Picard 2.7.2 released

Picard 2.7.2 is a maintenance release for the recently release Picard 2.7, with fixes for reported issues and updated translations, but also a few small improvements.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

The detailed changes for this maintenance release are below. For an overview of the new features since Picard 2.6 please see our detailed release announcement for Picard 2.7 and for Picard 2.7.1.

This release contains code contributions by rdswift, zas and outsidecontext. Thanks a lot to the translators and everyone who gave feedback and reported issues.

What’s new?


  • [PICARD-2375] – Loading indicator when loading releases stays near zero
  • [PICARD-2377] – Crash on start if system reports a standard location path that no longer exists
  • [PICARD-2378] – Windows: AcousticBrainz submission submits full path to files instead of just the basename
  • [PICARD-2386] – Artist field sorts characters with diacritic after z
  • [PICARD-2389] – Unsupported locale error on Windows
  • [PICARD-2390] – “Default listening port” label only partially shown


  • [PICARD-2373] – Make $slice() “end” parameter optional
  • [PICARD-2374] – Remove rate limit for archive.org
  • [PICARD-2388] – Support .m4r file extension for MP4 (iTunes Ringtone files)

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