Web server update, 2011-09-26

A bit late on releasing this one I’m afraid, but we finally got this delayed release out today. Here’s everything that got fixed and changed:


  • [MBS-375] – Create redirect web server config files
  • [MBS-1349] – Differences in current and migrated "Set track lengths from discID" edit display
  • [MBS-1380] – An URL ending in closing parenthesis gets broken when listed in edit notes
  • [MBS-1947] – When logged out, viewing a private collection should prompt a log in
  • [MBS-2084] – Approve/cancel and tagger buttons add extra whitespace above the heading
  • [MBS-2202] – User names with spaces cause superficial problems when sending emails
  • [MBS-2591] – Release editor unescaping HTML entities POSTed to http://musicbrainz.org/release/add
  • [MBS-2608] – Logged in as autoeditor, seeing nag screen
  • [MBS-2911] – URL decoding should not decode non-utf-8 strings
  • [MBS-2936] – Merging Artists does not merge birthday
  • [MBS-3001] – Set track lengths now even more difficult to compare
  • [MBS-3134] – When viewing a DiscID ToC page, there’s no indication if there’s a pending Remove edit for an issue.
  • [MBS-3170] – UTF error yields 502
  • [MBS-3264] – Historic "Add ISRC" edits not linked to releases
  • [MBS-3268] – Approving an edit in a new tab yields a misleading error message
  • [MBS-3309] – An error while trying to add a release from Picard
  • [MBS-3333] – Internal server error when adding AR twice (accidental misclick)
  • [MBS-3467] – /otherlookup for freeDB ID gives misleading error
  • [MBS-3497] – Artist credit editor is hidden when the balloon is stretched too high
  • [MBS-3499] – Encoding error – couldn’t render template…
  • [MBS-3511] – Edit note syntax broken
  • [MBS-3521] – Sporadic ISEs when trying to view the editing history of an artist
  • [MBS-3529] – Uppercase cover art file extension not recognized
  • [MBS-3530] – "Edit barcodes" edits are not linked to relevant release artists
  • [MBS-3532] – ISE when editing a relationship to the same as an existing relationship
  • [MBS-3533] – ISe adding a CD Stub where MB already has the discID
  • [MBS-3538] – Two redirects for /show/edit/conditions.html
  • [MBS-3539] – Regression: Instrument search in relationship editor no longer works in Firefox/Opera
  • [MBS-3546] – ISE when visiting Tag Lookup page without arguments
  • [MBS-3548] – Admin "adjust flags" panel crashes on form submission
  • [MBS-3549] – Field validation prevents adding lyrics relationship URL to lyricstatus.com
  • [MBS-3559] – Searching works gives an internal server error: Caught exception in MusicBrainz::Server::Controller::Search->external "Can’t use string ("backward") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use
  • [MBS-3561] – Can’t find any work
  • [MBS-3565] – "Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference" ISE when doing artist query for works from /ws/2


  • [MBS-1470] – Ask for confirmation before canceling an edit
  • [MBS-3493] – Show message in overview for empty artists
  • [MBS-3545] – Make Tag Lookup usable again by "regular" editors

New Feature

  • [MBS-2963] – Support ‘release-groups’ inc parameter for /ws/2/release browsing

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