Next schema change release: May 15

We’ve talked a bit about our upcoming schema change release, but we hadn’t nailed down the exact date of the release. Now that we’re tangibly close, we’ve settled on the May 15th as the actual release date.

As a reminder, here are the tickets that will change our schema and here are all the tickets scheduled for the 15th.

Server update, 2012-04-30

We’ve released another set of bug fixes and improvements for the server. Thanks to Joachim LeBlanc, Johannes Weißl and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for helping on this release!


  • [MBS-2553] – Change wording for no External Links in the sidebar
  • [MBS-4041] – Nonexistent elections cause Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-4544] – Predefined advanced searches on /search no longer work
  • [MBS-4547] – URL cleanup broken on URL edit page
  • [MBS-4563] – Plugin::Diff is broken
  • [MBS-4564] – robots.txt served as octet-stream on test.mb
  • [MBS-4566] – Advanced Search Syntax Link missing from Search
  • [MBS-4573] – Show a message when a label has no releases
  • [MBS-4597] – Merging can fail if entities have aliases with the same locale
  • [MBS-4609] – Comment element on release group in /ws/2 should be removed


  • [MBS-1167] – "Read more" for annotation previews should load the full annotation in place, not take you to a different page
  • [MBS-1881] – Move relationship types/attributes/instruments lists
  • [MBS-2479] – Mark approvals differently from normal Yes votes
  • [MBS-2814] – Reports don’t highlight entities with pending edits
  • [MBS-3684] – Improve sorting of the "Releases with superfluous data tracks" report
  • [MBS-4038] – Let users edit their permissions on test servers
  • [MBS-4063] – Exclude stuff marked Single AND UK from the SeparateDiscs report
  • [MBS-4125] – Sort report for creative commons download relationships
  • [MBS-4476] – Provide indication of non-front cover art
  • [MBS-4493] – ISRCs with multiple recordings: Do something about the DEF05 ISRCs
  • [MBS-4530] – Remove the recordings with CC download relationships report
  • [MBS-4560] – "No votes" failed edit should not fail in silence
  • [MBS-4572] – Open up /artist/ in robots.txt

New Feature

  • [MBS-4551] – Display which git branch is active
  • [MBS-4567] – Use markdown for README and INSTALL
  • [MBS-4576] – Allow for google analytics support
  • [MBS-4590] – Use /doc/About instead of /doc/About_MusicBrainz
  • We’ve also improved cover art support slightly.


  • [MBS-4160] – SoundCloud relationship under the External links section

Server update, 2012-04-10

Sorry for being a week behind on this release, but we’ve just finished pushing out another set of changes. Many thanks to Lukáš Lalinský, Paul Taylor and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for making this release happen! Here’s what we’ve just released:


  • [MBS-3619] – Statistics page doesn’t validate
  • [MBS-3794] – A "no votes" edits got wrong status "failed vote"
  • [MBS-3834] – Hovering over artist names in "edit medium" tracklist changes does not show the artist sort name
  • [MBS-4082] – Titles including quote marks are truncated when adding from a CD Stub
  • [MBS-4131] – Edits show credited-as name when it’s the same as the artist name
  • [MBS-4183] – Release editor: enters new artist if no radio button selected on ‘add missing entities’ tab
  • [MBS-4314] – Add interface elements to reorder tracks on a tracklist without having to edit the tracknumbers.
  • [MBS-4367] – Current search URLs are broken on the test server
  • [MBS-4418] – beta.mb is unresponsive
  • [MBS-4467] – ws/2/label doesn’t include label comment
  • [MBS-4484] – Limited user can vote on edits
  • [MBS-4500] – ISE: ‘Can’t call method "is_auto_editor"’ when attaching a TOC
  • [MBS-4504] – Set default unknown value for medium.format_name


  • [MBS-684] – TOC lookup displays too little release info
  • [MBS-834] – Weird behaviour of the search checkboxes
  • [MBS-1728] – Make ModBot’s edit notes grey again
  • [MBS-1764] – Inconsistent display for merge edits
  • [MBS-2242] – Disable editing of Medium title when there’s only one medium
  • [MBS-2412] – User tags should be sorted
  • [MBS-2867] – RE: "Add n track(s)" should reset to 1
  • [MBS-3171] – Overview and Recording pages need to be able to exclude featured guest spots from display
  • [MBS-3208] – Trim leading/trailing whitespace in release editor prior to Add Missing Entities check
  • [MBS-3398] – Detect "M" in front of track numbers
  • [MBS-3482] – "YouTube Relatiionship Type" needs autofix and doc
  • [MBS-3628] – Prevent people from adding broken Facebook URLs
  • [MBS-4234] – Move Basic search logic from mbserver to searchserver
  • [MBS-4390] – Display disambiguation comments better in tooltips
  • [MBS-4490] – "CD N" in Add disc from existing tracklist is confusing
  • [MBS-4523] – Statistics: Use commas and right-align numbers
  • [MBS-4535] – Make visited links more prominent

New Feature

  • [MBS-3160] – Add view to artist pages that shows release groups/recordings/etc credited to that artist only (solo releases only – exclude collaborations, feat., etc)
  • [MBS-3266] – Allow filtering by artist credit

The Git tag for this release is v-2012-04-10-ngs-bug-fixes.

