New NGS dataset, new VM and replication started

We have a new NGS dataset available. This data set contains no known bugs (at this point in time) and is the basis for our restarted replication stream.

If you’re interesting in testing the NGS replication stream, please download and install this data set and then run admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges to pull in the latest changes.

I’ve also uploaded a new NGS Virtual Machine — for details on how to use this virtual machine, please see the wiki page for the virtual machine. This VM is also setup to start replicating off this NGS data stream. Invoke the replication mechanism as mentioned above.

At this point we’re not certain if this is the last time we’re going to start the replication or if we’re going to do it one more time before we release NGS. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “New NGS dataset, new VM and replication started”

  1. Does the NGS change any of the basic musicbrainz concepts? I mean, does this make the documentation obsolete in some part? I’m doing a school paper on musicbrainz terminology and if there are any changes in the conceptualization, could you please refer to some source?

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