Server update, 2012-08-06

We’ve just finished releasing a small set of bug fixes and improvements to the MusicBrainz website. As I’m sure you all noticed, we had a fairly shaky last couple of weeks, so this release is a bit smaller than planned as we focused on trying to keep things stable.

Thanks to Ian McEwen, Pavan Chander and the MusicBrainz team for their work in this release. Here’s what’s new:


  • [MBS-1333] – URLs in annotations remaining as plain text
  • [MBS-1351] – Ratings not displayed correctly after removing personal rating
  • [MBS-3492] – When search rate limiter is hit, /ws/1 returns 200 with no body
  • [MBS-3590] – Release editor session timeout ISE super-ticket
  • [MBS-4058] – Tags with "/" not loading
  • [MBS-4439] – Search edit with "on date YYYY-MM-DD" doesn’t work as intended
  • [MBS-4713] – "None" radio button is missing on edit pages
  • [MBS-4714] – User pages for users with names containing / are inaccessible.
  • [MBS-4781] – Entering "bogus" birth date (0-1-1) in user profile causes an exception
  • [MBS-4853] – $ENV{LANGUAGE} shouldn’t end up in xml:lang and lang attributes.
  • [MBS-4943] – Type/Extra Types show as being unset in the RE
  • [MBS-5007] – Rating > error 400


  • [MBS-776] – Allow birth dates without a year
  • [MBS-2138] – Point people to the docs when loading /ws/2/ itself
  • [MBS-2199] – Context help for release type when editing release
  • [MBS-3518] – Remove Chrome frame
  • [MBS-4674] – Use 500px cover images
  • [MBS-4843] – Autoeditor-election status names are not translatable
  • [MBS-5002] – Show (bot), (limited user), etc, next to edit notes too
  • [MBS-5021] – Country/Language/Script domains should have iso code in an automatic comment
  • [MBS-5032] – A lot of language statistics that are likely to never get used are being collected
  • [MBS-5038] – favicon.ico includes both the 16×16 NGS image (which we use) and a larger 32×32 image left over from Mason

New Feature

  • [MBS-3188] – Ability to re-request email verification


  • [MBS-5028] – Fill in missing statistics between 2012-07-11 and 2012-07-17
  • [MBS-5045] – Activate Quenya and Sindarin languages (qya, sjn)


The Git commit SHA for this release is 86e645395c8d58381a6 and the git tag is v-2012-08-06.

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