Hardware wishlist

Our previous hardware wishlist is now fully checked off — thanks to Minor Ventures and Sun Microsystems for making that happen!

But, as we grow we will always need more hardware, so I want to post a new wishlist for 2007. Here are the things that MusicBrainz needs:

If you work for a company (or have a friend who does) that makes switches or hard drives, please consider hitting up the company for a donation to the MetaBrainz Foundation. Equipment donations are tax-deductible and I would be happy to give the donating company a tax-write off receipt!

UPDATE: James points out that Cisco has a program that makes donations to orgs like us. Could I convince anyone to volunteer to contract Cisco and apply for a grant on behalf of MetaBrainz??

4 thoughts on “Hardware wishlist”

  1. I would love to have nice hardware like that lying around to donate but I don’t. I would love to help out but the stuff I have to give away is a bit older. I have some 36GB U320 80pin HD’s available but nothing larger. Got a couple old Cisco 10/100 24 port switches with some GB uplinks, Intel 845 chipset mobos, and a few u320 Adaptec SCSI controllers. Would you have any use for this stuff? Maybe for a testing env…

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