Search Server Update, 2011-09-28

On Wednesday we rolled out an upgrade of our indexed search servers. These search servers are used for search in both the web service and website. This release includes some fixes and improvements added to make it easier to handle some particular search cases, plus few other fixes. A fairly critical bug with respect to work searching was came up yesterday after this update, but we’ve released a hot-fix patch to solve that problem. Here are the release notes:


  • [SEARCH-82] – Relation Type in Work relation list is reported as {xxxx}{yyyy}zzz
  • [SEARCH-104] – Querying "code:XXXXX" in a label search returns no results.
  • [SEARCH-106] – target-type attribute missing in relation-list elements
  • [SEARCH-110] – Web service is returning ‘disambiguation’ element in release groups
  • [SEARCH-112] – Label codes are indexed as strings
  • [SEARCH-113] – Label aliases don’t produce the expected results
  • [SEARCH-116] – Freedb import chokes on entries with multiple ids
  • [SEARCH-121] – Recording search only searches on recording artists not track artists if different


  • [SEARCH-114] – Index unset artist countries as unknown
  • [SEARCH-115] – Allow advanced search for releases with zero mediums

New Feature

  • [SEARCH-90] – Search for standalone recordings

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