Server update, 2012-08-20

I’ve just finished pushing an update out to our MusicBrainz servers. Apologies to anyone who was using the site while I was releasing this – we’re moving to some new database technology, and it wasn’t configured to handle quite as much traffic as I expected! However, we’re back to “normal” now, and we’ve got a big release for you!

Many thanks to Ian McEwen, nikki, Pavan Chander and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for their hard work on this release. Here’s what has changed:


  • [MBS-2187] – IPIs from ASCAP not accepted
  • [MBS-2345] – When you seed release editor with tracks it should bypass the Duplicates Page
  • [MBS-3597] – Internal Server Error (deadlock detected)
  • [MBS-4356] – Error message when search results are throttled is very uninformative
  • [MBS-4397] – Recordings tab of release editor is missing labels around checkbox text
  • [MBS-4532] – Use long link phrase on remove relationship page
  • [MBS-4542] – Home page doesn’t pass w3c validation
  • [MBS-4655] – Inconsistent display of types in edits
  • [MBS-4698] – Amazon links get sometimes incorrectly cleaned up by URLCleanup.js
  • [MBS-4768] – Table + schema `cover_art_archive` never created in
  • [MBS-4778] – ISE : Couldn’t render template "file error – iswc/ not found"
  • [MBS-4806] – Amazon URL autocorrect changes valid Amazon artist pages to invalid ones
  • [MBS-4828] – Work language not returned in release ws requests
  • [MBS-4830] – "Add note and votes" button shown for limited users when they can’t vote or comment
  • [MBS-4901] – No collections message for current user is misleading
  • [MBS-4930] – beta.mb: Random internal server error (current transaction is aborted)
  • [MBS-4974] – ModBot opens the same edit once a day
  • [MBS-4975] – Editor dumps include birth dates
  • [MBS-4994] – MB should trim whitespace from catalog numbers
  • [MBS-5037] – "Found at least {n} edits" is shown even when the exact number is known by way of the divisibility of the total number of edits found
  • [MBS-5050] – HTML::FormHandler update broke IPI editing
  • [MBS-5056] – Moving CD TOC says "to of [removed] by" (gibberish and wrong)
  • [MBS-5059] – RGs with secondary type but no primary don’t list secondary type on sidebar
  • [MBS-5071] – Double spaces not being collapsed in work names
  • [MBS-5078] – MB should trim whitespace from most fields
  • [MBS-5079] – Changing work language is an auto-edit for regular editors
  • [MBS-5087] – URL whitelisting code does not work correctly
  • [MBS-5091] – ModBot enters set track lengths edits repeatedly
  • [MBS-5092] – Set track lengths edits don’t appear in the release or artist edit history
  • [MBS-5094] – Template for Move discID type edit has extraneous text
  • [MBS-5097] – "All artwork is provided by the Cover Art Archive" is displayed when the sidebar image comes from amazon
  • [MBS-5100] – Add artist edit shows Ended: No when ended is marked
  • [MBS-5102] – Fix INSTALL.mb PostgreSQL ident instructions to be compatible with PG >= 8.4.
  • [MBS-5104] – Remove release_coverart rows for releases that should no longer have cover art
  • [MBS-5114] – Strange behaviour of add note button for limited users


  • [MBS-436] – Text fields are overly narrow on basic edit forms
  • [MBS-2403] – Provide checksums for all mbdump files
  • [MBS-2821] – Historic edit types should be clearly marked
  • [MBS-3216] – Emails need a Message-ID header
  • [MBS-3683] – Invalid barcode prevents me from fixing other attributes of a release
  • [MBS-3957] – When changing a track duration, if difference is > 10 seconds, recording association should be confirmed or changed
  • [MBS-4431] – Clean up shortened ( Amazon URLs
  • [MBS-4956] – Update URL used for donation check
  • [MBS-4958] – Format numbers in the timeline
  • [MBS-5057] – Languages domain should not include languages that we don’t use and never have
  • [MBS-5072] – Increase width of notice/warning banner
  • [MBS-5073] – Preserve spacing below legend for the edit note fieldset
  • [MBS-5074] – Use better styling for lists in forms
  • [MBS-5075] – Update some old doc_links
  • [MBS-5076] – Use consistent alignment for "no cover art" message
  • [MBS-5077] – Fix layout of captcha div
  • [MBS-5082] – Timeout database queries after MAX_REQUEST_TIME
  • [MBS-5103] – Fabric ‘production’ deployment should check for changes in admin/sql/updates and notify the user

New Feature

  • [MBS-2437] – Add "link to entities" syntax for annotation pages


  • [MBS-5052] – Add data removal policy to menu
  • [MBS-5080] – Activate Old English (ang)

The Git commit SHA for this release is aa750b75; Git tag v-2012-08-20.

2 thoughts on “Server update, 2012-08-20”

  1. Not yet, because the review was submitted while we were already in beta freeze for testing. I expect it to go out in the next release in 2 weeks, unless there’s something wrong with the review 🙂

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