NGS: We're fixing bugs

As soon as we let people lose on the final test server with live data, people started finding lots more bugs. Which means that the final switchover will be delayed for a while longer.

But, the NGS data is live and replication packets for the NGS data are flowing. I’ll post instructions on how to tap into this feed later today.

UPDATE: Please be careful with your edits — we plan to keep this data!. Unless some data corruption bug is discovered, we’re going to do our best to keep this data. Please keep this in mind as you edit on this server.

New Web Service policy for NGS

Once we move to NGS on May 16th, we’re going to require each application that makes requests to our web service to have a proper User-Agent header string. The User-Agent string needs to identify the application and the version of the application that is making the request; having a generic User-Agent string like “Java/1.6.0_24” or “PHP/5.3.4” does not allow us to properly identify the application making the requests.

IMPORTANT: 6 Months after we release NGS (Nov 16th) we’re going to start blocking common generic User-Agents strings, so please make sure that you send us a proper User-Agent header as part of your request.

New NGS dataset, new VM and replication started

We have a new NGS dataset available. This data set contains no known bugs (at this point in time) and is the basis for our restarted replication stream.

If you’re interesting in testing the NGS replication stream, please download and install this data set and then run admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges to pull in the latest changes.

I’ve also uploaded a new NGS Virtual Machine — for details on how to use this virtual machine, please see the wiki page for the virtual machine. This VM is also setup to start replicating off this NGS data stream. Invoke the replication mechanism as mentioned above.

At this point we’re not certain if this is the last time we’re going to start the replication or if we’re going to do it one more time before we release NGS. Stay tuned!

Reduced editing phase has begun!

We’ve started our reduced editing phase, where everyone is encouraged to not add any new edits to MusicBrainz until we release NGS. We’ve added ugly banners to each edit submission page and the home page on to remind everyone that they should be voting more than editing this week.

Next week we’re going to disallow edits entirely. For more information on these pre-NGS changes, please read our Preparing for NGS guide.

Lets get the edit queue down as fast as we can!

New NGS data, minor schema change and VM available!

(After fixing one buggy dataset, we have a couple of confirmations that the updated data set is ready to go.)

We have a new NGS dataset available — this data set still has a couple of migration bugs for ARs. The “RecordingA is cover of RecordingB” relationships are borked, but the rest of the data looks to be OK.

This new data also contains one very minor schema change: In the artist_credit_name table, the join_phrase column went from VARCHAR(32) to TEXT, to allow longer join phrases. This shouldn’t really affect anyone, but it is something to be aware of if you’re expecting a VARCHAR(32).

We’re going to work on fixing this bug and then we will put out a new data set and start replication off the new servers. In the mean time, feel free to play with the new data.

I’ve also uploaded a new NGS Virtual Machine — for details on how to use this virtual machine, please see the wiki page for the virtual machine.

UPDATE 1: Fixed the dataset and updated the link.
UPDATE 2: Added a note about the schema change.