Picard 2.5.3 released

The Picard team is happy to announce the release of Picard 2.5.3. This release fixes a performance regression introduced in Picard 2.5.2 and brings many more bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

What’s new?


  • [PICARD-2016] – AcoustID API Key is not stripped
  • [PICARD-2017] – Picard crashes when removing entries on the right side while loading
  • [PICARD-2019] – Saving tracks to SMB share on Windows 10 results in ever more nested folders
  • [PICARD-2020] – Multi-value album or recording ID tags prevent Picard from loading the proper albums
  • [PICARD-2021] – SameFileError when moving files between network path and local path on Windows
  • [PICARD-2022] – Crash accessing network share without access rights on Windows
  • [PICARD-2023] – Appdata file not generated on non-Linux platforms
  • [PICARD-2028] – Deleting albums and saving files is extremely slow
  • [PICARD-2031] – Scripting documentation link 404
  • [PICARD-2036] – MultiMetadataProxy::pop is not flagged as a WRITE_METHOD; this breaks the “keep” plugin
  • [PICARD-2037] – Improve Info/Error tab readability
  • [PICARD-2045] – After fingerprint, unsaved tracks have green tick
  • [PICARD-2050] – File selector pane jumps around horizontally instead of expanding / collapsing the folder
  • [PICARD-2056] – Interface color changes are not saved
  • [PICARD-2058] – Add File dialog does not show files with uppercase extension on case-sensitive file systems
  • [PICARD-2059] – Scripting Documentation shows extra line for each function
  • [PICARD-2062] – Searching for similar tracks can remove current album even if there are unmatched tracks
  • [PICARD-2064] – Cluster shows empty album column


  • [PICARD-2034] – Add context menu entry for copy and paste to metadata view
  • [PICARD-2035] – More verbose tooltip for album error icon
  • [PICARD-2038] – Integrate metadata box clipboard with system clipboard
  • [PICARD-2039] – Unify error handling for albums, non-album tracks and files, show errors in info dialog
  • [PICARD-2044] – Add date and originaldate fields to the choice of columns in the list views
  • [PICARD-2046] – AcoustID submission can fail due to body size limit of AcoustID server
  • [PICARD-2047] – Improve contrast for console text in dark mode
  • [PICARD-2057] – Allow showing all files in Add Files dialog
  • [PICARD-2063] – Add an option to disable automatic horizontal scrolling in file browser

The complete list of changes of this and previous releases is available in the changelog. You can also discuss new features or usage on our forums.


This release contains code contributions by Sophist, mineo, BSDKaffee, zas, and outsidecontext. Many thanks also to all translators and everybody who suggested features and reported bugs in our community forums or on the issue tracker.

2 thoughts on “Picard 2.5.3 released”

  1. @Zalupa: Because there is currently not much known about this bug, the current information does not allow to reproduce or fix the issue that user faced. So far we got exactly this one report about that issue. I don’t see how this should hold us up delivering bug fixes for other issues.

    If you also face this issue please try to provide some more details as described in the issue report.

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