Server update, 2017-12-21

Winter has arrived! And so did the latest release of the MusicBrainz server, bringing updates (React 16.2.0 and Lodash 4.17.4), code refactoring, and a bunch of bug fixes. Thanks to navap for updating the documentation search and to reosarevok for adding La Boîte aux paroles to the Lyrics whitelist. The git tag is v-2017-12-21.


  • [MBS-9525] – Database dump sometimes fails to sync to FTP
  • [MBS-9540] – Release lookup does not return user ratings in json ws
  • [MBS-9542] – New default iTunes link format (without “id” characters) is denied
  • [MBS-9547] – ModBot leaves note with broken unicode
  • [MBS-9570] – Email header fields with non-ASCII characters are not correctly encoded
  • [MBS-9577] – Google custom search engine (WikiDocs) is out of date



  • [MBS-9575] – Make “Enable vinyl track numbers” opt-in for new users

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