Server Update, 2013-08-05

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a a new release of MusicBrainz! This week we’re releasing a new version of the Cover Art Archive uploader, which now lets you upload multiple files at once, and also supports more file formats (including PNG and GIF):

Uploading multiple files to the Cover Art Archive

Along with this, we’ve also solved a good selection of bugs, and have added a few little improvements along the way too. With help from Nicolás Tamargo and the rest of the MusicBrainz team, here’s what we’ve done in the last fortnight:


  • [MBS-4669] – Webservice returns an ASIN that was added in a voted down edit
  • [MBS-4981] – Cover art in sidebar links to CAA /front when no front is available
  • [MBS-5625] – Date display problem in edit listings
  • [MBS-6148] – Adding a disc ID automatically fills in durations without creating an edit
  • [MBS-6262] – Release events section of the release editor is all over the place
  • [MBS-6395] – medium_index not updating on medium inserts
  • [MBS-6442] – robots.txt allows /login
  • [MBS-6446] – Internal server error trying to register the username “0”
  • [MBS-6469] – Selecting an example for a relationship type does not enable the “add example” button
  • [MBS-6490] – 404 error when accessing /browse
  • [MBS-6494] – Adding area of death should mark ended
  • [MBS-6496] – Add release > Release duplicates (1CD) as a starting point > Add medium (CD2) : this CD2 gets CD1 recordings !
  • [MBS-6549] – Release Editor Seeding : = “JP” doesn’t work
  • [MBS-6563] – Text “Cover art from Amazon” not shown under cover art, when other (non‐front) cover art have been uploaded to CAA
  • [MBS-6565] – should redirect to
  • [MBS-6566] – Missing elements in webservice lookup
  • [MBS-6586] – HASH(0xe228218) displaying a move disc ID edit
  • [MBS-6596] – Release country showing as [removed] in edits
  • [MBS-6600] – Internal server error displaying track 404 page
  • [MBS-6604] – Unable to set up ANY recording-to-recording relationship in Relationship Editor
  • [MBS-6605] – HASH(hex_value) is being displayed on the ISRC page instead of ISRC value
  • [MBS-6606] – Edit relationship edits always apply even if the underlying relationship has changed
  • [MBS-6608] – Internal server error viewing split artist page when logged out
  • [MBS-6611] – Cover art uploader shows wrong/confusing filesizes
  • [MBS-6614] – No way to remove unrecognised file in the cover art uploader
  • [MBS-6615] – Cover art uploader allows selecting more images after starting upload
  • [MBS-6616] – Comment field is not hidden while/after uploading an image
  • [MBS-6618] – Cover art uploader ignores auto-edit checkbox
  • [MBS-6619] – Cover art uploader doesn’t seem to handle SlowDown errors
  • [MBS-6620] – Don’t accept unsupported images or files which aren’t images
  • [MBS-6623] – No way to resubmit form when cover art fails to upload
  • [MBS-6627] – Cover art uploader doesn’t correctly upload GIFs/PNGs


  • [MBS-3618] – Force a check when adding a huge number of tracks
  • [MBS-3823] – Track Parser’s “Done” Button should not take any action other than hiding the track parser window
  • [MBS-4375] – Cover art archive: Upload multiple files at a time
  • [MBS-4376] – Image upload should use AJAX instead of an iframe.
  • [MBS-4442] – Be able to adjust position of new image without constantly having to move the mouse
  • [MBS-4645] – Improve error handling when uploads to the IA fail
  • [MBS-5587] – Release-group front cover art support : URL of image source is not
  • [MBS-6256] – “Example relationships” for relationship documentation should use entity autocompletion
  • [MBS-6408] – Add a view for release events
  • [MBS-6612] – Show previews in the cover art uploader
  • [MBS-6613] – Improve display of “cancel” button in the cover art uploader

New Feature

  • [MBS-4849] – Drag & drop based file uploader for album artwork


  • [MBS-6584] – Remove cruft from Controller::$Entity

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-08-05.

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