Official schema change release announcement for May 2012 release

We’ve been working on hammering out the details of the upcoming schema change release and we’ve settled on 11 tickets that we’re going to implement. For a detailed description of how our database will change, please refer to the our documentation for these tickets.

This release will happen on or about 15 May, 2012.

Schema change update

As per my previous blog post, today is the deadline for submitting tickets for consideration in the May 15 2012 schema change release. Eleven tickets have been championed for this release — you can see each of these tickets in the schema change release fix version in jira.

I would like to call your attention to three tickets that I think ought to get more input from the community:

  1. Split release group attributes into two types
  2. Lyrics language for works
  3. Add ISO 639-3 language codes to the database

If any of these issues interest you, please take a look and leave a comment if you have any input. Finally, I will be keeping track of the progress of the schema change release on this wiki page.

I’m hoping to put together a complete schema change document that outlines the exact changes to our schema on April 2.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who adopted tickets and are moving them forward!

Server update 2012-03-19

We’ve just finished pushing out a new server update, that addresses a few minor bugs. We initially planned to roll these changes in with the release of our Cover Art Archive, but sadly this project needs a bit longer. Many thanks to Johannes Weißl, Wieland Hoffman, Ian McEwan and the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release.


  • [MBS-3897] – Missing space in template for ARs w/disambig
  • [MBS-4291] – Default install looks for compiled js/css.
  • [MBS-4368] – Release editor: track parser is broken
  • [MBS-4383] – Statistics page is showing "Active Last Week" stats twice, leaving out "Edited Last Week"
  • [MBS-4391] – Track parser broken
  • [MBS-4399] – Medium titles not displayed when attaching a discid to a medium
  • [MBS-4403] – DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: new row for relation "recording" violates check constraint "recording_length_check" at lib/ line 396
  • [MBS-4404] – /ws/1 uses the wrong language code
  • [MBS-4407] – Edit artist alias should fail if edited alias is deleted


  • [MBS-1363] – Add threading headers to mod note emails
  • [MBS-1473] – Report: unlikely language-script combinations
  • [MBS-3313] – New/old edits wording in edit search is misleading
  • [MBS-4044] – Cleanup Discogs URLs
  • [MBS-4284] – Normalize URL encoding for specific sites

A Git tag will be pushed out later. The commit sha is 03343aa460d1.

Preparing for the May 15th schema change release

For our last schema change release we had a ton of issues around which tickets we should address and which ones were properly defined for us to work on. I’d like to make this a lot more clear for the next go round; here is what we’re going to do:

Starting today and for the next two weeks, we’re going to seek people to be the champion (sponsor) of a ticket. If you feel strongly about a schema change ticket getting taken care of, you should consider championing this ticket. Once you’ve decided to do adopt a ticket, you should assign the ticket to yourself.

Then, over the next two weeks it will be up to you to do the following:

  1. Derive consensus around the core concept of the ticket. If you go through the process of working up a ticket, but no one agrees with what you’re proposing, you’ve wasted your time. Make sure that you get buy in from others in the community. For instance, if Nikki doesn’t like it, chances are its not going to fly. 🙂
  2. Ensure that the ticket clearly states what needs to be done to implement the ticket. The ticket should essentially become or link to a requirements document. This requirements document should explain what the new feature should do. It should not explain how it should be done — we should leave the how to our developers who are going to implement the feature.
  3. Provide as much supporting documentation as you can. Mock-ups for UIs are deeply appreciated (even if they delve into the how realm of things) and very useful for meaningfully discussing these tickets.
  4. Have the ticket reviewed by a developer for clarity and completeness, then address any issues said developer may raise.

On 19 March, we’re going to look at the list of tickets that people have taken on and choose the ones that are clear enough to move forward. If you’ve done all the work outlined above, the chances are good that your ticket will be chosen to move forward. If your ticket is chosen to move forward, there will be more questions that the developers will raise — hopefully those can be tackled in the space of a week. After that we will take all of the well defined tickets and schedule them for implementation. All the other tickets that are not clear to implement will be rejected and will have to make another pass though this process in the autumn.

If you’re still interested, here is the list of schema change tickets that should be considered for this.

Server update 2012-02-27

Sorry for being a whole week behind the scheduled update time! However, we’ve got a huge release here, which will hopefully make up for the delay!

Many thanks to Calvin Walton, Johannes Weißl, Ian McEwen, Michael Wiencek and the MusicBrainz developers for all their work on this release.


