Jaikoz MP3 Tag Editor and our new affiliate program

Jaikoz MP3 Tag Editor is the newest member of our tagger affiliate program!

Paul Taylor has recently released a new version of his tagger and has agreed to join our affiliate program. With Jaikoz joining, I’ve laid down the details of the affiliate program so that others can participate in this program. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, please read our Tagger Affiliate Program page.

Welcome aboard Paul!

UPDATE: Paul points out that he has been paying 10% for a couple of years now and that taggers should kick down 10% was his idea in the first place.

One thought on “Jaikoz MP3 Tag Editor and our new affiliate program”

  1. I had an interesting idea, would it be possible for users of already registered versions of MB supported apps, be able to donate to MB but have their contribution be attributed to the application they support.

    this would require:
    – the app author to have a special ‘donate to musicbrainz to support this app’ link either on their webpage and/or within the app itself
    – musicbrainz to accept such donations and credit them to the applicable app

    I think this would be a Win/Win thing for both the app and MB.

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