Blog moved to WordPress

I’ve finally moved our blog to the WordPress blogging system. This should alleviate all of the problems with blog comments that people were experiencing.

If you had a blog account on the old blog and would like to continue using it, please comment below and I will coordinate creating a password for you in this new blog.

If you have trouble using the new blog or find important links that are not redirecting, please create a new bug report.

10 thoughts on “Blog moved to WordPress”

  1. Good stuff. The Live Preview is exceptionally snazzy (and snappy) as well. Looks like… Gravatar integration as well? There’s really no other way that I know of that this site could already show my avatar.

    P.S. Gravatar in Live Preview is also freaking awesome. Not to mention the Live Preview is well formatted, and all around awesome.

    Good choice! I’m glad to see this happened, even more so glad that you preserved all the old content. I’m sure that was no small task (… or maybe it was, I know WordPress has a ton of importers available).

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