Back to Advanced Relationships I trudge…

The last two weeks were pretty much dedicated to trying to make ends meet. Fortunately I managed to get some contract work that paid fairly well and was somewhat related to my spare time projects like MusicBrainz and XSPF. In the last two weeks I managed to earn 1/4 of what I earned all of last year. That speaks highly of the last two weeks and poorly on the last year.

The upshot is that I have time to get back to MusicBrainz hacking. That means I’m back on the project that won’t die: Advanced Relationships. Every time I think I am done, someone points out 2-3 new problems that set me back another week. Its been like this since the end of December, and its getting a bit frustrating. The positive thing about this is that I’m doing AR right — no ‘lets put this out there and we’ll make if work really well later‘. Besides, every-time I’ve half-assed a feature on the server, everyone has always let me know what they think, and its never pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, the last time I thought that the Advanced Relationships feature was done, we determined that using simple trees to describe the relationship hierarchy for each entity-entity (e.g. artist – track) would cause massive amounts of duplication in the relationship trees and they would be a nightmare to manage — if not flat out impossible.

And part of not half-assing things, is that I wanted to be able to pick up any random CD and be able to capture all the credits for the album. I want to capture every last ‘additional recording by‘ and ‘additional tenor vocals by‘! This means capturing all instruments performed on a work and wether or not this was a primary or additional function.

So, I’m implementing relationship attributes that will let us capture these things in a meaningful fashion. I’ll be going to work on it later on this evening, and I hope to have more results soon.

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Back to Advanced Relationships I trudge…”

  1. Hey dude, great to hear. MB is completely and totally kick ass, and while I hope you hear it all the time already, THANK YOU FOR THIS PROJECT! Glad to hear that things aren’t going to get stale ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hello,
    I’m in France
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    If you know him can you give me his @ adress
    thanks you

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  3. hie there,
    i think this is an absolutely great site. i really like the whole idea of users being able to make a difference. u see, i was given an assignment to study about this site. initially, i thought its just another site only later to realised i was so wrong about it. there is so much effort put in and i truly believe u and the rest of the team deserve credits for it. well, all da best for all the projects to come!!

  4. How do you get these AR tables with data. Do you hack it from artists names?

    The project of AR really interests me, and I would like to participate with visualisation help.


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