Editing Guidelines on the Wiki

After moderating my way into the top five moderators / top ten voters, I’ve decided to slow down my moderating, and spend more time trying to provide advice and help for new moderators.

On the Wiki, I’ve been working on a collection of pages that I hope will form the basis for Editing Guidelines that complement the current Style Guide. Where the Style Guide tells you how entries should look when they are done, the Editing Guidelines are intended to tell you the best way to get there.

The pages describe each of the different moderation types, or to use the new terminology, Edit Types.
Please check them out, and leave them better, more accurate, and more complete than when you found them. I’ve been working on these for a while, and there’s still a lot left to do. If you’re interested in contributing, you can sign up here.

The last time I wrote up some MusicBrainz documentation (the Misencoding FAQ) several moderators pitched in and used that advice to eliminate a backlog of hundreds of misencoded albums. I’m hoping to get some similar interest in this project from experienced moderators interested in sharing their knowledge.

To whet your interest, I’ve included an excerpt of the advice. Comments, flames, etc. on the Wiki.

[•] AddAliasWhenCorrectingName?

When changing an artist’s name, consider also adding an alias (AddArtistAlias?) for the existing name. If it was used before, it will probably be used again; having an alias will help prevent the creation of a duplicate artist that needs to be merged with MergeArtists?. (This is less important if only case or accents are changed, since searches will ignore both of those, nor if the edit is only adding to the artist’s name, not changing what was there before.)
Also consider adding an alias for the new name as well; having an alias that is the same as the ArtistName? (a SelfAlias?) saves the next moderator (who knows better than you, and changes the name to something even more accurate) the trouble of adding the alias. Plus, even if your EditArtistName change is voted down, a similar AddArtistAlias? will often pass.