  • [MBS-1818] – UX issues with "Add Disc" feature
  • [MBS-2363] – Release editor: Release Duplicates tab doesn’t keep selection…
  • [MBS-2889] – Advanced tracklist edit: artist field is disabled by default for multi-disc VA releases
  • [MBS-2967] – Newly created artist not displayed in edit notes diff when changing release artist
  • [MBS-3027] – License attribute isn’t hidden when the relationship type is automatically changed
  • [MBS-3290] – User:Whatever links in /doc/ should point to wiki
  • [MBS-3659] – Can’t call method "statistic_names" on an undefined value
  • [MBS-3776] – YouTube Streaming autoselect doesn’t load the attribute
  • [MBS-4010] – Duplicate artist credits
  • [MBS-4043] – URL relationship type description not updating
  • [MBS-4133] – Internal server error editing recording
  • [MBS-4141] – "Add missing entities" tab breaks if you have to add a new label and have an existing artist
  • [MBS-4213] – Internal Server Error when adding a new release (Validation failed for ‘Maybe[Int]’ with value 22439.2)
  • [MBS-4269] – Wrong expansion for URLs
  • [MBS-4280] – doesn’t check that $msgid is defined before regexing it
  • [MBS-4285] – Empty title returned instead of "0"
  • [MBS-4287] – Artist Country condition doesn’t load on edit search
  • [MBS-4288] – Recording tab in the RE no longer shows track ACs
  • [MBS-4290] – Regression on javascript inline search’s keyboard events
  • [MBS-4292] – License problem with excanvas.js
  • [MBS-4293] – "Get wiki versions" on transclusion table does nothing
  • [MBS-4295] – FreeDB importing chokes on double quotes
  • [MBS-4297] – Amazon referrer stuff not included in sidebar links
  • [MBS-4311] – Sort unlinked pseudo-releases report
  • [MBS-4333] – Release editor > Importing from CDStubs is broken
  • [MBS-4351] – URL Relations with ampersands in the URL aren’t being escaped in XML returned by the WebService API
  • [MBS-4352] – JS URL cleanup for recording licenses


  • [MBS-942] – Link back to editor’s collections on the collection page
  • [MBS-1389] – Accept "X.XX" track times
  • [MBS-1435] – Show ISRC / ISWC in normal search
  • [MBS-1657] – "Change vote + add note" in edit page
  • [MBS-1961] – Display more information on "merge work" edits
  • [MBS-2086] – Aliases: separate localised aliases from other aliases
  • [MBS-2120] – Track parser needs to understand – (en dash) as an artist/title separator
  • [MBS-2392] – Track artist {credits} not shown on CD lookup
  • [MBS-2573] – Make add alias default to the current name
  • [MBS-2808] – Annotation wiki formatting syntax help is missing
  • [MBS-2957] – Hide duplicate labels and cat#s in recording / RG views
  • [MBS-3371] – Report: releases with non-consecutive medium numbers
  • [MBS-3398] – Detect "M" in front of track numbers
  • [MBS-3737] – Change the colour of the artist names on the advanced tracklist
  • [MBS-4044] – Cleanup Discogs URLs
  • [MBS-4135] – Display collection owner in release page’s collection tab
  • [MBS-4262] – gzipping of dynamic content could use extension to javascript and JSON
  • [MBS-4332] – "Add medium" edit display: Release and position fields should be at top rather than at bottom

New Feature

  • [MBS-3938] – Add a report to show artists that may have disambiguation strings in the artist name
  • [MBS-4081] – Report: pseudo-releases without transl*tion relationships
  • [MBS-4362] – Report: Recordings with Creative Commons Download relationships


  • [MBS-2836] – Trim annotations in database
  • [MBS-3416] – Automatically delete release annotations that consist only of white space

A Git tag should be live later, but the commit is b5f45992a24bf.

Server Update, 2012-02-06

We just finished pushing out an update last night, and sadly it didn’t go particularly smoothly. As part of ongoing efforts to try and fix the release editor, we temporarily made everything worse and ended up losing quite a lot of session data. I’m profusely sorry that this didn’t go better! We think things are stable again now though, so if you do see any bugs that you haven’t encountered before, please do make sure to let us know over at the bug tracker. Other than that, there were quite a few internal changes to our production setup in this release – we moved to a more modern Plack based setup and used our recent Carton packaging work. Here are the other bugs that got fixed. Thanks to Ian McEwan and Michael Wiencek for helping make this release happen!


  • [MBS-2112] – Using space as join word between two artists in a credit ends up with no space between them
  • [MBS-3677] – Recording page doesn’t highlight releases with pending edits or show disambiguation comments
  • [MBS-3949] – Lookup box not working on work-URL form
  • [MBS-4248] – Timeline graph doesn’t work due to poorly-escaped strings in JS
  • [MBS-3680] – Error 502 Bad Gateway loading certain releases from the webservice


  • [MBS-343] – Lookup by MBID in inline searches
  • [MBS-4273] – WS should use ETags in order to save clients bandwidth (and us too)

New Feature

  • [MBS-4210] – Use separate robots.txt for staging and production servers


  • [MBS-4189] – Display language zxx ("No linguistic content") in release editor form