auth with non-ASCII username
  • [MBS-6369] – No link to area when editing an artist, a label or anything that has an area inline search
  • [MBS-6401] – Regression: Default release group cover art is not (always?) the original release
  • [MBS-6403] – Resetting password ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6410] – Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-6413] – Areas’ releases tab should show "This area is not currently associated with any releases" if empty
  • [MBS-6417] – JSON API does not return disc number information for media
  • [MBS-6426] – ModBot unable to close old edit release edits that cleared both date and country
  • [MBS-6454] – Pressing enter when editing a relationship type does not submit the form
  • [MBS-6455] – Internal server error displaying edit relationship type edits
  • [MBS-6468] – Relationship type documentation pages are not linked in appropriate places
  • [MBS-6486] – ModBot no longer enters remove relationship edits when using "Split into separate artists"
  • [MBS-6498] – Internal server error displaying an historic set track lengths edit
  • [MBS-6531] – area/ doesn’t exist
  • [MBS-6536] – OAuth token expiration ISE
  • [MBS-6569] – JSON file uploaded to the IA has the wrong file extensions for GIFs/PNGs
  • [MBS-6578] – ModBot is unable to close Edit::Area::Merge edits


  • [MBS-2411] – Login page should be encrypted (SSL/TLS)
  • [MBS-4114] – Cover art archive: Support .gif
  • [MBS-4671] – Enter "Remove relationship" edits as the same editor instead of ModBot when splitting artists
  • [MBS-5868] – Move ISRC editing to the edit recording page
  • [MBS-6022] – Cover art archive: Support .png UI Changes
  • [MBS-6414] – Wikidata URL cleanup should also remove the "fragment" part of the URL
  • [MBS-6457] – Relationship editor deals confusingly with deprecated relationships
  • [MBS-6575] – Provide more debugging information if the release editor fails to create edits

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-07-22.