The no-edit phase has been pushed back to May 12

The count of open edits has been dropping nicely and we’ve decided to push the no-edit date back to May 12. We could’ve done the 13th, but Friday the 13th didn’t seem like a good idea for this. 🙂

For more information on this, please read our preparing for NGS guide.

One thought on “The no-edit phase has been pushed back to May 12”

  1. I think a well deserved pat on the back to ourselves and each other is in order.
    From over 20,000 edits to under 200 in the queue in under 2 weeks! That’s awesome.
    Goes to show you what a tight knit bunch of crazies can do when we all put our mind to it.

    For all the editors that did the research for ehhmm all the other guys edits and posted a source url, I think they owe you a drink.
    Though who am I kidding if we couldn’t squeeze a source url out of them we surely aren’t going to see that drink 🙂


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