New AdvancedRelationship type for Transl*ated Titles

After many months of discussion, a new advanced relationship type for translated or transliterated titles has been created. This proposal hasn’t been fully implemented; a new Release Status for transl*ations that aren’t actual releases still needs to be implemented in the server (there is a vote on the Wiki for the best name for this), and there is still discussion on the -style mailing list about the need for explicit attributes marking translation vs. transliteration, but the basic AR, representing the parts of this proposal that have reached consensus, has finally reached the main server.

Thanks to everybody who participated (and is participating) in this very long and drawn out process.

Recent Updates to Style Guidelines

The Classical Release Artist Style passed an RFV last week. It provides for performers to be used as Release Artists for albums that would otherwise be listed under Various Artists (as there are multiple composers).

Also added was a series-specific style for the “Promo Only” series. This is now the second Series Style Guideline (the first was for the OverClocked ReMix (OCReMix) series).

Mailing List Summary: 2005-05-21

Summary of Recent Mailing List Discussions, compiled by Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) and Alex Dupuy

“Your weekly guide to the discussions on the MusicBrainz mailing lists.”

  • AR: Covers and Composers
  • AR: Vocal styles
  • SURGE submissions ‘bot
  • Testing of new server release
  • Style Council founded
  • Sortname style
  • Style Council organization

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Mailing List Summary: 2005-05-13

Summary of Recent Mailing List Discussions, compiled by Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) and Stefan Kestenholz (g0llum)

Too busy to keep up with the mailing lists? Try this summary! If people like these, they may become a regular feature (and probably get their own Blog category)

  • Errors during FreeDB import
  • AR instrument dropdown list improvements
  • New release type request – ‘Demo’
  • Album Languages and Scripts discussion
  • AR Documentation
  • Artists with ARs
  • FreeDB interface
  • Special countries for release dates
  • EAN/UPC codes
  • Miscellaneous

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Editing Guidelines on the Wiki

After moderating my way into the top five moderators / top ten voters, I’ve decided to slow down my moderating, and spend more time trying to provide advice and help for new moderators.

On the Wiki, I’ve been working on a collection of pages that I hope will form the basis for Editing Guidelines that complement the current Style Guide. Where the Style Guide tells you how entries should look when they are done, the Editing Guidelines are intended to tell you the best way to get there.

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