Picard 2.8.4 released

Picard 2.8.4 is a maintenance release for Picard 2.8. This release contains multiple bug fixes, please see the list of changes below.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

Thanks a lot to everyone who gave feedback and reported issues.

What’s new?


  • PICARD-2520 – Null bytes in tag values can cause crashes when sorting
  • PICARD-2539 – Picard crashes on huge releases if no cover art provider is active
  • PICARD-2548 – Loaded album does not update cover art display
  • PICARD-2549 – Moving tracks between albums shows tracks differ even when they do not
  • PICARD-2554 – Submit AcoustIDs submits even IDs that are in center pane
  • PICARD-2556 – Player popovers for volume and playback speed crash on Wayland and open on wrong position
  • PICARD-2557 – Add New Tag autocomplete list contains value typed so far
  • PICARD-2558 – Floatable toolbars unusable under Wayland
  • PICARD-2564 – Options for “Windows compatibility” and “Replace non-ASCII” get incorrectly set to inactive
  • PICARD-2565 – Rules for file name compatibility and max. path shortening are not applied when saving cover art
  • PICARD-2568 – $cleanmulti() has no effect for hidden variables
  • PICARD-2570 – Unable to drag tracks from right hand pane to Clusters
  • PICARD-2582 – distutils.errors.DistutilsClassError when building with setup.py
  • PICARD-2588 – QObject::startTimer: Timers can only be used with threads started with QThread


  • PICARD-2589 – Support media types “DualDisc (DVD side)” and “Betacam SP”

Get in touch

Please use the MetaBrainz community forums and the ticket system to give feedback, suggest new features or report bugs.

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