Picard 2.8.1 released

Picard 2.8.1 is a maintenance release for the recently release Picard 2.8 with fixes for reported issues and updated translations.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

The detailed changes for this maintenance release are below. For an overview of the new features since Picard 2.7 please see our detailed release announcement for Picard 2.8.

Thanks a lot to everyone who gave feedback and reported issues.

What’s new?


  • PICARD-2489 – Preferred Releases UI not loading in Options menu on FreeBSD
  • PICARD-2491 – Crash upon loading album information for releases with MBID redirects
  • PICARD-2493 – If locales for picard-countries or picard-attributes are missing UI translation is completely skipped
  • PICARD-2494 – Remove empty info dialog for “[standalone-recordings]” special album entry

6 thoughts on “Picard 2.8.1 released”

  1. This requires us to update Picard to use Qt6, which is planned for Picard 3. I can’t give you a ETA yet, it might take a while even after we have done the necessary updates. I don’t have an ARM Mac available to test this, that complicates things a bit. In the meantime Picard is reported to work using the Rosetta emulation layer.

  2. Hello and thanks your work. Picard is a great tool 👍

    I tried to update, but the MacOS Package of Picard 2.8.1 seams to be corrupt or at least does not mount with my configuration. I’m on a Intel based MacBook Pro (late 2013) with MacOS Big Sur Version 11.6.6 and I get the following error:

    “The following disk images couldn’t be opened”
    MusicBrainz-Picard-2.8.1-macOS-10.14.dmg: no mountable file systems

    I downloaded it several times and verified the md5 hash code of the image (b2d2b1077b1a43111411dd6179f66ccb) and verified it with the MacOS disk utility.
    When I try to mount the image on the terminal (hdiutil attach -verbose /MusicBrainz-Picard-2.8.1-macOS-10.14.dmg) I get the following output (just the end, where it fails):

    2022-06-08 15:02:32.530 diskimages-helper[36384:5370622] DIHelperHDID serveImage: set on IO thread=TRUE returned SUCCESS.
    2022-06-08 15:02:32.530 diskimages-helper[36384:5370622] -processKernelRequest: will sleep received
    Aktivieren …
    2022-06-08 15:02:32.872 diskimages-helper[36384:5370620] -remountReturningDictionary: detaching because no mountable filesystems.
    Aktivieren …
    Error 112 (no mountable file systems).
    Fertigstellen …
    DIHLDiskImageAttach() returned 112
    hdiutil: attach failed – no mountable file systems

  3. Just forget everything I postet before. When I rebooted the macbook everything worked like a charme. Never happened before and I hope this never happens again. Must have been some cosmic gamma rays 🤣
    Sorry and thank you anyways

  4. Great to hear it works now. Just was about to write that it works here and I have no good idea what could be wrong with the image. But I can currently only test with macOS 12.4 and 10.12. Probably some odd state your system was in, maybe an update not yet fully applied or something.

  5. I just followed the top advice from the “IT Crowd”: “Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?” 😆

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