Server update 2013-10-28

With the schema change well past us, we’re finally back into normal development mode. This release contains more bug fixes to new features from the schema change, as well as an assortment of improvements and general bug fixes to the rest of the site. Many thanks to Nicolás Tamargo and the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-5439] – ISE: Adding a release with a track of 0 length
  • [MBS-5658] – Various Artists used for track artists when adding release via disc ID lookup
  • [MBS-5926] – Collection names are shown for subscribed private collections
  • [MBS-6810] – add work alias (not ended) error
  • [MBS-6813] – can’t see these recordings edit history (Internal Server Error)
  • [MBS-6816] – Place type stats display is broken
  • [MBS-6818] – Cannot cancel edit (Internal Server Error)
  • [MBS-6821] – ISE when searching video:true
  • [MBS-6823] – Report title for SingleMediumReleasesWithMediumTitles is wrong
  • [MBS-6826] – Deprecated status is not shown in the relationship documentation
  • [MBS-6836] – Area disambiguation comments don’t show up in the inline direct search
  • [MBS-6847] – Internal server error when adding search hint for places
  • [MBS-6850] – Internal server error adding a second place alias as primary
  • [MBS-6853] – Add a new place : missing AREA link after inline search lookup
  • [MBS-6857] – Guess Case doesn’t seem to work on places


  • [MBS-2664] – Filter by editor flags (bot, limited user, AE, etc)
  • [MBS-3661] – Indexes score out of 100, direct search scores out of 10
  • [MBS-3880] – Display the last date/time a replicated server was updated
  • [MBS-4250] – Edit search : « ID is between X and Y » = « ID is between Y and X »
  • [MBS-6746] – Only ask for confirmation to leave the relationship editor if any change has been made
  • [MBS-6848] – Add URL matching for places for Discogs and IMDb
  • [MBS-6849] – Auto-select image/logo types for Commons URLs
  • [MBS-6861] – Show relationship type ID to relationship editors

New Feature

  • [MBS-2352] – Add a report highlighting artist credits with the same artist appearing multiple times
  • [MBS-3418] – Report: single medium releases with medium titles
  • [MBS-6730] – Autoselect social network for VK


  • [MBS-6805] – Change Twitter autoselect to social network
  • [MBS-6809] – Add autoselect for place rels

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-10-28.

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