Server update, 2018-01-10

Here’s the first release of 2018! Its main changes are listed below. It also brings a few additional small bug fixes and code refactoring, such as changing the sidebar rating and tag UI components to use React. The git tag is v-2018-01-10. Thanks to naiveaiguy and haruute for their contributions!


  • [MBS-9370] – Tests race condition triggers error “Couldn’t connect to the renderer”
  • [MBS-9578] – Editor private subscriptions/tags/ratings pages should not be linked to

New Feature

  • [MBS-8206] – New Report: Official/Promotional Releases supporting Disc IDs that don’t have an attached Disc ID


  • [MBS-9561] – Add Anison Generation to the otherDBs whitelist
  • [MBS-9566] – Add Brahms IRCAM to the otherDBs whitelist
  • [MBS-9574] – Add patronage auto-select/cleanup for Drip URLs


  • [MBS-8576] – Show work type description in work editing form

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