Server update, 2013-07-22

We’ve just finished deploying the second update to for July. Continuing the trend, this release is primarily bug fixes with a few new improvements. Notably, people should be happy to hear that the Cover Art Archive now supports PNGs and GIFs, ISRC editing has become easier, and the release and relationship editors should be a little bit more stable. Many thanks to Nicolás Tamargo along with the MusicBrainz team for their continued work on MusicBrainz. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-3132] – Problems with track artist credits when seeding the release editor
  • [MBS-5310] – Artist aliases should not be shown for work relations when doing a release lookup
  • [MBS-5409] – Internal server error when artist begin year is 0
  • [MBS-5637] – Regression: Recording merges can result in duplicate relationships
  • [MBS-6058] – Artist Subscriptions overview page is contradicting itself
  • [MBS-6194] – regression : drums release relationships were invisible as long as there was at least one recording drums relationship
  • [MBS-6235] – Internal server error when using date of birth without century in profile
  • [MBS-6273] – Country names are no longer shown in the sidebar or in edits
  • [MBS-6275] – Diffs no longer work for release dates
  • [MBS-6276] – Release dates are badly aligned in edits
  • [MBS-6280] – Registering an account ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6282] – Uploading cover art ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6283] – Voting on edits ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6284] – Cancelling edits ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6285] – Verifying an email address ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6286] – Editing profile/preferences/password ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6288] – Adding ISRCs ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6289] – Editing CD stubs ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6290] – Removing subscriptions ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6354] – Possible to edit after unsetting email
  • [MBS-6360] – Internal server error when trying to authenticate via digest auth with non-ASCII username
  • [MBS-6369] – No link to area when editing an artist, a label or anything that has an area inline search
  • [MBS-6401] – Regression: Default release group cover art is not (always?) the original release
  • [MBS-6403] – Resetting password ignores DB_READ_ONLY
  • [MBS-6410] – Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-6413] – Areas’ releases tab should show "This area is not currently associated with any releases" if empty
  • [MBS-6417] – JSON API does not return disc number information for media
  • [MBS-6426] – ModBot unable to close old edit release edits that cleared both date and country
  • [MBS-6454] – Pressing enter when editing a relationship type does not submit the form
  • [MBS-6455] – Internal server error displaying edit relationship type edits
  • [MBS-6468] – Relationship type documentation pages are not linked in appropriate places
  • [MBS-6486] – ModBot no longer enters remove relationship edits when using "Split into separate artists"
  • [MBS-6498] – Internal server error displaying an historic set track lengths edit
  • [MBS-6531] – area/ doesn’t exist
  • [MBS-6536] – OAuth token expiration ISE
  • [MBS-6569] – JSON file uploaded to the IA has the wrong file extensions for GIFs/PNGs
  • [MBS-6578] – ModBot is unable to close Edit::Area::Merge edits


  • [MBS-2411] – Login page should be encrypted (SSL/TLS)
  • [MBS-4114] – Cover art archive: Support .gif
  • [MBS-4671] – Enter "Remove relationship" edits as the same editor instead of ModBot when splitting artists
  • [MBS-5868] – Move ISRC editing to the edit recording page
  • [MBS-6022] – Cover art archive: Support .png UI Changes
  • [MBS-6414] – Wikidata URL cleanup should also remove the "fragment" part of the URL
  • [MBS-6457] – Relationship editor deals confusingly with deprecated relationships
  • [MBS-6575] – Provide more debugging information if the release editor fails to create edits

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-07-22.

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